BYLI – Bet You Love It @Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore



BYLI stands for ‘Bet You Love It’ which sure is a strong statement to make but then it words out perfectly fine.  It has some of the best Continental, Italian, Mexican and Asian cuisines dishes being served.  And also the outside of the restaurant has couple of terms that are written which are surely eye-catch –

  • Where Foodies Love to Dine Out


  • Where Buddies Love to Hang Out


These two punch lines also are perfectly written which gives a very positive feel about the place.  I have gone to this place to try out some of the dishes & drinks, for sure the experience has been overwhelming.





The person who started the restaurant is from the hotel industry with plenty of experience.  And that surely is the region why he has been confident in putting up 4 different cuisines.  This shows the confidence in the ability to serve all varieties with good taste. 

Setup at Kalyan Nagar area where there are plenty of outlets serving different kinds of food.  It made perfect senses to bring up BYLI.





If you coming from the Outer Ring Road, take service road as you approach Kalyan Nagar and then take left.  Drive along until you find Rasta Café to the left side.  There is a right that comes right opposite.  Drive along in the road and you will find plenty of eateries like Cream Stone, Dunkin Donuts, Just Bake.  As you drive along you get another perpendicular road that has Swensens to the right side.  Take right and drive along to fight BYLI to the right side.

It might get missed out coz of the nice trees and branches covering it.


This something that I really love about this place.  Give you a very casual feeling yet sophisticated.  There is a lot thought gone into bringing up the interiors.  Few things to highlight.

  • Wonderful entrance with those nice wordings.
  • Seating space segregated with section where there would no A/C and breeze comes from outside.  There is another section which is almost equal in size, which has A/C and has got glass covered.


  • Nice lamp-shades which have this great shape.


  • Nice cartoon on the menu for people to read and enjoy.


  • Shelf with plenty of creations from people like – old glass vessel, boat made out of small pieces of wood, newspapers, magazines.


  • The seating is pretty decently spread out.



The place can surely boast of having a great ambiance.  May it there would have been more space; it could be even more free.


This is the critical aspect of the restaurant which needs to be perfect.  There would be small things that people may comment, it’s better not to give a chance and perfect every process within.

I have tried quite a few of the items but there are some really wonderful items that I can’t forget the taste.




Sweet & Spicy BYLI Nuts


Spiced Jalapenos onion and coriander


A wonderful taste which has the mix of Jalapenos but then the nuts and onion pieces bring in their flavour making it a great starter.


Mozzarella In Carozza


Melted Mozzarella enveloped in crispy slices of farmer’s bread and served with pesto and served along with minted apple dip and salsa huancaina

Cheese is something that we all love and then when it is made in the way it is done at BYLI, you crave more for it.  The taste was so good that I felt like grabbing all of it coz of the wonderful taste.


But surely it become heavy and it is best shared with 1 more people.




Made fresh to order just tell us how spicy you want it; served with fresh homemade tortillas

The homemade tortilla makes the difference.  Guacamole tastes brilliant at this place.


Moroccan Fried Mushroom


Button Mushroom marinated with Moroccan spice and crumb fried.  Served along with cocktail dip & huancaina

The mushrooms were well cooked and surely I felt like eating the plate for myself.  With the addition of the dips the taste come out even better.


Spinach, Artichoke & Cream Cheese Dip


Tender artichokes and spinach served with select cream cheese, served with grilled focaccia strips

The taste of artichokes is something quite new to India.  But now, every other restaurant has a dish that used Artichoke.  In this case the Cream Cheese dip and Spinach tastes super yummy.  It’s something you can have it as is.


3 Musketeers


Toasted French bread with famous Italian veg toppings, roasted bell pepper, olives & caper.  Sweet corn cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes & fresh tomatoes basil mozzarella

The taste of each and every bread the topping is explicit.  I loved the experience of tasting this starter.


I did end up taking a Vegetarian soup.  They don’t mention the type of soup in the menu.  While taking order, the waiter tells about the ingredient.  The overall taste was pretty good.

Apart from these there are 2 varieties of Salad including – Garden Salad & Greek salad.  Greek one has more ingredients than the later.




The food is so good that it would be nice if the drinks were equally good.  Some of the drinks I had there, were simply awesome.  Some of the shakes I had were,

  • Lindt Chocolate Shake


  • Cranberry based Shakes




  • Tea – Served in a good container along with glasses



Other mocktails that are available also are really pretty good.




The way the desert made is quite unique.  1 desert plates 3 different flavours including-

  • Dark Chocolate


  • White Chocolate Pie



  • Chocolate cake with coffee beans



Each and every desert was simply superb.  They all melted the moment they were put on the tongue.


Overall Experience


This for sure is one of the best places for being to get some great Continental, Italian, Mexican and Asian food.  The variety of dishes in the menu and I can vouch for all the vegetarian dishes being pretty good.  MY rating for this place would be 4.0/5.  I’m sure after couple of more visits, the rating can surely go up. 
My rating in other departments.


Food – 4.0/5


Service – 4.0/5


Ambiance – 3.75/5


Drink s- 4.0/5


Food for 2 at BYLI will cost anywhere between INR800-1200 depending on the amount of food ordered.