TILT Gastro Lounge – Relaunched @Koramangala, Bangalore

There are some places where are quite popular in an area but then it just fades away in the memories of people and suddenly its off.  But then the same place when it comes back gets a lot of support and encouragement.  
This is for simple reason that everyone wants to see some places do good and are ready to support it.  This is exactly what has happened with the TILT that has come back with a bang and to be able to establish themselves firmly into the market and be known, quite a few changes have been made.  And I am sure the changes are quite positive, will reflect with the crowd pouring in, week in and week out.  
The opportunity to visit TILT came as part of the 15th FBAB Meetup 🙂

Let me share some of the highlights of this place and my thoughts.


Take the road towards Jyothi Nivas College from Sukh Sagar on 80ft Koramangala Road.  Cross the left turn that leads to JNC entrance.  Then as you go along a bit further there is another left along side the building where Black Pearl, CPK or Krutunga is situated.  The TILT appears to the right side.


A lot has been done to this place to make it look really really good.  Few things that I have to mention.


The seating looks more spacious and the general feel is that of a lounge and not like an out & out drink & dance place.  It’s a place where people can relax and expect to enjoy the ambiance.




There is special glass flooring that makes you go wow.  And much time you might feel like you are stepping into water, but it’s the glass that gives you such an awesome feel. 



As you walk along there is a section where you can take left and the dance floor.  It pretty huge and there is also this bar counter to the right side.  There is the DJ console above on the 1st floor, which is not exactly the 1st floor but yes just abode the ground level where dance floor is there.



There is sitting to the left and right of the DJ console for folks to be able to enjoy the food along with the music.




Bar counter has quite of the flavors that has been brought about to get the special kind of cocktails into the menu.  And they have brought in an internally acclaimed person who has been certified by ‘England Bar Association’, Valentino Barboras.  And this person sure has brought in some excellent cocktails in the mix. 


Time to share some insight into the food and drinks.
I think I will go straight into sharing more insight into the drink coz that USP of this place.


Short & Sexy
A classic knockout of Havana club rum down with fresh lime juice, vals valvet of falernum, tilts very own Carthusian herb liqueur and grated nutmeg. Served with a few rocks.
An amazing cocktail which tastes super awesome.  And the main thing is that a lot of thought has gone into making the drink the way it is.  The flavors of well blended and if you enjoy a good cocktail, this sure is one of the best in TILT.





Straight to the Point
Rich Bich
Ketel one premium, fresh passion fruit puree, Californian grapes, caster sugar, ginger cordial paired with lemon and apple juices.
A drink that has so much into it, you can feel the grapes, sugariness, tangy lemon and apple juices in it.  A bit on the sweet side but the cocktail sure is one of the best.


Pornstar Martini
A decent splash of vodka doubles with passion-fruit puree and vanilla gomme. Served straight up and pumped up with bubbles.
Another classic drink that sure is legendary.  But it is made it a totally awesome manner.  Loved the way the vodka goes along so well with vanilla.  Enjoy the drink coz it’s also presented in a very good manner.




Hot Chilli Pepper
Lemongrass & chilli infused sauza, mixed with ginger cordial and vanilla sugar. Crowned with sparkling wine.
Another drink in which a lot of effort has gone into making it.  The addition of chilli makes the bubbles come out of the drink.  The wine is the last thing added on the drink.  Seriously the cocktail is well thought after.  Infact, you can feel the spice in the drink coz of the chilli being there.  But still a very unique and interesting cocktail.





Pineaple & cardamom Collins
Freshly pressed pineapple juice churned with Havana Club 3 y.o and homemade cardomom syrup.
This is another great drink where the pineapple adds a lot of flavor.  The presentation is simply awesome and we all love the way it is made. 


I need to share one very important info about the drinks.  The additional puree, lemon, fruits are freshly used.  They are not preserved but put freshly on the drinks making it quite special.  Basically the spices that go into the drinks are for guests to see and also used live.




There were also some of the mocktails few of my friends tried and they were also complete impressed with it.
The drinks are class apart but then they have also some really interesting food that are a total surprise for me.  And since it was a re-launch party the chef showed off the dishes and let all of us try it out live. 
Italian Banged Greek
Feta, watermelon, mascarpone quenelled, cherry tomatos, cucumber land balsamic dressing & strawberry vinaigrette
A dish that was so specially served where the watermelon pieces were there and all those other items on top and then the strawberry juice in a small pipette.  The idea is to put the entire pieces and then squeeze the juice into mouth and eat all in one shot.  An amazing dish that was loved by one and all.



Fried Popcorn
Another of the specialty dish where the popcorn is condensed and made it small kebab kind of structures and then there is nitrogen filled in.  The chef would give you the popcorn and you are supposed to chew it and then the entire mouth and nose, would have the nitrogen coming out giving it a great spectacle for every to see.






Cottage Mexicana
Paneer tikka quesadilla with Mexican twisted spices yummy, yummiest
A good quesadilla that had good amount of cheese topped on the tortilla and some paneer flavoring.  The dish was pretty good and well enjoyed.
Cheese Balls
This is surely one of the classics, which is served where the cheese was stuffed into kebabs and fried.  The overall taste was pretty good and I enjoyed it.


There were other items as well that were served which were good as per people who came along with me.


Hakuna Matata
Basil Caramel custard with basil & Macadamia nuts
A good desert always gives a comforting feeling.  And the dish was well made again.


Final Thoughts
Overall the experience at the relaunch was really good.  There were loads of celebrities who were there to grace the occasion. With the efforts being put in to revive the place, they seem to have hit it on the nail.  I am sure this place will become one of the most talked off places for cocktails.  My rating for this place would be 4.0/5.  I am sure when I go there couple of times, will love it more.
My rating in other departments would be as follows.
Drinks – 4.5/5
Food – 3.75/5
Service – 3. 5/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Food & Drinks for 2 would cost anywhere between INR1500-2000.