Rush Gastropub – New pub @Church Street, Bangalore

This is one of the newly opened ‘Gastro Pub’ in the ‘Church Street’ area.  From the outside it looks pretty interesting with the black background and ‘Russh Gastropub’ written in gold color. Though it the writing is in Gold/Yellow, its quite appealing for sure a lot of folks are going to be attracted by its looks.  And for sure speaks a lot about the folks who run the place, they sure wanted something unique which they seem to have got from the designer.


It is quite easy to reach this place.  I am sure everyone is aware of the Brigade road in Bangalore and the kind of perpendicular Church Street.  You need to go on the Church Street, cross the famous ‘3 Quarter Chinese’, ‘Ameoba’ and then there is a small left-right road.  Russh is to the left to it.
I think its right to start by sharing some insights into the place.
At the entrance, you would see a ‘meshy’ finish that has to the outside world and then as you enter inside, the seats are arranged quite well.  Quite spacious and surely not congested like in many of the places.


The bar counter to the left is well arranged and looks quite neat.  And again to the front of it are these tall seats and also a selection of seats with a sofa kind of arrangement, which gives a feeling like you are in a lounge.


There are some nice posters, paddles, sports related stuff that gives the place a cool look.  This also has a separate section where smokers can take spend time drinking and also chatting. 


One very important point to be noted about this place is that they have ample parking space and the availability of valet parking.  It is quite important in the busy ‘Church Street’ road that has limited parking space available.


This is for sure is the most important part of the ‘Gastro Pub’.  It can sometimes make or break a place.  Coz many times people focus on the drinks but not on the food.  Infact, whenever there are people coming to drink, they also want to have some good food.  I ended up going to the place with a group of folks and we sure did want to try out different food items that were there for the offering.  Let me share my experience on each of the items that I tried.
The food here was divided into various section and we tried our best to taste food from different sections.
Light Bites
Spicy Tomato-cilantro salsa & cheese sauce & chives cream
A really good item, which can be well enjoyed with the drink that we take.  The garnish was quite good and cheese for sure melted in the mouth.


Herbed Mushroom, marinated Tomatoes, Olives Tapenade
A good dish, which in most of the places is served in such a way that the topping would be put on the bread.  In this case, the additions that go on the ‘bread’ are served separately.  It is upto the guests to add as much of the items to enjoy the flavor they like.  The concept is good and for sure the taste was great.
Chilli Cheese Pao
This is more like the ‘Paav Bhaaji’.  Just that now we are starting to get it in the pubs as well.  The Pao was well made and the bhaaji was also good.  There was some extra onions and lemon to be able to change taste as per liking.


There were few other light bites that my friends tried which were NV, which I wanted to share pics of.  They looks decent for sure but can’t comment much on the taste.   
Mid Bites
Vegetable Seekh Kebab
Mint – Mango Chutney
A pretty good kebab served with the freshly made mint-mango chutney.  But somehow did not get a wow feeling when I tasted it.  Though there was additional lemon given, I felt that it could have been surely done better.


Sandwiches, Hotdogs, Pizzas & Burgers
Cheesy Curried Vegetable Burger
Cheddar Cheese, chips, house ketchup,  sesame bun
A well-made burger, which came in 3 sliders along with French fries as requested sure, did taste good.  Enjoyed the bite and thought it was surely better than those burger we get in the burger-outlets.


Tandoor Roasted Paneer Tika Wrap
Chips mint, Mango-chutney
This for sure was one of my favourite dishes for the day simply coz of the reason that it is quite unique and I have not eaten it anywhere before.  Or even if I have, don’t remember it being as good like in this place.


Mushroom Spinach
I would say that this is something that the folks need to spend time to improve on, as the quality wasn’t upto the mark.  The vegetables toppings were quite raw and the cheese wasn’t evenly spread.


Some of my friend did take the NV version of the Pizzas.  I can’t comment much about it though it looked pretty decent.



Large Bites
Tuscan Lasagna
This for sure was one of the most disappointing dishes according to me coz it happens to be one of my favorites.  I think that a lot work needs to be done to improve on it.  I could not see much of the layers and the somehow it did not give a great feel by the looks of it as well.


Khow Suey
Coconut milk, lime – galangal, noodles
Well it sure is a special South Asian dish where you need to be mixing all of the ingredients and taste it.  It was pretty decent, would not say that it was something out of the world.  The taste somehow seemed to be a bit more on the tangier side.  But for sure the presentation of the dish was pretty good.   



Paneer Tawa Masala
Steamed rice
Well, the rice was pretty well made.  But the Paneer somehow wasn’t upto the mark.


Thai Green Curry + Steamed Rice
I am not sure if it was on the menu but the dish was served on request by one of my friend. It was pretty decent and I thought I should share pic of the same.
Sweet Bites
Blueberry Cheese Cake
The presentation of the deserts is pretty unique.  It comes in this smaller container, which usually is used to store pickles.
This was a desert that I really liked and surely wanted more of it.


Oreo Cookie Mousse
Another good desert but somehow the Mousse wasn’t tasting really great.  Cookies were sprinkled in plenty to enhance the flavors.


A decent desert, not that I would rate it very highly.  I am pure people just love the way it is served and may not realize the flavor.


This was a day when we were not going to be taking any cocktails and were going to stick to only taking the mocktails.  Some of the drinks that were tried and my feedback on them.


Honey Love
Fresh Banana, Honey Pina Mix, Apple Juice and Raspberry puree
A drink that was really too sweet for my liking.  The flavors of ‘Rasberry’ and banana were not coming out that much in the drink.  Not sure how the mocktail was thought out, would love to meet the person who created the drink.  It more likes a cocktail mocktail.


Mango Treat
Mango Juice, Blood orange monin, Pina mix and Orange juice
A drink though has a name of Mango hardly had much of the mango flavor.  And for sure it was a bit too sweet for the liking.


Strawberry Lemonade
Fresh strawberry and Sweet sour mix with Soda
I think the bartender had decided to made drink that were on the much sweeter side.  But somehow I don’t think much of fresh strawberry was there in it.  Surely a drink needs improvement as per my liking.


Apricot Giant Peach
Apricot & Peach, Sweet sour mix with Soda
This was the only mocktail that I thought was good which had the flavors of Apricot & Peach coming out pretty well.  But yes, if the sweetness would have been a little lesser.  Would have been better.
Final Thoughts
I know that we had quite a bit of tasting of the food at Russh.  For sure I would want to visit this place and help in ironing out some of the flavors.  Also want to try some of the cocktail and drink options.  Currently my rating for this place would be a 3.5/5.  For sure it has the potential to be among the best.
My rating in other departments.
Food – 3.75/5
Drinks – 3.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 3.0/5
Food for 2 would easily cost anywhere between INR1500-2000.