Rasa India – Organic Food @Indiranagar, Bangalore

This is one of those vegetarian places in Indranagar area, which somehow has been there for a long time but somehow not caught the attention of the people.  Infact, I have not heard of people talking about it nor discussion.  Another surprising thing is that it is run by folks from Kerala.  Usually Kerala folks are associated with eating meat and especially the fish variety.  So, I was a bit shocked but then was quite curious when I found it on one of my searches for new veg restaurants.



The place serves only vegetarian food and the ingredients especially the vegetables are completely organically grown.  When you enter inside the restaurant you will actually see the vegetables and guess what you can also buy them there.  The vegetables are made in one of the towns in Kerala.  And then are brought every week directly from the organic farms.


The restaurant is not just in Bangalore.  It’s basically from a chain of restaurants in London, which has been there since nearly 20 years.  It is started by 1 Mr.Das.
‘Rasa’ in Sanskrit means – Essence, Taste and Flavor.  And they call it as the ‘Food of Gods’.


The place is pretty neat in itself with nice kitchen, which is almost open coz it is just covered by glass.  And the guests can see the grills as well.  There is an array of books related to food that is there on display and for reading. 



The seating is pretty neat and there is also wide variety of plans that are there to one end of the restaurant. 



The chairs are mostly bamboo chairs and the tabletops and well setup.
There are also quite a few products that are there for display and purchase including.  Most of them are herbal in nature including the ‘Medimix’.


There is also some history about the food, place in one of the posters.
Overall you do get a good feel when you go into the place.
The most essential aspect of visiting a restaurant.  Well, to large extend it did satisfy my taste buds.  Let me share my thoughts on the food that I had that day with my family.


This is one of the specialty of the Keralites which is basically the Idli + grated coconut filling.  The shape is almost like an inverted tumbler.
The portion size was quite large and for sure 2 people can share it.  And as they say the best combination with this is the ‘Kadala Curry’.


Kadala Curry
This was a pretty decent dish made out of ‘Black Channa’. This is a daal that we can also consume directly by soaking in water.  It is the same kind of daal that is used in ‘Channa Subji’ but just that it is dark and harder.
The masala was well put in it and the taste was decent.  It was not out of the world but tasted quite good coz it was a bit on the spicy side.   May be the organic food having their own flavors.  With the ‘Puttu’ it went along well.


Andhra Dosa
This was another items that I wanted to try at this ‘Organic Restaurant’.  Well, the dosa did come but it was not like the contemporary crispy dosa.  Coz it was a softer version of the dosa.  The taste of it was a bit on the spicy side.  I mean the dosa itself was on the spicier side.


There were 2 different chutneys that were given which including – coconut chutney and mind chutney.  1 bowl of samba was also given along with the dosa.
The overall taste of the dosa with additions were pretty decent.  Again the reason for not being excited is that it somehow lacked some flavor which probably is something do with organic ingredients being used.


Final Thoughts
The food was decent but then the biggest shock was in terms of the pricing. For sure the pricing is on the higher side.  The dosa itself costed nearly INR200 which I feel is extremely costly for what I consumed.  And then the organic vegetables did not add any punch into the flavors.  My overall rating would be around 3.5/5 but then food-wise the rating is 3/5. May be I have not tried all their dishes yet, but then my feel is that it’s a bit on the average side and needs improvement, for sure there are better places serving your South Indian Food.  But if you are a fan of ‘Organic Veggies based’, this is the place to be in.


My rating in other departments would be as follows.
Food – 3.0/5
Service – 3.5/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
VFM – 3.0/5
Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR500-800.