Eatongo – Fresh Food at Doorsteps – Bangalore


The city of Bangalore has seen the arrival of many new restaurants, which actually don’t have a dine-in but believe in the concept of delivering food at the doorsteps of people.  One such new venture it he ‘Eatongo’ which has 2 kitchens I suppose in Bangalore – one in Koramangala & another in Indranagar.  I decided to get a taste of the food from the Koramangala outlet. 


They believe in serving hot food which tastes like its just made at home.  Well apart from the taste, the focus is also on trying to give other additions, which is usually the case when we have food at home.  Those special seva(s), onions, sweets, potato subji and ghee of course.
The menu is not quite expansive, it is limited few items.  Some of the options available are – Indian Breakfast, English Breakfast, Desert and Brunches.  I hear that now they are also introducing Sandwiches and Salads into their arsenal.
This surely happens to be the most critical part of the entire venture. Especially for someone looking to order food from here.  I ended up tasting 4 of the items, which I will share my feedback on.


Masala Poha
This was served in a very nice box, which was quite airtight.  A nicely made dish, which gives a feel like a home, made poha.  It had the right mix of the onions, coriander, lemon and seasoning. The portion was right for 1-2 people to share.  If a person is hungry, it is good to be had by one person for breakfast.
Along with this they also give a small box that contains ‘Seva’ which usually goes along well with Poha. 
There is also a piece of lemon, which you can add if you want to be tangier. 
It sure was good experience eating this item.
This is a nicely packaged brunch which has quite a few items including – Daal bhaati, Poori, Aloo Subji, Boondi Raita, Jamoon, Bhartha, Daal Subji & ghee.
There were 4 pooris and the subji portion also was quite good. 
The Aloo subji was dry and was going along well with the poori, which was quite soft in itself.
The bhaati was pretty good, just that I thought that it could have been roasted a little less.  Taking that along ‘Daal Subji’ and ghee was perfect combination.
Poori went along well with bhartha.  The bhoondi raita was also pretty good.
And Jamoon for sure was the highlight of this brunch package as it was well done. 
The entire package was quite good and for sure very much filling.


Purani Dilli
Another well packaged meal, which contains almost similar ingredients as the ‘Bhojpuri’ one.  The contents includes – Kachori, Aloo Subji, Daal Subji, Bhoondi Raita, Jamoon & Tamarind+Sweet.
Kachori is pretty good but yes it should be consumed ‘immediately’ coz keeping it for longer in the cold weather can make it a bit hard.  Otherwise the taste along with the chutney was pretty good.
Poori again was tasting pretty good along with the aloo + daal sabji.
Meals that make you feel contented.  I don’t think it can be shared with 1 more person coz both would not be full.
This comes in a pretty nicely packaged plastic bottle, which has a nice cap.  The flavor was pretty good and it went along quite well with the food that we were eating.


Final Thoughts
I was really glad to have come across this eatery in Bangalore.  It is a really good concept of serving some home-styled meal at the doorsteps.  With the options for brunch I think they are trying to cater to people who would have skipped breakfast and headed straight for lunch.  I will give this place currently a 3.5/5 and feel that there sure is a scope for improvement.  And easily it can reach up to 4 and beyond.  I think the rating for this place will go up also trying other dishes in the menu.
My rating in other department is as follow.
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3.5/5
Packaging – 3.5/5
Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR300-500.