Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel – Best Chinese in Bangalore

There are some places that we go for dining that take that simply blows you away by its décor, food and service.  And I think easily the culmination of all of the 3 points that I mentioned comes in Shang Palace, which is the Shangri-La’s signature Chinese restaurant.  While many Asian restaurants are known for their ‘Pan-Asian’ cuisine, Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru possesses a large team of Chinese nationals, led by Chef Lin Lin Yang, delivering their dining culture straight to its tables.  They offer food from 4 different regions of China.
I was delighted to be a with a group of folks who visited the place.  And since it was a private dining experience, we were made to sit a separate room.  That this I heard for the ‘Private Dining Room’, which could seat nearly 12 people.  It gives you a feel as if it’s a hotel inside hotel.  This is usually good place where business meeting can take place.  Shang-Palace has 2 such rooms, which can seat 12 and 8 people.


At the entrance, theirs is usually a lady with a thong who would hit it once.  And this is supposed to be auspicious and also lets the Chef be aware that guests are entering inside.  And then there is a nice walkway leading up to another entrance.  This one has collection of boxes to the left in which some of the speciality herbs from China are stored.  This is quite unique and you already start to love the place more coz of its thoughtfulness.


As you enter insider, there are very craft fully arranged seats, which is quite spacious.  Then there is this ‘Private Dining’ room, which is one of the specialities.
There is also a set of seats where guests can enjoy the breeze from Green Bangalore city.




Now to tell more about the Private Dining areas, each of the Private Dining rooms have seats sitting and dining.  And the dining table itself has this circular glass on it.  The food items can be places on it and anyone can turn it and let the food that he/she is interested to be served.  This will avoid the hassles of hotel staff having to walk around serving food.  The setup is quite thoughtfully made.  It lets anyone look at each other coz it’s a circular table.


This restaurant boasts a modern and vibrant design with strong Chinese design elements stone carvings and gold / silver leaf, pearls, crystals, marbles and vases.


I guess the above-mentioned data about Shang Palace will just make you feel that it must be on the costlier side. Well, it isn’t coz emphasises is on value for money – from its Dim Sum offerings to set business lunches, casual dinners, dinner parties and private business entertainment.


Well, I have surely written a lot about the interiors of Shang Palace. Its time to write about the food.  It again is nothing but the best.  Though they are pretty new in the market, they have been able to quickly establish themselves in the mind of the people and this year they received the coveted award for the best ‘Chinese Restaurant’ in the ‘Times Food Award – 2016’.


Let me share my thoughts on food one by one.
Appetizers & Dim Sun
Crispy Lotus Stem
This one really awesome appetizer that I have eaten in Chinese since a long time.  The stem was well cooked and was quite soft.  It went along quite well with the little mix of Chinese herbs, fresh beans and cashewnuts.  For sure it is one of the best ways to start the lunch/dinner.



Vegetable Crystal dim sum
As the dish is named, it’s ‘Crystal’.  Basically we can see the vegetable stuffing from outside, as the film outside is translucent.  And seriously the taste is again super yummy.  You can never stop by just eating 1.  Easily 2-3 would go into mouth without a doubt.  Along with the Red-Sauce the taste is all the more good.


Chinese Cucumber Salad
The salad might just contain cucumber and other masalas.  But it is so yummy and well made that you would simply pounce on it soon after it comes.  It is quite refreshing as its cucumber.  The salad also contained some tomato pieces in them.  Body also gets to cool itself before heading to go for the heavy meals. 


Apart from this there were few other non-veg appetizers that my friends consumed and were really impressed.  Items served included – Lamb dim sum, Crispy pork belly, Chongqing chilli chicken.





Vegetable hot sour soup
A very well done soup with nice mix of small pieces of tofu and mushroom in them.  The pieces were very few and well sliced and the flavor was something out of the world.  If you are having a throat issue, this is the first thing that you should be taking.


Main Course
Mapo tofu
Another simply awesome dish, which made to feel like asking the chef how, it was made.  Coz it seemed to look really good.  And when you eat it, you feel like heaven coz there were tofu, probably some spring onions, red spices, onion, tomato and what no.  When you see the pic you will think it is some kind of  ‘Paneer dish’ but it isn’t.  The flavors just melt in your mouth and it’s hard to stop by taking just 1 bit. 


It can best be taken with noodles or steamed rice.
Stir Fried Asparagus with water chestnut
Another really good dish that can be taken with noodles or rice.  I wonder how much of effort would have gone into making it.  Coz the flavors were really good.


Yangzhou Fried Rice
Really good fried rice should have a nice mix of spring onions; some spices and the rice should be well made.  And this is exactly what was served and the taste of it along with the Tofu main course was awesome.


Chinese Vegetable Stir Fried Noodles
Another really good dish with finely chopped beans, spring onions, carrots, onions and fine noodles.  The taste really good with the aromas of Chinese herbs added into them.  This again goes along with the Tofu main course.


There were array of non-veg options that my friends tried.  And each and every item were appreciate by my friends.





Almond milk jelly with cinnamon ice cream
One thing that has to be said about ‘Shang Palace’ is that everything that does is simply out of the world.  And a lot of thought goes into making it.
The cinnamon ice cream for sure was something very special coz you could feel it in the ice cream.
Almond Milk Jelly not sure how it was made but was shaped in the triangle shape and I thought it was presented very well.  It’s hard to stop eating when you start consuming it.


Though we did not plan on having a drink, I thought of getting a feel by ordering a normal Margarita (Tequila + Lime), which was well done. 



And then also tried one of there wine which also was pretty good.  If you are going there for a lunch/dinner, I think a drink would can go along quite well with the meal.
Overall Experience
It was one of the best lunches I have had in a long time and the place made me feel quite royal.  The service staff was very polite and friendly.  They made sure that we were taken care quite well.
For sure this is one place, no one in Bangalore should miss visiting coz it is quite cost effective as well.  My rating for this place would be 4.5/5.  And for sure if I keep going there more often and get the similar hospitality, the rating might go up as well.
My rating in other departments would be as follows –
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.5/5
Meals for 2 would cost anywhere between INR2500-3000 which I feel is quite reasonable for a 5 start hotel in the heart of city.