Happy You Happy Me – Hidden Treasure in Koramangala

There are times why you come across some eat-out places in Bangalore that have some such cute names.  And that too when the word in it also has ‘Happy’, its even better.  You start to get this nice feeling that anything and everything that you would get there would our taste buds and our minds happy.  Let me share my thoughts on the recent visit to this place, which made me feel good.



It is situated in the ‘Kormangala Eat Street’, which is what I call the road from ‘Sukh Sagar’ until the road that connects to the Forum Road.  There is JNC college there and then loads & loads of small & big restaurants.  And in terms of the food there you get like loads of options ranging from Indian, Chinese, Italian, Cafes, Ice-cream shops, Sizzlers, Momos, The Empire, Mc Donalds and what not.


If you pass along the road from Sukh Sagar, you drive until you hit upon a junction where taking left leads you to JNC entrance.  Instead, head straight and watch out for the ‘Happy You Happy Me’ to the left side.  It is a small place but with the background being ‘Yellow’ it isn’t that hard to find.  And as they say if you need to find a place serving some good quick snacks. 
It is a small place, which can accommodate nearly 10-15 people.  Infact, the best part is that it still looks sweet.  Infact, I was there sometime back with a group of 12 friends and then more folks were pouring in but we still did not have any issue in being able to manager.


The ambiance looks very good from outside and inside.  It’s quite neat and clean, which is very essential when many people end up coming inside the restaurant.


The food served here is a mixture of Mediterranean, American, Continental food.  May be I might be wrong with the cuisine so I would ideally want to call it as a ‘Quick Bite’ place.







The main stay for a place like this is the food and the # of repeat customer you might get,  # of reference that existing customer can make.  All of this can happen only if the food and the service are good.  And this place has got both of it.



I ended up trying quite a few items in this place and I loved almost all of it.  Let me share my thoughts on few of the items that I had.
Cheesy Corny Bites
This is an awesome dish with the bites simply melting when it goes into your mouth.  The flavors play around on the tongue.  A must try for anyone going there for the first and also for the folks who go there repeatedly.


The sauces served are made in-house with little additional ingredients from outside.  The taste along with the bites is really good.


I got say that there are wide variety of sandwiches at this place.  Few of the ones that I tried including.
Pesto Veg Sandwich
This sandwich which has the veggies + pesto sauce in it.  Generally we hear that being put in the pasta.  But then usage of the same in s/w tasted quite yummy.



Cheesy Corn Sandwich
This is one of the popular sandwiches in town.  There are places in Bangalore that only serve sandwiches and nothing else.  All of these places have ‘Cheese Corn’ as the first option.  And here the taste is all the more better coz the grilling done is quite even and the taste is super awesome.


Mumbai Masala Sandwich
This is for those who want to try some of the spicy version of the sandwich.  It’s a nice sandwich but surely take it with caution if you are not used to spice. 
Well, though I tell that you need to careful, if you add some ketchup, Mayo, the spice can be brought down.  Go for it, if you have the feel of trying something spicy.



Mushroom Panini
Another super awesome dish in the list, which is, so mouth watering.  It’s hard to stop at the first bit.  You would usually want to just bite into the complete ‘Panini’.



Pasta – Penne Alfredo
This is the only dish I thought that was not upto the mark.  Simple reason being the spicy wasn’t that much.  The sauce somehow did not get into the Penne.  So, if you are a big fan of Pasta, you might disappoint.  May be addition of seasoning might help.


Mini Burger / Sliders
This is something quite popular now and instead of serving the actual Big-Burger, ‘Mini Burger’ does the job.  And for sure a brilliant job has been done with the mini-burger.


This is a critical part of the snack coz we end up taking snacks + juice/shake.  Let me share my thoughts on the drinks that we tried.
Lemongrass Lemonade
This is one really special kind of drink that is not usual lemonade but has ‘lemongrass’ making the taste quite unique and refreshing.


Oreo Shake
Undoubtedly the BEST DRINK in this place.  It has the right amount of smoothness, sweet, chocolate, flavor and top it up with Oreo biscuit.  This is a drink that can’t be missed at this place.
Berry Merry Ice Tea
Another refreshing drink that goes along with some good food like what we were eating. 
I thought making a special mention about the dips that was used including the – Garlic Basil Dip & Spicy Dip.  Both of them are unique and made in-house.  
The eat-out place has a kitchen down the road and these kinds of items are made fresh.  They are prepared again in case of shortage.  Thus making each of the items taste fresh.
It is critical to also be able to try some of the deserts coz we all have sweet tooth.  And I was surprised to see atleast 3-4 options that were available there.  I guess among the friends, we ended up getting a taste of all the 4 deserts.



Banana Walnut Muffin & Blueberry Muffin
Both of the Muffins are brilliant.  Infact, the craze of muffins has set in the mind of the people.   And when the taste is so yummy, why not go for it.


Chocolate Orange Marble Cake
This was a pretty decent cake.  I was not able to get the Orange flavor quite strongly.  May be the chocolate over-powers orange.  But overall it’s a well-made cake and the tongue would surely feely happy with it.



Chocolate Mousse
Well well, a tough desert, which I usually feel, a great chef can do it really well.  I guess the Chef here has done a really decent job with this.


Final Thoughts
Overall the place is really good with some great food, drinks and deserts.  The people serving and the owners are quite warm. It is surely a place you should go every evening to grab some or the other item.  My rating for this place would be 4.0/5.  I am still wondering how many people might have poured in if it was a little bigger.
My rating other departments would be –
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.25/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 3.75/5


Food for 2 would costly anywhere between INR200-500 depending on your hungry levels J