Attys – Bakery and Confectionery


Attys is one of the relatively new bakeries in Frazer Town area, which is known to be Non-veg lovers paradise.  Every other restaurant in this locality focuses on serving variety non-veg food to diners.  At the same time, people always love the idea of having deserts after meal.  We all love to relish our favourite – Honey/Apple/Japanese/Black Forest/Rich chocolate/Vanilla Cake, Puffs, Dil-pasand, Special bread, Buns (Spicy/Aloo/Cream), Cookies and many other items.  These craving can arise at any time and even to a full stomach.  This probably was the trigger for opening a bakery in the busy Frazer town area.


Bangalore has very few popular bakery brand and with the traditional like – Sweet Chariot, VB, Iyengar’s, Shastry and others.  It used to family business and now it has become commercial due to growing demand.

Attys is one of the Bakery & Confectionery established in September 2016 by the Managing Director of the Empire Group of Hotels, Mr. NKD Abdul Azeez and his son, Director of the the Empire Grouop of Hotels, Mr. Mohammed Zahrin Aziz.  They brought in a team of highly skilled bakers with International experience who are involved in making the end-products.


There are few facts which makes it different compared to other bakeries.  Some of the facts were unknown to me and they did surprise me.  I start to wonder how it would be in other bakeries in town.

They donot use any premixes and all breads & buns are made in-house (scratch flour mixes).

French cream is used instead of butter/whipping cream in most cakes and pastries.

All products are preservative free, chemical free and alcohol free.

Pastry Items

The bakery makes various products ranging from cakes, pastries, dry fruit cakes, biscuits, cookies, breads, buns, savouries, muffins, cupcakes and brownies.  Recently I got a chance to try some of the items that were packaged as part of Atty’s Hamper.

Atty’s Signature Pastry

It contains crunchy almond base, mixed fruit jam filling, a layer of banana sponge cake, a layer of French cream topped with coffee cream and caramel sauce.  I felt like, I was tele-transported to cloud-9 after eating the pastry.  It was so tasty that I could hardly hold back myself, ended up eating multiples bites before sharing with my family.

Butterscotch Pastry

This is not a normal butterscotch pastry, it is a special because it has 2 layers of Vanilla sponge cake and one layer of chocolate sponge cake with French cream filling & crunchy butterscotch nuts topped with butterscotch caramel sauce.  You start to appreciate the effort that went into making a wonderfully tasting pastry.

Black Forest Pastry

A pastry that is known to all of us and the one that is the most popular.  But you need to get the basic and the popular items perfectly done.  They have made it from chocolate sponge cake topped with chocolate mousse cream, white chocolate ganache cream and chopped red cherries.  This for sure is one of the best Black Forest I have had in town in awhile.

Almond Praline Pastry

Layers of sponge cake, Vanilla sponge cake, Almond praline cream and Chocolate sponge cake topped with caramel sauce. There is a small piece of cherry dipped in chocolate on top and the brownish tinge of caramel.  This tasted the best among the 4 that I had.  But then I felt that after eating every other pastry in the sequential order. 

Focaccia bread

There used to be time when Garlic bread was famous, now it’s the time for Focaccia bread.  An Italian Flat Bread topped with fried onions, brown sugar, rock salt and coated with olive oil.  This bread used to available in the coffee shops, now they are available for sale in bakeries.

Ginger Almond Cookies

The moment you think of cookies, we think of coconut & butter.  Here is a cookie that has Ginger powder with some chopped pieces of ginger & roasted almonds.  A good tea time snack.

Chocolate Gooey Brownies

Brownie with dark chocolate that has chopped roasted walnuts.  The description is easy to read but I know it sure requires a lot of skill in making it tasty.

Salted Caramel Brownies

Change the dark chocolate from previous brownie I mentioned, with milk chocolate and add some caramel & salt, we then get this brownie.  Taste and flavours of this brownie, fills the mouth and makes you feel satisfied eating.

Plum Cakes

Christmas speciality that has become very popular.  It has dry fruits like red cherries, dates, cashew, fig, raisin and tutti fruits, but there is no alcohol.  Even without the alcohol the taste was simple awesome.

Overall Experience

It was great experience trying out the varieties that Atty’s bakery had to offer. I felt more contented trying the pastries compared to food items.  Every pastry was rich, creamy and tasted good.  The item like breads, cookies & brownies were also well done.  I would recommend all the items to people.

I am sure in the next few year, this bakery will gain in popularity and have multiple branches across Bangalore.

I rate my current experience at 4.0/5.