ASAP – Cereal Bars (Product Review)


The idea of taking healthy snacks has not been known to us for long time.  The other countries have had these snacks since awhile.  We have always considered eating chats and bakery items are the best snack items to be taken along with tea/coffee.  Though many of them are not Indian, we have adopted them into our diet.  But in the recent times there is a growing population who are becoming health conscious and they love the corn-flake & oats for breakfast.  This prompted one of the Bangalore based start-ups to come up Cereal Bar that contains the healthy ingredients like oats along with Chocolate/Caramel.  This is a good recipe for success among masses.



The name itself suggests that it’s a simple cereal bar and they named it after the most commonly used term in chat conversations and office communication.  This cereal bar is quite healthy snacks, there are some common ingredients that are more natural and beneficial to body.  The most essential ingredients are Rolled Oats and Crispy Rice.  Along with those, the other common ingredients present includes – Honey, Brown Sugar, Butter, Liquid Glucose, Milk Powder, edible gum along with some NATURAL FLAVOURS. 


Creating only one type of cereal bar would not very effective and people would get boread.  Then they seem to have thought of picking the most favourited combinations of dry-fruits, chocolate & caramel like – Almond + Dark Chocolate, Fruit & White Chocolate, Cashew – Almond & Caramel.  Each of them are unique in the flavours and taste.

Each of the cereal bar have info regarding Ingredients and energies that are released on its consumption.

I recently got an opportunity to taste all the 3 types of the ASAP cereal bars and thought of writing about the products.  Let me share my experience on each of these healthy cereal bars.

Almond & Dark Chocolate

The cereal bar contains all the ingredients that I mentioned in the earlier section.  Combination of Dark chocolate with Almond is quite interesting.  Almond is a healthy option for weight loss but the idea of combining with Dark Chocolate (found in the back-side of chocolate) is wonderful.  When I chewed, the common ingredients like oat along with unique ingredients tasted just perfect.  I am sure a cereal bar like this would become preferred snack for kids and parents would not need to worry giving.

Fruit & White Chocolate

I need to mention that this a cereal bar that might remind many of us of the traditional Fruit & Nut chocolate.  But this totally different as it has so many more natural ingredients. Here the combination of Raising, Strawberry & White chocolate have created a great taste.  The oats also seem to gel well with the items.  I am sure the firm has thought of it long and hard, did trials before introducing such a wonderful combination of items.

Cashew – Almond & Caramel

The final chocolate is the combination of cashew & almond along with caramel.  Caramel itself has the most essential ingredient inside chocolate.  They seem to have bough of combination 2 healthy nuts with caramel and create a great cereal bar.  It is hard to resist after taking 1st bite.

Overall Experience

It was wonderful experience taking all 3 types of cereal bars as healthy snacks.  The taste of every cereal bar is unique and quite awesome.  Kudos to the team who curated these unique cereal bars.  I also appreciate the person behind the entire setup.  There are no specific favourite item among the 3 as each of them taste good & unique.  I would recommend that every parent/adult/young kid take this instead of chocolate as it is more healthy and tasty.

My current rating for the experience is 4.0/5.