AXN Sony & Top Chef – Cook-up with Chef Abhijit Saha


Top Chef is one of the first food related TV show on AXN that is being aired since 2006 and 14 seasons have been completed.  This is a competition between Chefs where they show-case their own style of cooking and dishes from various cuisines.  The host for the show is one of the TV’s most celebrated personalities, Padma Lakshmi.  Judges who have been regular for the show include – Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Richard Blais.  There have been other judges as well on the show – Eric Ripert, Graham Elliot, Ted Allen, Toby Young, Anthny Bourdain and many others.


The idea of putting the Chefs through grueling rounds of Quickfire and Elimination, is to test who is the best Chef performing under pressure.  Whatever time is given for preparation, Chefs make sure the food is presented the best manner.  Presentation showcases the different perspectives and skills of the Chefs.

Dishes prepared in the Top Chef show are not documented anywhere coz many of the times Chefs end up creating on the fly. I have always been wanted to taste the Veg items is prepared.  Though the chefs end up sharing the brief info during the show, but it’s quite limited.

AXN Sony & Top Chef Live Cook-up Event

AXN Sony & Top Chef in association with Nature’s Basked (Godrej) pulled in one of the celebrated Master Chef in Bangalore, Abhijit Saha for a live cook-up event to showcase some of the recipe of dishes prepared by the contestants of Top Chef.  Abhiji Saha is a well known Celebrity Master-chef who owns Fava  (UB City) that is famous of dishes prepared with use of Molecular Gastronomy.

The dishes he picked for live demo preparation as part of Cook-off included – Macaroons with Guacamole, Halibut with Mango Slaw and Quinoa Pasta.  Description of every dish seemed to be quite complicated but Abhijit made it quite simple with is easy style of preparation. 

Macaroons with Guacamole

This dish is a variation of the traditional macaroons as it wasn’t sweet but a little spicy due to presence of Guacamole and other items.  When you look at the dish, it is very tempting.  I felt that grabbing it right away into my hands and eating it.

Halibut with Mango Slaw

A dish that had Jamaican rice, 2 slices of fish and Mango Slaw on top looked amazing. Mango slaw is basically the mango slices without the skin. Chef had a special topping added on top, making it look perfect.  Sometimes, it feels good to just look at it rather than eating.

Quinoa Pasta

People are going the healthy way when it comes to preparing food.  Quinoa is one of the most popular items that is getting added into dishes.  Chef make Pasta that had Quinoa sprinkled on it and the combination tasted awesome.

Thought from Abhijit Saha

Chef was encouraging people to try out making the dishes that we see in Top Chef.  He believes that making the dish is better than just looking at it.  Coz it might look complex visually but as we start cooking, it becomes easy.  He regularly watches Top Chef to see the competitiveness among the Chefs.

Overall Experience

It was a great evening spent where I got to witness celebrated Chef Abhijit Saha prepare some of the selective 3 dishes from Top Chef season.  The presentation of all the dishes were really good and everyone were eager to get a taste. Chef made sure that the process for preparation looked easy, so others would be encouraged to prepare at home. 

Thanks to Nature’s Basket (by Godrej) for associating with AXN & Top Chef for this event.  Most of the ingredients used during preparation were from the same outlet.  The store is big and we can get any items that re freshly grown, including – Vegetables, Fruits, Dry-Fruits, Wine and others.

I rate the overall experience for the event 4.0/5.

Pictures taken at the event with fellow Food lovers along with Chef Abhijit Saha.