Danone – One Health, One Planet – Bloggers Meet


Danone setup bloggers meet at Fava Restaurant to share information regarding their product, health benefits and clarify some of the myths.  At Danone, they believe that food is healthy and that human health is inseparable from that of our planet and the living conditions of communities.  Consumer choices reflects on the health of individual and the society.  At Danone, they are in favour of healthier eating practices. 

Event Details

There were various activities lines as part of this meet.  To start off they had Shefali Sapra – Director of Corporate Affairs sharing more insight into Danone Indian Operations and the new products in the market.

Next to share more information on health benefits of the product was Dr. Madhavi, Senior Consultant at Danone. She also shared information on Greek Yogurt, Health benefits of curds, how the process used by Danone is better and also answers multiple questions.  Some of the points she shared including.

  • Health Benefits of Greek Curds – more Protein and less fat
  • Yogurt being the highest source of Calcium compared to any other food
  • Difference between the Normal and Set curds
  • Why the curds turn sour
  • Myths related to eating curds
  • Possible side-effects for people avoiding consumption of curd

The Healthy Swap

There is the special term that was being used during the event.  Term does sound catchy and quite interesting as there is a deep down meaning it.  Danone wants to specially highlight that the Flavoured Yogurts, which are more healthier options that taking the High Calorie items like – Samosas, Sandwiches, Chats, Pakoda, Kachori, Vada and many more.  Some of the varieties of curds include – Mango, Blueberry, Strawberry, Plan and many more.  The plain curd by Danone is very close to being called a Dessert as its quite tasty.

Cook-off by Chef Abhijit Saha

The focus for this cook-off was the use of Danone product for making food that can be taken, Guilt Free.  Chef Abhijit is extremely talented and well equipped with the skills in making some of the very simple looking dish, look extraordinary & taste good.  Some of the items that Chef made live in front of the audience, made me feel like grabbing them right away.

  1. Super Food Smoothie using Danone Mango Yogurt
  2. Beetroot Carpaccio with Beetroot Labneh
  3. Mango Green Yogurt Specification with Blueberry & Feta Cheese Caviar
  4. Chicken based soup with Danone Yogurt
  5. Blueberry Panna Cotta 

During the cook-off Chef Abhijit used some of the Molecular Gastronomy technique and presented the dishes well.  The taste of every items prepared was awesome and I actually took 2-3 servings of every item.

Overall Experience

This was one of the most informative Bloggers Meet I have attended.  I now know more about Danone products and its health benefits.  It was just mesmerizing to watch Chef Abhijit Saha, converting an ordinary dish into a work of art.  I will promote Danone products going forwards indicating all its health benefits.

Pictures with executive from Danone Inida and Chef Abhijit Saha.

Group pictures with all bloggers.