Healthy Burgers and Drinks at Inhouse Burger


Inhouse Burger has become of the popular places to eat healthy burger across the city.  They have 4 outlets across Bangalore, which includes Jayanagar, Maratahalli and Kalyan Nagar.  Each of the outlets have plenty of posters that talk about getting the right nutrition in diet.  With many youngsters keeping a check on calorie-intake daily, this burger joint easily attracts crowd.  I recently visited the Kalyan Nagar outlet with bunch of friends to try out different burgers, other items along with drinks.


The first thing one gets to notice, the board having the name ‘INHOUSE BURGER’ written in stylish font.  Entrance to the outlet looks colour and guest can also see the colourful lighting (yellow).  Interior have been done quite well, very suited for young and vibrant crowd who feel very welcome.

  • If one can look to the right side, there are plenty of games (Cheese, Zenga) and books.  This encourage guests to come and spent a lot of time.
  • The outlet serves healthy food and there are plenty of poster on health & nutrition.
    • We Create Healthy Meals.  They Inturn Make You Happy.
    • When Deliciousness Meet Nutritions.
    • Detox The Yummier Way.
    • Caution: Vitamin Trapped Inside
    • OAT Shake – Melt Down those Calories with Fitness Beverages by Inhouse Burger
  • SKIPPING Calories – Detox water infused with fresh Vegetables & Fruits to quench your thirst in the healthiest way possible
  • Seating arrangement is neat and not over the top.  There are plenty of wooden chairs kept around small tables that can accommodate 1-4 guests.
  • Bottom half of the wall on both sides, have the fine finish of tiles that resemble sides of brick.

The entire setup can make anyone feel relaxed just before ordering food and consuming.


The burger served are very healthy and ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a great meal  but not worry about calorie/nutrition.  Let me share some of the updates about the burgers.

  • Most of the Breads used for making the buns of burger contain millets (ragi) and are very healthy.
  • The Beetroot & Charcoal burger look Pink & Black from outside.  Initially one would think that artificial color has been added but Chef confirmed that color comes from natural vegetable & charcoal.  The natural colors gets infused into the down of the bread giving it the color.
  • Most of the patties are baked and grilled as Chef tells that its healthy cooking option.  While convection is the type of heating used in baking, it is the heat of radiation that prepares food using grilling.
  • Each of the burger comes with a special decoration with Tomato Ketchup, Mustard Sauce and Mayo which enhances the presentation.

InHouse Burgers

The Inhouse have 17 types of Burger in total which include 13 Veg and 15 Non-Veg varieties.  The Burgers have been categorized as Topped, Salad, Signature, Grilled and Value.  Customer can choose to order according to their taste and liking.

Among the Veg Burgers I tried the Veg Exotic, Tandoori Paneer, Caesar Salad Burger, Classic Red and Bourbon Black Burger.  My favourite among these were the colourful burgers that had the beetroot and charcoal flavour infused in them.  Each of the burgers had good number of Veggies, very less mayo and no cheese, making it very healthy.  But if one wants, they can ask for the same and it can be added.

There are other Veg Burger options like Mushroom Southwest Burger which happens to be one of the Special Burgers.

I felt that the bread used in burger was a little dry and they also had millets in them.  Would urge the Chef to try adding a little more mayo to make the burger soft and customer can eat a mouthful with every bite.

Like Veg, there are plenty of options among the Non-Veg burgers including – Classic Red Non-Veg, Bourbon Black Non-Veg, Chicken Exotic, Hot Chilli Burger Non-Veg.  I heard from my friends say that every burger tasted good.

InHouse Salad

There are plenty of options to choose from for both Veg and Non-Veg.  Some of the varieties we tried including – Tandoor Paneer Veg and Chicken Salami.  Both the salads had an overload of Veggies like Red Cabbage, Cucumber, Cabbage, Mini Tomato, Coriander with special dressing.  The Veg salad which had cubes of soft paneer along with special dressing, which tasted good.

I felt that some of the Veggies were too raw like Red Cabbage, which probably could have been avoided.  Also I recommend adding some dry-fruits like Walnut and enhance the flavours.

InHouse Hoagie

One of my friends tried a Chicken Steak Hoagie that came in special plate.  There was good amount of stuffing between 2 pieces of sub.  I was very much tempted to try it as the presentation was great.  My friends told that the taste was pretty good.


There are plenty of options for drink including – Cold pressed Juice, Oat Shake Fresh, Break Fast.  One thing common all the drinks, they are healthy and have very less number of calories.

Some of the shakes that we tried were– Chocolate & Hazelnut Oat Shake, Vanilla Oat Shake, Strawberry Oat Shake and Mixed Berry Shake.  My favourite among these was the Chocolate & Hazelnut Oat shake that has flavour of ingredient slightly overpowering the presence of oat.

I also tried some of the Cold Pressed options – Red Sun and Immortal.  Red Sun contained pure Beetroot juice which was slightly bitter due to presence of crushed beetroot skin.

Finally, before leaving couple of  us took Classic Mojito & Cappuccino, which were well done.

Overall Experience

It was a great afternoon spent eating some healthy food along with my friends.  I was surprised to see plenty of options for Veg & Non-Veg.  My top pick among them would be the Classic Red and Bourbon Black which have something unique in Bangalore.  There are a few corrections I suggest to the Chef, which I am sure will be taken care the next time.   This place can make guests come in and can make them stay for long time with the presence of books & games.  I rate my current experience at 4.0/5.

My rating in other departments would be.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at the restaurant will cost anywhere between INR 500-800.