Kalyan Nagar gets another Biryani Outlet


Manis Dum Biryani is one of the eateries that came up in Koramgala and has expanded its operations across the city.  I still remember the time when they opened small outlet in Bellandur and they were doing tremendously well.  Both the outlets had limited dining and was focused on home-delivery.  They are the first of restaurant that sold biryani in different portion sizes – Half, Full, Large & Family-pack.  They also have combo meals which gives more value for money.  The brand has come up with a new outlet in Kalyan Nagar which has only take-away and home-delivery.

Location & Ambiance

If you are driving on the outer-ring road from KR Puram to Hebbal, soon after the Kalyan Nagar flyover, keep looking to the left side.  Take the service road parallel to main-road.  After crossing Hopipola and Mainland China to the left side, look out for Mani’s Dum Biryani on left side.   The outlet can be seen on the 1st floor of a building located next to a bungalow.  The ground-floor of building is currently not occupied and its dark in the evening, which makes it harder to spot.  Even after spotting, I had my own doubts walking by the left side of the building and then climbing to 1st floor of the outlet.

The place did not look very well organized.  There was a casual table, which can be called as the cash counter where one can place order and wait.  They then ready the food, package and give it to the customer.  I could make out the outlet was pretty clean and also packaging was good.


The main reason why I love Manis Dum Biryani for the unique taste and their focus on making 100% Vegetarian Biryani.   They use separate dum for Veg & Non-Veg Biryani to avoid any mixing.  I recently took a large combo that came with Large Biryani, Chilli Paneer, Soft Drink and Mineral Water.IMG_20180326_231510

Veg Biryani

The taste of the biryani was very good, and I enjoyed the flavours of the spices.  There were plenty of Peas and Potato which were very well cooked along with the gravy.  I also loved the special salan that was given along with the biryani which had grated coconut & special spices.  The salan definitely enhanced the Biryani flavour and made it more spicy.  Along with the biryani, they also gave a bowl of raita that was thick and had finely cut cucumber & onions.

I noticed that the gravy and veggies are present in the middle part of the biryani inside the box.  I would recommend mixing the biryani thoroughly before consuming.

Chilli Paneer

This was a dry starter that contained soft paneer pieces inside deep fried besan, like Bajji.  The Paneer was very soft and the masala added from outside enhanced the flavours.  This irresistible starter will make anyone take 2-3 additional pieces after taken the first bite.  There were nearly 12-15 pieces, curry leaves and green chilly pieces in one box.


Along with the Biryani and Chilli Paneer, they also gave ½ litre Coke and Mineral water bottle.  This make the large combo complete and sufficient to fill 2-3 people at home.

Overall Experience

I had a great experience having the dinner packaged from Mani’s Dum Biryani.  It made me feel nostalgic as it’s been awhile since I had enjoyed the flavour of their Biryani.  I had my mind set to order/take-away after seeing the pamphlet distributed along my newspaper delivered home.  Biryani lovers Hennur, Nagavara, Kalyan Nagar and even Hegdenagar can get home-delivery which is great news.  I would ideally recommend taking a combo which would enable one to taste lovely starter along with the Biryani.  I will order Biryani regularly from this outlet going forward, hoping for consistency in their taste & flavours.

Rate my current experience at 4.0/5.  My rating on other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Packaging – 4.0/5
WFM – 3.75/5
Food for 2-3 people will come up to anywhere between INR 600-700.