Pastry Class at Academy of Pastry Arts, Bengaluru


Pastries are the favourite dishes for most of us in a buffet spread or and to celebrate occasions.  We all enjoy the presentation and love to devour them.  Many of us also don’t like sharing the same as we love to savour it little by little.  But little do we realize the effort put in by the Chef for getting the finest details just right.  There are special schools, like the Academy of Pastry Art that helps people to gain the expertise.  Recently, Academy of Pastry Arts India at Bangalore hosted a special culinary class to demonstrate the making of Berry Vanilla Gateaux.  Chef Kimberly Rozario, at the academy gave us a live demonstration in making the pastry.

Deconstruction of the Pastry

The most important step in making a dessert, is to deconstruct and clearly identify individual portions.  After we get the individual items of the pastry ready, they can be brought together to create the magical pastry.  In case of the Berry Vanilla Gateaux, the individual component prepared were Chocolate Almond Sponge, Vanilla Mousse, Berry Jelly & Red Glaze.

Chef Kimberly systematically prepared every portion of the pastry and made it look so easy.  The final dessert looked simply amazing and it wow(d) all of us.

To know the recipe of the dish, follow the Berry Vanilla Gateaux.

Point to Remember

The expert chef seamlessly prepared the items while sharing insight about the art of making dessert.  Few of the points that I was able to gather while Chef was speaking.

  • Using the right brand of cocoa is very important for the pastry.  Mixing cocoa powder and flour lets one gets the rich flavour of chocolate in the final dish.
  • Keeping track of temperature in every essential.  One should buy a good Probe/Thermometer and use it to check the temperature whenever necessary.
  • Be watchful of lump and bubble formation while cooking.
  • When preparing jelly, melting Gelatine in warm puree with sugar is essential.
  • While preparing Glaze, adding milk-chocolate along with addition of bloomed Gelatine & Condensed milk.
  • Heating item on microwave, ends up removing moisture. To keep the moisture intact, cover the item in plastic wrap and heat for limited period.

Chef shared many more points during the session.  This education experience also gives me confidence to attempt making a complex dessert at home.

About Academy of Pastry Arts

Academy of Pastry Arts is an esteemed group of Professional Culinary & Pastry Schools that has 3 branches in India – Gurgaon, Bangalore & Mumbai. Internationally they are present in Malaysia & Philippines. The schools offer both Full-time and Part-time classes to learn the art of pastry making.

  • Diploma Program – 6 months
  • Advanced Diploma Program – 9 months
  • Certificate in Pastry & Bakery Arts Part-time – 12 weeks

The school is also hosting a special 3-day Egg-less class session from Oct 5-7, 2018.  Participants will get a hands-on experience in making 9 different pastries mentioned below.

Cinnamon Rolls, Raspberry Pistachio Tart, Strawberry & Vanilla Cake, Mango Baked Cheese Cake, Chocolate Walnut Brownie, Banana & Oats Crumble Cake, Chocolate Walnut Cookies, Swiss Roll, Macaroons with Chocolate Caramel Ganache

The academy also has a culinary school that teach many cooking techniques and mastering some of the global cuisines.

  • Culinary Diploma Program – 6 months
  • Advanced Diploma Program – 9 months
  • Part-time Program – 12 weeks

Final Thoughts

It was a great weekend spent learning about various aspect of pastry making and making Berry Vanilla Gateaux.  Chef Kimbery made the entire process look effortless and clarified all the doubts that were asked.  The school have clean kitchen, hands-on work area and best culinary equipment, making it a perfect learning environment.  I specially recommend this place to anyone looking to learn the art of pastry making.

More Information

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