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Chaayos is one of my favorite places when it comes to having some hot masala chai and spicy snacks. I have previously written an article about the variety of dishes available at the various outlets.  With the current pandemic, we are all skeptical about stepping out of our home but the craving won’t stop.  We try our best in making the Hot Cuppa by adding all spices at home, it just isn’t possible to get the flavors right.  The best thing to do would be to get items home-delivered from Chaayos.  Recently, I did try the delivery option from Chaayos (Indiranagar) and I would like to share an experience.IMG_20200707_154742

Safety Standards & Delivery

  • The package was delivered in a strong brown cover.  It was good to see the brand switch to paper and not plastic paper.  This makes is always more safe, good for the environment, and also a lot elegant.
  • Hard cardboard boxes are used to keep the food safe & intact.  There is also a nice layer of butter paper on which the food is place.
  • Special flask customized with cardboard box & layers of polymer is used for storing tea.  The air trapped between the layers to keep our favorite chai hot for nearly 60 minutes.  Instructions on the flask also state that it can be reused for any hot/cold beverage at home.  This has been an instant hit among people.
  • Multiple paper cups and wooden sticks are sent along with the delivery for pouring the coffee & mixing sugar.  Specially designed and branded glass bottles are used to keep the Iced Tea intact.  Its good to see that they are not using plastic anywhere.
  • There are multiple outlets of Chaayos across Bangalore.  But they are not accessible for every locality via Zomato/Swiggy.  The best option to try in this case is to place order and get it delivered via Swiggy Gennie or Dunzo.

Food Delivery

There are a few outlets that I have been craving to eat from Chaayos that I got it home-delivered.

Desi Chai (with Adrak & Elaichi), Aam Panna Iced Tea

I am tea-drinker and love adding spices into tea as its very refreshing.  The desi-chai contained the right amount of spices like Adrak, Elaichai, making it the perfect drink for cold Bangalore weather.  The hot flask ensured that the hotness and flavors of tea were kept intact.  I just had to pour the hot tea into the cup, drink it and relish.

The Aam Panna Iced Tea was also amazing and very refreshing. This amazing drink had the flavors of regular Iced Tea but the addition of Mango did enhance it a lot.  The taste was just perfect and it felt like the Iced-Tea had a desi touch to it.

Palak Patta Crispies & Chilly Cheese Toasties

These are some of the best tea time snacks that go along with the hot masala chai. I especially love the Palak Patta chat as its crispy, slightly spicy, and tasty at the same time.  The crispiness and little batter on top makes it a great snack.  Multiple pickled Jalapenos added on top of the Crispies and the combination tastes good.

Also loved the Chilly Cheese toasties as it had plenty of Cheese on top of soft sandwich bread.  It also had plenty of chilly flakes and probably a little bit of tomato pesto sauce.  The taste was just amazing and I enjoyed it with my hot masala chai.

Instant mix of Adrak & Elaichi

This is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make instant Masala Chai at home.  The instruction for making the drink is very clearly mentioned on top of the drink.  I tried it a few times and enjoyed the home-made Chaayos masala chai.

Overall Experience

It was a great experience trying to order food & beverages from Chaayos.  It’s nice to see the innovative approach followed by the brand to serve the hot chai.  I must also appreciate the packaging of dishes in hard cardboard boxes that makes it very clean.  The flavor in the dishes & tea were intact, it almost felt like I was having the items at their outlet. I will surely order many more times from Chaayos and also hope that they come up with a new outlet near my home.  Specially urge everyone to dine-in, if not get home-delivery from Chaayos.

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