Chaayos | Indiranagar | Indias Biggest Outlet


The punch line for the brand is “Meri Wali Chai” which translates to “Fresh Custom-Made Chai”.  After a huge success across the country at places like Chandigarh, Delhi-NCR, and Mumbai, the brand has come to Bangalore.  In a matter of a few months, they realized the big potential in Bangalore and opened around 7 outlets.  In all, Chaayos has 73 outlets across the country.  The Indiranagar outlet is the most modern and the largest outlet across Bangalore.IMG_20191216_163703


The place has some amazing looking interiors.

There are multiple places with an amazing backdrop where one would love to pose for pictures.

Chai shop has both indoor and outdoor allowing customers to choose depending on their choice.

Make Your Own Tea

#MeriWaliChai is the perfect hashtag for the brand as anyone entering the store can make their own Chai/Tea.

The steps that one needs to follow.

  • Choose your chai – Desi, Green or Black Tea
  • Milk – Regular, Doodh Kum, Paani Kum, Full Doodh
  • Patti – Regular, Kadak
  • Free Add-on – Tulsi, Adrak, Elachi, Saumf, Laung, Ajwain, Cinnamon, Masala, Mint, Hari Mirchi, Moti Elaichi, Kali Mirchi, Lemon
  • Sugar – Regular, No Sugar

Food & Beverages

I enjoyed tasting some of the amazing items when I recently visited the outlet along with friends.


Hot tea like Desi Masala Chai with Tulsi, Desi Chai with Masala & Adrak, Cold brew with Saumf, Frappe

I always love my tea to be strong with some added spices/masala.  The Masala Chai with Tulsi was the perfect drink to refresh me.

The brand sells the cold-brew version of that tea in which one can add additional flavors.  I tried the Saumf flavor drink and every sip of it felt the refreshing flavor.  We Indians, usually take Saumf after having a meal as a mouth-freshener.

Food Options

Palak paapdi, Poha, Cheese chili toast, Bun Samosa, Tandoori Mac & Cheese pasta, Samosa Matar Chaat, Palak Patta crispies, Kulcha with Matar curry

The Chaayos team has done the research and brought out dishes that are commonly consumed along with tea, outside or at home.  Most of the time the tea is paired with spicy Indian chaat.

I like most of the dishes but there are few that stood out.  Like the Chilli Cheese toast, as it had a good amount of Cheese & Chilli flavor in it.  The Poha was very tasty as it had more ground-nuts, similar to the Maharashtrian style.

Kulcha with Matar curry was also amazing as puffed up Kulcha bread is served with gravy curry.  The dish is the perfect option for lunch/dinner/evening snack.

More Facts

The coolest thing about the outlet is that they have automatic Tea making machines that prepare tea in minutes similar to Coffee making machines.  In parallel, 4 machines can make 4 cups of tea.  Chaayos brand also has a loyalty program that enabled one to get Free Chai/Tea on 2nd visit & 6th visit.

Chaayos also delivers tea home in a special container.  It’s basically a thick sheet of Aluminium foil that’s placed inside the card-box box.  The box is able to keep the tea hot for 20-30 minutes allowing a customer to sip hot tea the moment it’s delivered.

Final Thoughts

It was a great experience trying different varieties of tea & food at the biggest Chaayos outlet in Indiranagar.  It is good to see automated tea vending machines and beautiful packaging for the purpose of delivery.  Interiors of the place are also amazing and perfect for youngsters.  I am surely planning on visiting more Chaayos outlets in the future.

More Information

789/B, 12th Main Rd, Sodepur, Appareddipalya,
Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Phone – 096061 29944