Ammi’s Biryani – Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

I think all of us love the way our mom cooks and we just enjoy the flavour & taste of it.  Well I think if you keep something on the lines of Mom/Ammi/Amma, it is sure to succeed.  And especially in a restaurant business when its all about that taste, I guess people will look to correlate the food to the home food.
I know that Bangalore offlate has got this growing restaurants serving good biryani.  Infact, the ‘Biryani’ focussed restaurant are quite a few.  I would say this place also comes right up there among other like – Meghana, Mani’s, Hyderabadi Biryani house, Paradise, etc etc.  I guess people just love the biryani as a meal coz it can easily fill the stomach and surely its not on the sweet side as we are in general love a bit of spicy food.
I can’t comment much coz I have not been to the shop.  There are times when I have crossed this while going to the ‘Decathlon’ @Sarjapur Road.  I guess location wise this is happening, coz of the Wipro corporate office being right there and also quite a few apartment in and around the place.
Apart from this branch, they have at other places in Bangalore.
I decided to get food and have it for my lunch one of the days and this is what I felt about the food.
Since, I was quite hungry I looked to take ‘Biryani’ of course, but then they had this option of combos which included the ‘Executive’ and ‘Regular’.  When I asked the difference the person told that ‘Regular’ would be good for one person who is hungry for lunch.  And then this came with following items – Hyderabadi Biryani (veg), Raita, Salani & Kheema + ‘Gobi Kasundi’.  There was option to take ‘Achari Aloo’ instead of ‘Gobi’.
Meal Combo
Apart from the regular combo there is another combo called the ‘HATTRICK COMBO’ that has 3 things – 1 Biryani + 1 starter + 1 sweet.  I ended up taking the combo with the sweet option ‘Phirni’ was included in it.  And yes, apart from the food, they do have drinks like Lemonade and Aam Panna.  But for home delivery only Pepsi/7up is available.
Let me share my experience with the food.
Gobi Kasundi
This was a pretty well done dry gobi item, which I would say was quite dry coz it had decent crazy around it and also the gobi was well boiled/cooked.  Overall it had this light green look outside but yes, the taste was simply superb.  I thought it was better than taking the ‘Paneer’ which is quite commonly available at other restaurants.
I also wanted to share that there was option to take ‘Achar Aloo’ instead of ‘Gboi Kasundi’ in the combo but I chose the gobi combo 🙂
Veg Hyderabadi Biryani
I think this was a well done biryani I mean, I noticed that the rice pieces were not sticking to each other which would have made it like the normal rice at home many times.  The masala was pretty good but then the only point was that it was present inside the rice.  May be I would have expected a bit of the masala gravy to be present inside but that was not the case.  The rice sure was well cooked.
Along with that there some additions that also helped in enhancing the taste.



A tomato based paste/chutney/salsa sauce or whatever you can call it.  But yes it was pretty decent.  May be they kept that so that if you thought it was spicier u could add that to reduce the spice.
I thought this was pretty okay okay coz it was quite watery and it had mostly onion in that.  Also some of the onion pieces were not cut properly.
But yes, along with the food, they also gave quite a few of the onions, lemon piece and chilies.  It was good take it along with the biryani as many times lemon gives a good flavour according to me.
I am not what it was, as it is usually referred to for non-veg items, so ended up not taking it.
Overall the quantity of the biryanis served also quite sufficient.  I was able to feel myself becoming full as I kept eating.
I guess this is something I thought of putting it before I forgot.  Coz the unique part is that they have a sticker outside the food being delivered, especially for home-delivery.  The sticker gives info of the item, the calories, energy, that this gives.  The same applies for biryani, phirni, gobi kasundi.
This is a sweet which I think is famous in Andhra and North regions.  The unique point is that it was brought in a matka.  I thought that this was a nice idea coz noboday serves this way.  These folks have it and it was fun eating it.
It won’t be right unless I say that the packaging and delivery.  The was well put up and there no leaks.  And the idea of putting the names against the dishes in the plastic cup was also good.
The deliver box had a ‘Thank you’ on it.  And also the delivery person came before 45mts which is the time-frame they had asked for deliver, similarly on the website of theirs.
Overall I have got a good experience having food at this place.  But somehow it did not blow me off completely and yes I had to curtail myself.  My rating would be 3.5 and for sure I hope that my next visit, I will take rating higher.  My rating are specially for the food and there isn’t much to write for drinks.
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3.5/5
I hope the Ammis’ becomes popular in the sarjapur region.  It should not become another biryani place but yes should stand out.  And the taste should remain:)