Chef Basket : Cook Off Event @Somethings Cooking – Koramangala, Bangalore

Chef Basket is one of the companies that want each and everyone one of us get great food at the comfort of our home.  And they want people to try cooking the dish by themselves by following the instructions provided in their boxes.  Well, this might be a fun thing for most of us coz we generally avoid cooking due lack of taste that we might end up getting.  But then if you can add the right amount of ingredients, the food item that we make would be brilliant.  Its surely become one of the trends in Bangalore and surely Chef Basket is the first of its kind in Bangalore.


There are number of restaurants that keep coming up in Bangalore every week.  Many come and go before trying to make a mark.  The simple reason I sometimes feel is that they are not able to deliver that would let the food lovers get a wow factor to be able to refer others.  And many times lack of varieties and distance could be a factor.
Considering the points mentioned above, Chef Basket seem to have come up with the packaged food which is probably 50% done.  But then you will need to spend some time to prepare the complete dish.  There are set of nicely written instructions that are to be followed.
This company currently focuses on making Pasta, Noodles and few deserts.  And each of the items when prepared would be sufficient for 1 person.

They are now trying to come up with the options in which the item prepared would be sufficient for 2 people to have lunch/dinner.


Somethings Cooking

The company invited set of bloggers for a Cook Off event recently @ Something Cooking in Koramangala.

‘Somethings Cooking’ is a place which has cooking tables in which companies can have their cooking trials, conduct events, team-building workshops.

Each counter has all the required culinary equipment that are required for cooking.

Chef Basket had planned for a ‘Cook Off Event’ where we would get to use the ingredients from the box and prepare the dishes.




Event Details
We bloggers were divided into nearly 10-12 groups and each of the groups had 3 members.

The folks from ‘Chef Basket’ then gave us 2 of the packaged boxes.  Next steps at the events were fun.


  • Open up 2 boxes of the packaged food ready to be cooked.
  • Prepare the dish as mentioned on the box by following the instructions given.
  • Vegetables were available was available in plenty which were allowed to be used in the preparation.
  • Utensils and cutlery items were all available for each of us to use.
  • We then had to plate the dish and present it for the judges to taste.  It was fun event all in all in which we all had loads of fun.


That was not all, the next task was to pick up another box and use the ingredients to preparing something different.

Though the final outcome of the cooking would result in the same dish being made, the ingredients, preparation and presentations could.


  • This was more fun coz we got to prepare something out of the box.
  • We as a team made 2 pastas, one with the normal Red Sauces and the other with the Pesto.

    Each of us took turn to do something or the other during the preparations.  Everyone at the event sure did enjoy the food that we had prepared.

  • Apart from our team every other team prepared something different and I must say that every items were different.

    Coz with 30 people around, everyone sure is bound to have unique ideas.


And yes, we also got to taste everyone else preparation which sure was quite good.


Newly Introducing
Chef Basket released one of their new boxes which contains ingredients that can be used for preparing ‘Dinner for 2’.  It was quite necessary coz many times we end up not just preparing food for yourself but also others.  It’s the perfect recipe for also people to relax, enjoy cooking and enjoy the good food.  What better moment than to introduce it during the event with all us being there.  I am sure this will catch the attention of one and all.


Overall Experience
It was one of the fun evening with fellow Food Bloggers and Reviewers.  Each of us got to explore our inner self and prepare dishes.  For those, who had not stepped into Kitchen and thought that cooking was difficult, Chef Basket eased it by letting each of us just follow the instructions.  And the outcome came out brilliant for each and every person.


Chef Basket team were also kind enough to share 4 of their items with each us as souvenirs.

I ended up getting – Creamy Tomato Pasta, Khow Suey Noodles, Cheese Alfredo Pasta and Dinner Box.

I wish Chef Basket great success going forward and I am sure they will go places not just in India but also abroad.