Jackfruit365 Breakfast @12th Main – Grand Mercure, Bangalore

Jackfruit is supposed to be one of the seasonal fruits which happens to be one of my favourite fruits.  This is a fruit which I can’t resist taking just 1 piece and I end up taking nearly 10-15 pieces.  And ideally I would want it to be ripened so that’s its sweet.  Well, even for me to be able to write about it makes me feel like having it.  But then it’s a fruit that is available for few months in year.  During this time-period the fruits are available in plenty all across the road and especially if you drive across the outskirt of Bangalore, you would find loads just waiting to be grabbed.  I remember the time when my family used to tell me to be quite careful in consuming Jackfruit as its quite sweet and its easy to put on weight by consuming it.  Recently, I came across a company that says that Jackfruit could be the best substitute for weight-loss. It was a total shocker for me to even know that it could have such great medical benefit.  Let me share my thoughts on the company that knows convert the Jackfruit to a healthy form which is quite good for all of us.


We all would have never imagined the health benefits of Jackfruit unless Mr. James Joseph did his research.  An IT Profession holding a High Profile job abroad came up with an idea to do something to benefits us.  Hailing from Kerala, during a visit to his home town came up with the idea to research on Jackfruit.  His research lead to a startling discovery that the Jackfruit taken 3-4 week before it ripens is one of the best for us.  Reasons for that are quite simple.


Raw Jackfruit as a meal has lower Glycaemic index vs Standard Meals
This message was published in one of the medical journals.  More info.


30g Raw Jackfruit365 = one cup of cooked rice or two wheat roti (chapatti)
These messages might surprise but it’s the fact.  And this has led to the company ‘Jackfruit365’ to be born.  The company focuses on taking the raw form of jackfruit converting them into form of thick chips which is white/light yellow colour product which looks like chips.


Usage of Product
It is quite essential to know if the Jackfruit chips made out of raw jackfruit can be used.  Well, it is nice to consume couple of them in the raw and dried form.  But then it is not something you can enjoy it fully for a meal. So, the best is to add it in place of other ingredients in our food preparation.
This is exactly what the team of JackFruit365 did at the ‘12thMain Restaurant @Grand Mercure-Bangalore’.  They curated a complete breakfast menu and infused the Jackfruit365 contents into it.  And I must say that it was quite novel and a tasty experience.
Let me share some of the items in which the Jackfruit365 was infused and its taste.
Jackfruit Idly + Chutney
To be able to add the main ingredient, they would grind the Jackfruit365 and add it in place of the rice batter.  No the completely batter but a 1/4th portion.  It is hard to even make out coz the taste was simply amazing like the normal idli.  But at the same time you need to realize that it is a healthy option.
The chutney that came along with it taste yummy.  The taste was quite amazing.
Poori + Bhaaji
This is another favourite breakfast item for South Items.  Now, the Jackfruit365 was added into the Poori and I guess some portion into the subji.  The taste was quite awesome.  Infact, you would never get a hint that the Jackfruit is present inside it.


Bonda + Chutney
A well-made bonda which had the Jackfruit365 added into the batter.

The taste I thought was better than a normal bonda.  It was so irresistible that I could not stop myself at one piece.


Crepe + Sauce
Another completely different dish which had the main ingredient added into it.  I don’t know if the taste was coming from the Jackfruit365 or the batter or the style of preparation.  Whatever it was the taste was quite good.


Upma + Chutney
An item that is quite easy to prepare and in most of the household a breakfast option.  Now, with the addition of the Jackfruit365, the same item became all the healthier.  And for sure it’s hard to make out if there is something else apart from the Rava inside it.


I guess I have stored the best for the last.  A breakfast item which is one of my favourite seems to have got event better to taste.

I think the Chef have been trained quite well to pull off such a wonderful dish.


Apart from the above mentioned items, there were also few more that had the Jackfruit365 added into it.  Chef(s) from 12th Main @Grand Mercure Bangalore have done a great job.



12th Main Hotel in Grande Mercure, Bangalore
A restaurant situated inside the wonderful Grand Mercure hotel.

It is a place which has the sunlight coming into it.  Lots of open space so that he guests could move out freely.

Lots of open counters for guests to ask Chef to prepare something live and be served.

Glad to see the restaurant being associated with a wonderful cause.  And most importantly they decided to host a breakfast treat for Bloggers/Reviewers.  It was a great fun-filled Sunday morning.



Overall Experience
It was one of the wonderful feeling knowing that Jackfruit could be so beneficial health wise.  The team also gave us all a sample of the Jackfruit365 which is available currently only via Amazon.  I must say that it is something I am going to have at my home in future.  And I will also make sure that every item has some traces of the ingredient into it.



Big thanks to Mr. James Joseph for coming up with this wonderful concept and letting people benefit from it.  Here is wishing good luck and loads of success for the company.
Further details are available at their website.