The White Room – High Gates Hotel @Church Street – Bangalore

This one of the hidden cafes in Bangalore which is surely not known to many.  But then when they came to know, like the way I did, for sure it will shock you.  The reason for that is quite simply because it’s got one of the best Ambiance, Food and Service.  I am actually thinking to myself as to how I have missed going to this place.  But then when I got an opportunity to go there for a food tasting, I was a little doubtful on the location and the food.

When, I actually landed inside the hotel that has the café, I was completely in for a surprise.  because the place is simply brilliant.  Let me share some of my thoughts on this place.


I got a chance to speak to the owner who told that they wanted to let this place be only available for the guest who stay at the High Gates Hotel.  But then they decided to let it be open for the general public as well.  Thank god they gave a chance for outsiders to enjoy the beautiful place.


If you are coming from the MG Road from Trinity circle, take a left at Brigade Road.  And then take the immediate right which is the Church Street.  On this road, you keep driving until you see ‘Bheema Restaurant’ to the left side.  A little further ahead is the ‘High Gates Hotel’ to the left side.


This is one of the café that’s got the best of interiors.  It’s got a set of seats on the outside where you will get to enjoy food and drinks in the green surrounding.  There is also a section inside that has the best of the A/C which lets you get a cool feel on a warm day.


For sure it is a place for friends to hang-out for hours together because there isn’t any disturbance from outside and there is total privacy. It surely is a great spot for lovers and couples to come, relax & have a great conversation.


There are plenty of small item made of wood on display for the customers.  And yes, the most important fact is that everywhere you will see it being painted in white.  This gives the place a regal look.


Outside section also has some nice slabs on which you can sit.  There are also some small statues which looks quite cool.
This is a place which has the combination of food and ambiance.  The focus of food at this place is mainly to do with Continental, American along with deserts.  Let me share some of the items that I tasted.


They have some wonderful selection of soups.  And I got a chance to taste 2 of the veg varieties of soups.  Each of them were quite wonderful because they were cream soups making them thick.  And a special word on the garlic bread which is quite soft.  Some of the soups I had.
  • Roasted pepper and sundried Tomato
  • Roast Pumpkin



There was also non-veg varieties of soup which I am sure would be good as well.
Let me share individually the info regarding the starters that I tasted.
Spiced Potato Wedges with Chilli Mayo
A wonderful starter which was presently so well.  Infact, the moment it was brought to our table, I felt like taking a bite.  The taste of the wedges with chilli mayo was quite good.  It was perfectly made because it did not have hint of extra oil on it.  I would surely recommend this dish to everyone.


Vegetarian Fritters with Salsa Picante
Another wonderful starter in which the veg fritter were well made. It was quite crispy and tasty.  Taking it along with salsa enhanced the flavour even further.


Apart from the veg options, my friends tried the Chicken Lettuce Wraps and they found that it to be quite tasty too.


Wraps, Quiches & Pies
Grilled Veg Wrap
Another dish that was presently wonderfully well. The veggies were lightly sautéed and put before being rolled over. The taste was quite good along with the ketchup.  I might have only wanted the veggies to be more sautéed.


Main Course
Though we were all full, there was always room to try some of the main course.  The plan was anyways to share the food.
Veg Lasagne
This is a dish which is very hard to make.  There are many people who try but then don’t get it right because it needs to be done well.  The layering of cheese, flour and veggies needs to be well done.  Special care needs to be taken care to for making the veggies soft and add cheese is added in good quantity.  I relished every bit of the lasagne.


Ratatouille with herbed rice
A very well made ratatouille which was well done and was quite cheesy & creamy.  Rice was also well done which made the entire dish really good.


It is quite critical that the deserts taken at the end are good and I must say that they have a special selection of them which are pretty tasty and yummy.


  • Gooey chocolate brownie with ice cream
  • Banana walnut cake with ice cream
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Panna cotta with fresh fruits
  • Crème Brulee


Among all the desert the first one with the chocolate brownie was my favourite.  Panna cotta also pretty good, but thought it could be a little bit sweeter.  Crème brulee was also pretty good.


When you try all the wonderful food, along with it some good mocktails can enhance your experience.  Some of the drinks we all tasted included.
  • Cappuccino – A shot of expresso and hot milk steamed with foam of milk
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Nutella Shake
  • Oreo Shake
  • Salted Caramel Shake



Hands down the Nutella shake was the best.  The Oreo shake was actually equally good.  It’s very hard to say if the other 2 were any less because each & every shake was well made.


Overall Experience
It was one of the best experience on a Saturday afternoon with my foodie friends.  Each and every item including starters, soup, main course, deserts and drinks were well made.  The food was made quite rich and for sure you shouldn’t be counting calories, would suggest enjoying the dishes.  Ambiance is also something you can’t forget because it was quite green and calm inside.  My current rating for this place is 4.0/5.  For sure it will go higher the next time I visit J
Rating in other departments include.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5


Food for 2 will cost anywhere between INR1000-1500.