Yummiez – Cook off @Cafe Mangi – Orion Mall, Bangalore

The concept of High Tea has been around since long time.  But many of us were not aware of the same until teenagers.  It has now become quite common to call guests home for Tea Party or High Tea party.  Well the concept is quite simple, serve some Hot Tea along with few things to much.  The items that are given to much should usually go along with tea.  We all take quite a few items like biscuits, rusk, chips and others along with Tea. Apart from this there could many more items like Bruschetta, Cheese Balls, Sliders as well that could be served along with Tea.  These items are not easy to make and require some basic ingredients to be present.  If these is basic items that is common to all the dishes already made, it become easier to prepare the end-product.


Yummiez’ is one such brand that tried to bridge the gap by packaging this basic ingredient into a package.  This product is being produced by ‘Godrej’ brand which is one of the leading companies in Home Appliances, Interiors and now into food business.
The company has done enough research and come up with this novel idea.  The study seems to resulted in identifying 2 flavours which are quite trending.  So, they introduced 2 products.
  • Yummiez Jalapeno Cheese Bites
  • Yummiez Macaroni Cheese Balls
I got an opportunity to see the products being used for making the final end-product and served along with Tea.  This blog update is to share my thoughts on the experience.


Product info
Godrej Tyson’s two new yummilicious finger foods – Macaroni Cheese Nuggets and Jalapeno Cheese Bites. With the launch of these delectable delights, Godrej Yummiez expands its scrumptious range of cheese bites like Cheese Corn Nuggets, Cheese Fingers and Pizza Pockets.


Jalapeno Cheese Bites is a treat for people who love the hot, peppery and sour combination of Jalapeno in their food. The freshly minced jalapeno with melted cheese in every bite is bound to linger on your taste buds. The Classic combination of Macaroni and Cheese is irresistible and a perfect choice for every occasion worth celebrating!
Company profile
Godrej Tyson Foods is a joint venture between Godrej Agrovet Ltd., a part of the Godrej Group and Tyson Foods Inc. The company is India’s premier poultry and vegetarian products manufacturer and marketer with strong value-added brands such as Real Good Chicken and Yummiez. The venture combines Godrej’s hygienic supply chain and strong value-added brands with Tyson Foods expertise in processing and product development to create great-tasting, safe, and healthy products. The company also offers India’s expanding foodservice industry and a universe of modern retailers, innovative poultry solutions and world-class products customized to local tastes.


Michael Swamy’s Profile
Job Profile: Chef, traveller, food designer, food consultant, food photographer, director of food videos and writer.
As Chef have worked with. Taj Group of Hotels (Mumbai), Bombay Brasserie (London), Kuwait Airways (Kuwait), Consulted with the British High Commission Mumbai… Has cooked & served several personalities like Sir G.K. Noon, Sir Andrew Pagewood, Prince Charles, Indian Ambassador UK 1995. Has been a corporate chef with the Bowl House Brand and now Mentor Chef with the Hopping Chef Brand which specializes in Home style fine dining.
Association with GTFL: With the launch of his cookbook – Comfort Food, we have associated with Chef to create comforting and quick high tea snacks using RGY’s Jalapeno Cheese Bites and Macaroni Cheese Nuggets


Food Preparation
Godrej has associated with ‘Café Mangii’ to show-case Chef Michael Swamy’s style of cooking for making some of the items to munch along with Tea.


This is one of the items that can be served along with the Tea.  But Chef added few things to make a difference.  The normal garlic bread used in preparation.  On top of it some mint-chutney was added.  And then some sautéed mushroom was also added.


Yummiez Jalapeno Cheese Bites were added on top of the bread.

The complete taste of the bruschetta was enhanced and it tasted really good.


This is another item that is becoming quite popular lately.  Simple reason for that being it become very difficult to consume the entire burger, instead the smaller versions are helpful.  We did notice Chef using the smaller bread and then inserting the ‘Yummiez Cheese Nuggets’ into it and added some Mayo and covering with smaller bread piece.

The slider individually looked quite yummy and it was hard to resist it. I am sure that the main reason for the taste came from the Yummiez Cheese.


Sautéed Vegetables with Yummiez Cheese Nuggets
Another dish that can be easily made at home.  All we had to do was sauté some of the vegetables and then add the fried ‘Yummiez Cheese Nuggets’.  The taste is quite wonderful.


Overall Experience
It was a great event setup inside the Café Mangii @Orion Mall. Getting an opportunity to meet renowned Chef Michael Swamy, looking at his preparation and also getting to eat was simply wonderful.  I am sure the Yummiez brand of items is here to stay in market.  It gives a great opportunity for people to use the items inside the pack, do some amount of cooking and take it along with High Team.  The entire experience was quite good and enjoyable.



Folks part of the event included – Vidyalakshmi, Naveen, Susmita, Jyothi Varne, Suman, Tejas and few others.