Mango Mania – Indian Kitchen


DSC_4453Summer is one the best seasons in India when it’s the season for our National Fruit, Mango. Apart from India, it is the National Fruit for Philiphines and National Tree for Bangladesh. It is one of my favourite fruit and I am sure it is a favourite for many across the country. The history of this fruit (scientifically called Magnifera Indica) dates back to 15th Century when Portual traded this fruit along with other spices being traded from our Gods Own Country, Kerala. The fruit is grown across multiple regions in India and there are plenty of varieties with unique names (Malgoba, Totha-puri, Mallika, Raspuri, Neelam, Rumani, Ratnagiri Apuse). The best among all is the Alphonso which is widely exported to other countries.

Mango Festivity
The period of 2-3 months, mostly between March-May is season for Mangoes. People consume the fruit directly or they add small portion of it into dishes, to induce the Mango-taste. It is added into Starters, Main Course (Gravy based subzi or Rice baths), Deserts or our Drinks. The taste is surely enhanced just by adding the Mango.

Indian Kitchen has come up with Mango Mania for this season, where they have come up with unique set of Dishes, Deserts and Drinks that have Mango flavours induced in them.

I got an opportunity to taste these items, let me share my experience of the same.

The restaurant itself is very popular for its North Indian food in the MG Road area. People love to order Al-Carte items or go for the Thali.

Thali happens to be my favourite wherein they serve multiple items in one plate. As part of Thali 4 different gravy based subzi(s) are served – Paneer, Palak, Channa and Mixed Veg Kurma. A portion of Yellow Daal Tadka is also served. Though a single bowl of each subzi is sufficient, it does not restrict guests from asking for additional bowl. Apart from these Pulav, Chapati, Curds, Salads & Pickles are also served, making it a complete meal.
The non-veg lovers have similar Thali that have a unique Fish based dish or Chicken based dish.

These thali(s) can be enjoyed along with some of the Mango based dishes, drinks and deserts.

Mashed Mango with Poori
This is something very commonly made at homes where the Mango is squeezed and collected separately & sugar added for sweetness. The dish popular at homes is now available at the restaurant and is served with Poori which is the best combination. The taste was simply awesome and it felt great eating in the comfort of restaurant.

Mango based Mocktails
They introduced multiple mocktails based on Mango. Some of my favourite among all of them were the Mango Musaka and Mango Milkshake. I would recommend trying Musaka, coz it looks served in a unique glass and taste yummy.

Mango based Deserts
There were 3 different types of deserts that were based on Mango– Cut Pieces of Mango with Vanilla Ice-cream, Mango Phirni and Mango based Kulfi. Mango based Kulfi for sure is my favorite as it has Mango taste written all over it.

Overall Experience
I had a great time tasting the Mango based items introduced as part of Mango Mania in Indian Kitchen. All of the Mango based items – Mango Gravy, Drinks & Deserts were really good. None of the dishes were over the top and were just perfect in the flavours. I would recommend that everyone visiting Indian Kitchen to try the dishes. Hoping to make more visits to the restaurant with family to enjoy the Mango Mania.