Kulfi’s at BBQ Nation – Ulsoor, Bangalore


The folks @BBQ Nation told that this was created specifically to cater to people who love various types of ice-creams.  Serving an ice-cream is quite contemporary style.  These folks have researched and decided to go with the Kulfi.  And this for sure is popular across multiple parts of the country.





Choice of base
BBQ Nation boasts of identified nearly 800 varieties of Kulfi(s).  Well the base would be the one that is the commonly known on which you build the complete kulfi.
Some of the bases include-




Malai Kulfi
This is one of the basic kulfi that is known to many folks.  And if you add the other ingredients then it would become really awesome.






Paan Kulfi
I guess easily the most favorite of the Kulfi as it totally different.  It has a refreshing flavor about it and if you add the right additives on top it, the overall kulfi that comes is super awesome J


Strawberry & Mango Kulfi
This is again a basic kulfi with addition of flavor ie., Mango or Strawberry.  Accordingly the color of the Kulfi changes.  The one thing I think is not good about this is that the flavors seem to be artificially induced.  It does not have the very natural effect.  Infact, I also told this to the chef.
Kesar Pista Kulfi
This is again one of those contemporary bases which is available outside as well.  Its got the pista which gives the nutty effect.  Kesar adds the additional flavor to the kulfi itself.  It should be tried with minimal toppings so that the taste of the contents inside kulfi can be tasted.  Otherwise it will get lost.



Suaces on top of Kulfi


It is a very important ingredient that goes on top of the Kulfi and it has be really good in terms of the flavor.  They have carefully thought of the most liked flavors and variants include –
Chocolate, Honey, Kiwi, Kus-kus, Rooh-Afza, Strawberry, Caramel
There were 2 more of those, which I am unable to recollect but then I can say 1 thing, the moment they are added on top of the Kulfi the flavor just picks up so much.  Its like putting all the ingredients into a Vanilla ice-cream to make it more interesting to eat.




Dry Fruits & Other additions
You start to wonder if it the kulfi would just taste good with the actual base and sauce, then you realize that there are few more things that can be done with it.  Like addition of dry-fruits and other ingredients.


You can add any of the dry-fruits like crushed Badam, Pista, Cashew and few more.
Choco Chips & Sugar balls
In chocolate, they have – White choco chips, Normal choco chips, smaller version of choco-chips.
Sugar balls are those that are small in size and are colored.




Other Ingredients
Tutty Fruity
This is something we usually find in ice-creams but adding them into a Kulfi was an innovative thinking.
Well, this is the best item that can be put on top of the kulfi.  When this is added especially on top of the Malai or the Paan based kulfi, the taste is super awesome.  If you take ‘Gulkhand’ outside from authentic shop, you will find the price of that to be very high.  These folks have decided to have it as an addition on the kulfi.








Final End-Product
I guess I have spoke at length about the ingredients that are put on top of the Kulfi and then some of the additions made the final product look super yummy.  I wanted to share some of the combis that were tried –
  • Kesar Pista Kulfi + Noodles + Chocolate sauce + Pista + Badam + + Kus-kus + Rooh-Afza






  • Malai Kulfi + Chocolate sauce+ Badam pieces + Kiwi
  • Paan Kulfi + Chocolate sauce + Tutty Fruity + Pista + Sugar balls
  • Mango Kulfi + Honey + Kiwi
  • Paan Kulfi + Strawberry sauce + Tutty Fruity + Badam
  • Paan Kulfi + Caramel + Choco chips + Rooh Afza sauce
  • Paan Kulfi + Chocolate sauce + Badam + Pista + White choco chips + Kiwi
  • Malai Kulfi + Noodles + Strawberry + Pista
  • Stawberry Kulfi + Choco Chips + Caramel sauce + Strawberry sauce









These were just the few varieties that we ended up trying from the counter.  I guess when you talk bout 800 varieties, this is what it is.  Everyone has a different liking in terms of taste and you can get it all here.  Overall it was one of the best experience of eating some quality Kulfi @BBQ Nation, Ulsoor.