Truely Exceptional !! Loft38 @Indranagar, Bangalore


Loft38 is one of those exceptional places in Indranagar that can’t be missed by any chance.   There are reasons why I say this because its because something unique that no one else in that area has for sure.   Well, I want to be able to share my views on the many things that I have liked about this place, but it woudn’t be wise to put it in just 1-2 paras, because it needs to be described.
It starts with the name as they say.  Many time we want to go to a place because our friends suggest, sometimes sometimes the websites suggest, sometimes it looks cool from outside.  Among all the reasons, for me the name also matter.  because it makes you think, what lead them to keep a unique name.  You start to think that if the name is this way the ambiance might be as per the uniqueness of the name, the food might be another exception at the place.  And also name is something comes after a lot of thinking and people somehow start to feel connected just because of the name.
Infact, people get this wow feeling if they a visit such a place.
Now that I have told so much about the name, you will wonder where this place is located.  It is on the Indranagar 100ft road.  Basically if you coming from the Domlur Flyover from Koramangala, you hit this ‘Sony World Signal’. For those of you a bit unfimilar with the area, there is another ‘Sony World Signal’ in Koramangala but that is next to Lifestyle Oasis mall.  This one is the Sony World in Indranagar.
As you come along further down the road, the place is to the left.  And it is not a place that you can miss because its huge and the best part is that there is valet parking, so there isnt’ any tension of finding a parking space in the busy 100t road.



First Look
First para might have been about the name but I think you need to also have the ambiance to match the coolness of the name.  because ambiance usually gives a lasting impression for us.
As you enter you would see this open area which has got a small lawn and then there are seats for folks who would like to sit in the open and enjoy their food or the drink itself.
As you enter inside, you see this open space and to the left and right, you see seats on the 1st and 2nd decks.  It gives you a feeling just like a loft.
To the right as you enter is the bar-area where all those brilliant drinks – cocktails, mocktails are made J
If you just turn around and look above you can see a huge screen where I am sure they would play football or cricket or any event that we all enjoy watching with our friends J
I ended up going to the first floor ie., one of the lofts and then find that there are 2 types of seats.  One is the normal seats around a table, another there is this tall seats and tall tables.  Usually people love sitting on these tall seats as well.
But this place is unique because they made provisions for both because it depends on the day, mood and liking to sit on the seat.  I was there with my friends, Sales & Marketing person of the place and the chef, so we ended up taking the seat around the table.
I guess I have been so descriptive about the place that I have not started sharing my views on the food and drink.  I guess now is the time to start to give more details on that.
Food & Beverages


Any place you go it is critical that you get a good start to the food.  That actually sets the tone. You either start to go ahead eating a full blown meal or say stick to eating basic or say just take 1-2 items & get out.   Starting first with the soup that I took.


Asparagus soup
Contents of the soup – Asparagus puree, ricotta dumplings and truffle oil
It was a very nice soup where ‘Asparagus’ puree tasted exceptional.  With the dumplings, it tasted all the more interesting.  Just loved tasting it and I thought it was the perfect start to an awesome meal ahead for the afternoon.
I guess soup is something that is the best appetizers that you can get, setting the tone.  This leads to the next items that it the starters.
Content – Roasted veg juliennes tempura coated and served with soy wasabi
A superb starter that tastes yum with the super spicy wasabi.  Ideally you just touch the wasabi.  I remember trying to take a bit more and then I felt this tingling in my nose and it was fuming with spice J
The starter was simply awesome because the ‘veggies’ were roasted quite well and the coating added more flavor to the dish.


Mac and cheese
Content – Macaroni and cheese croquettes made with panada(white sauce, potato and flour)
Yummy to the code.  I can’t say anything more about this dish.  I would say it’s a must try item, make sure that you have good amount of space in stomach because you might end up eating the entire portion without thinking of other items 😉
Just forgot to mention that the tomato sauce along with the dish is the most critical item to get the flavor, for a rather cheesy macroni J



Watermelon and feta bites
Content – Watermelon cubes topped with creamy feta and balsamic pearls
Exception dish is what I can say about it.  The presentation is so good that even if you are not a fan of eating fruits, you would love to grab a bit of this one.  And I remember when I was eating this, I had competition as people would just go for all the pieces.  We needed to take 1-2 of them so that we could all get atleast 1-2 piece as it was simply mouth-watering dish.
Actually I wonder if it’s the watermelon or it’s the cheese tha tis there on top.  Well well I settle myself by thinkings its gotto to be the cheese, then I think its actually the complete package J



Bell pepper maki
Content – Veg sushi roll of bell pepper.
Sushi is something of the Japanese dish which is favorite. The stuffing of rice needs to be well done so that you can enjoy it.  I think the chef has done an exception job to educate his mates to cook the way it was made J
The packaging of the dish is simply superb and the level of detailing is super awesome.


Palm hearts and orange salad
Content – Grilled palm hearts, orange fillets, pomegranate, mesclun mix(mix lettuce) with orange chilli dressing
This is another exceptional dish.  I mean, the dish itself looks simply super and then as you start eating, you realize that the mix of items part of salad is very well done.  Palm-hearts, orange, pomegranate; wow its mouth watering to even write about it J



Pani Puri with Twist

This is favorite among most of us in the town and across the country and Indians across the globe. In here @Loft38 they have made something interesting which is like Pani-puri.  The ‘Puri’ is made out of rava and it has got this superb filling.  Must say it was so yummy, before you could think the entire plate was over. Had to order 1-2 more so that we can get few of the pieces.  The filling inside was well done and I appreciate the effort to come up with a different kind of dish 🙂



I guess these were really good # of starters that we had.  Now, its time to write about few drinks that we had at the place.  And this for sure is going to be a huge list because we tried quite a few of the cocktails there J


Wake me up
Content – Gin, cucumber, jalapeno, lemon grass, sugar syrup, lime juice
An awesome drink that actually has big piece of cucumber in it.  And for summer it is one of the best cooler-cocktails that refresh, yet is rich in alcohol 😉



Mystery moon
Content – Whisky, ginger, coriander, passionfruit, demerara sugar, lemon juice
Another of those cooler that has some really awesome ingredients.  And though the whisky is on the stronger side.  When the various items are added into it, the drink is exceptional because it tastes super good.  You would not feel the strength but then when you take 1-2 sips you realize the strength.  A great job for a drink J



Olympus volcano
Content – Vodka, grapefruit, rosemary, passionfruit puree, lemon juice
A rather unique name given to the drink.  Given specifically to one of my friend where in the rosemary and passionfruit was doing something.  The overall taste felt like it was on the sweeter side.  But yes, might be liked by the gals 😉



Content – Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, lemon juice
Another of those all time favorite drinks that was served.  Presented very well and the mix with cranberry & triple sec made the taste superb.


Content – Vodka, pomegranate, ginger, lemon juice, sugar syrup
A ginger and vodka based drink that is a bit on the spicier side because of the ginger.  It sure does leave a lasting effect when you take a sip of it.  A must try if are a fan on something on the spicier side 😀
Content – Vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, lime juice, coke
All time favorite drink for most of the folks who enjoy a good cocktail but are in need for something real strong.  The folks @Loft38 have done an exception job with the drink and tell you, if you take 1-2 of it, you are sure to feel like you in the air, like you have some wings 😉


Orange Mojito
Content – Bacardi, fresh orange, demerara sugar, triple sec, lemon juice, mint leaves, orange juice
First of the cocktails I tried for the day.  A very interesting drink where in orange cancels out some of the Bacardi effects.  The lemon, triple sec along with mint add additional flavor.  May be the drink lacked a bit of the strength.  But otherwise presentation was simply awesome 😉


Passionate kiss
Content – Tequila, caramel syrup, raspberry and passsionfruit puree , lime juice
Taken by one of my friend, a nice drink with raspberry effect in it.  The Puree of ‘Passionfruit’ was something that made the drink something different as well.



Bubbly Bangalore
Content – Vodka, raspberry puree, sparkling wine
An interesting drink with a combination of vodka and sparking wine.  Very well presented and an awesome cocktail that can be tried in the evening 😉


A typical drink of Spain & Portugal which consists usually of red-wine, chopped fruits, a sweetner and small amount of added brandy.  I think the fruits that were added were apple, peach.   The taste was simply awesome.  It was actually something that was given in the last.  Enjoyed taking it as a after meal or a drink along with the deserts 🙂


There were quite few things to tell about the drink.  But I gotto tell each and every cocktails was exception and anyone who is a fan of cocktails, you gotto try them on.  Not in a single day, may be 2-3 drinks on a given day would be the best to enjoy the flavours of each drink J
But yes, if you want to go for it all, you are sure to get back home and sleep for next 12hrs J
Drinks sure are something that lets you enjoy your food.  Now, comes the time to write about the main-course.
Main course
Curried European veg and mozzarella pizza
Content – Madras curry powder infused European vegetables in bechamel sauce with mozzarella and herbs
European style pizza which somehow felt so Indian because of the presence of peas.  It was awesome pizza, so better than any other pizza we might get elsewhere.  This being a thin-crust the flavors of cheese, veggies was quite good.  If you add some seasoning and chilly, it become the perfect lunch/dinner meal.



Tomato and Buffalo mozzarella slider
Content – Basil and garlic flavoured confit tomato, buffalo mozzarella and pesto in multi grain slider buns
Super cute and super tasty item.  This is one of those cute looking burger which you can take without worrying about calories.  And also you don’t need to worry if it will fit your mouth.  because it is so perfect that it goes straight into your mouth.  Surely, its hard to stop by taking 1, you need atleast 3-4 of these to satisfy you.
Chef Vibhuti told us that the dish was specially made for people who wanted something really sweet looking and tasting good.  With friends I think it will vanish in no time 🙂



Red Thai curry
Content – Asian vegetables cooked in Thai red curry with steamed rice
This is one of the dishes which will make you feel contented when you take.  It is more like the Thai version of rice + sambar or poppu combi.  The taste with the ‘red curry’ is simply superb.  There is good amount of veggies like eggplant and tomato in it.  The taste is awesome with plain rice.
Well, I guess a place like this can attract loads of people to come.  But then the choice of food may not be just Continental or American or Thai or Chinese.  People may sometimes just want the Indian food.  So, the Chef has introduced 2 very interesting items which is a shocker to get at Loft38.  The 2 items are – Kadai Veg + Parantha & Biryani.  I tasted just the later but quite thoughtful to add it into the menu.
Kadhai veg with laccha paratha
Content – Creamy curried Indian vegetables with flaky paratha
I must say the kadhai veg was super super yummy.  The butter in the currey made it so yummy that you will feel that this is the better dish than many of the continental or dishes of other places in the world.  It tasted super yum and the laccha parantha was also done quite well J
So, if you are having a craving for veg in Loft38, you have something to soothe your taste buds.



Well, I guess by what I have written until now, you would understand why I say that it is exceptional and that it is one of the best places to visit in Indranagar, Bangalore or in the entire Bangalore 🙂
It won’t be good if I stop without sharing reviews about the mind-blowing deserts.
Orange and white chocolate creme brulee
Content – Orange zest, white chocolate, egg yolk, cream and sugar made into a rich custard topped with crisp caramel
When you read the contents you realize that this is something you would want it whatever it is.  The orange zest is very uniquely done and is crisy.  White chocolate adds so much of the flavor.  And the curstard will blow you off 🙂



Prune and almond tart
Content – Sunsweet prunes and almond franzipan tart on a sweetpaste base with vanilla ice cream
Might be this dish is simpler to describe but I must say the tart is out of this world.  The taste along with vanilla is great and so is the presentation.



Dark chocolate fondant
Content – Baked dark chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream
Undoubtedly the favorite among many folks who love chocolate.  The chocolate was well very done with some sugar powder on it.  Along with vanilla it is mind blowing 🙂
When you cut open the chocolate and taste it, you will realize that you are in cloud-9!!!



Loft signature cheesecake
Content – Classic baked cheesecake with berry compote
This is another one of those ‘Top Chef’ items which just melts when you take in your mouth.  Presentation will want to make you go more crazy.  A great dish if you are a cheese lover.


Phew !!! I think I have gone really over board writing this review.  It has taken me quite sometime to finish it.  But then I thought that it is very essential that none of the points were missed.
Chef Vibhuti Bane has done an awesome job putting together all of these dishes.  I think the dishes are made to suite the taste of people.  Presentation skills are exceptional.
Infact, its hard to try all of it in one go.  You may need to visit the place multiple times to taste all of the items.



To add to all of this, they have come up with the concept of QUICK LUNCH where you can pick up 2 of the dishes which would cost just Rs.295.  It suits best for those coming for lunch to have a cost effective meal at a happening place 🙂
My overall rating is 4.5 without a doubt.  Infact, its actually tending towards 5 but then I need to feel the same way regularly and I am sure this has the potential.
Thanks to Chef for putting all of this together.
My ratings in other department are as follows –
Food – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Food for 2 would cost Rs.2000-2500 but then I think its worth the money J