Hidden Surprise !! Movenpick at New BEL Road, Bangalore


Movenpick is quite popular among everyone for the popular ice-creams that they make.  Well, I was a bit surprised when I came to know that they had a 5 star hotel in Bangalore.  It was actually via a ‘Sunday brunch’ invite that I got a chance to go there.  Before that I know of the shop that they have in Lavelle Road.  But the hotel itself was not known.  I guess there is always always something you always know and some that you don’t.  When you come to know and also visit it, makes it more special J






If you are taking the outer ring road and coming from the Manyata Tech Park side, you need to cross the Hebbal flyover and then head toward bell-circle and then also toward the railways cross @Yeshwantpur.  The 3 lane ring road finally taper down and then there is an underpass that you cross.  You would find the Moven Pick building to the left.  And I must say it is a huge place.  I guess they wanted to stand out coz there is nothing close by.  And when I asked the management they said that most of their clients are people working in Manyatha Tech park.






First Look
Its got this unique look about itself.  You would see a nice looking entrance in the front and then there is this ramp going up. The main entrance of the hotel is in the 1st level, more like some of the airports around the world.  You start to get this cool feeling when you take the ramp.  Then you are welcomed at entrance by nice guards. They take the keys and then you enter inside.
The interiors are exquisite and look very beautiful.  Just that you would find that somehow there is much lesser crowd there.  But that does not mean that they invest any less in the way they have the décor.  There is quite a few flower vases, lighting, good sofa which sure does leave a lasting impression about.




Couple of things I want to share about the hotel before I share info about the food –
My Place
This is one of the coffee shops in MP where in buffet is served.  It is quite unique coz they have put loads of collectables.  They are specifically meant to connect anyone coming travelling across the globe to feel at home.  I liked the concept behind this place.  There is this array of wines, type-writers, paintings, globe, small bike, alarm clocks, old phone, a blow horn, telescope.  Overall its setup quite well and is quite spacious.




Swiss Bakery + Café
Just as you are entering at the reception, you can see a small bakery that is coming out of the building.  You can actually find seats just outside.  Gives a feel like you are in Europe or US where you have coffee shops with nice chairs.  You don’t need to goto hotel but just drop into bakery and grab a quick bit and coffee.




Obsidian – Sports Bar
This is a sports bar that has a entrance close to the reception area. It is very famous for a collection on Bonsai plants plant of various ages.  There are few that are 10yrs, 15yrs. Infact, when I queried the management they were very happy to show it and tell more about it.
This is a place where there is also room for watching matches inside.  Ofcourse, it’s a sports-bar that been well done.











Italian restaurant situated on the 2ndlevel.  I must say its got an awesome entrance.  The floor has got this ‘Chess board’ effect and the interiors are exquisite.  Infact, in terms of looks its better than any other place in the hotel.
They say that the pizza there is something quite special and a must try.  Also in the offering in a 3-4 course meal at a very reasonable price at this place.










I have shared a brief info of the other offering at the hotel.  Its time to share more info regarding the brunch I had at ‘My Place’.
Food & Beverage







Vegetarian Soup
This was a clear soup with nice veggies in it.  A very nice soup to start off the drink which I enjoyed thoroughly.  Since my family was there it had to be even better coz I am sure to have heard complaints otherwise.
Complimentary Bread Basket
Good collection of breads including the Focaccia bread, Long Bread sticks, Bread with tomato & lettuce, another oat coated bread and simple bun.
They had served this cute little piece of butter that had Moven-Pick tissue Foil on it.  Presentation was very good actually.


Authentic momo(s) is what I would describe it to be coz the chef seemed to be straight from China/Japanese (not sure) 😉
The only problem I had was that it was a bit lesser spicy.
Grill Veggies
This had a collection of Paneer, Capsicum (Yellow & Red), Corn, Tomato and cucumber.  It was brought to us in a plate.  It lacked the display quality but taste was good.



Veg Kebab
A pretty well done kebab that was going on well with the chutney that was served.
Paneer Tikka + Mint Chutney
This for sure is my all time favorite and it tasted quite good with mint chutney.  The paneer was quite soft and well cooked in tandoor.  Overall the dish was superb.
Appam + Stew
Surprise element in the buffet was this.  I am putting it in the starter section.  The appam was pretty well done just that I thought it could have been more crispy.  But the taste was quite good actually 😉



Main Course
This again is a huge collection at the restaurant.  Its hard to pick up items coz they have food varieties from India, Europe, China, Japan which would make it hard to pick up items.  Let me share my view on a few of them that I took.
Tofu in Chili Basil Sauce
A nice dish that goes along well with plain rice.  I tried with roti and it was tasting quite good.
Singaporean Vegetable Noodles
It was pretty good to taste, the only thing I thought was that the spice was a bit lesser coz usually Singapore based dishes are a bit on the spicier side.
Kerala Kaju Kismis
A delicacy preparation of bitter gourd cashewnut and raisin.
This was one stand out dish that went on quite well with the roti(s).  It might be containing bitter gourd but the taste was superb 😉
Cottage cheese cooked in onion and cashew gravy
Paneer was anyways good, with the gravy the taste was brilliant.  Enjoyed it with naan and parantha 😉
Stuffed Bell Pepper with Potato Cream sauce
Another really good dish to be tried.
Kutralam Korma
Mixed Veggie cooked in coconut milk
Another dish which I think is the ‘Avial’, was pretty good.
Butta Methi Palak
Corn, fenugreek leaves and spinach cooked together in indian spices
Corn was pretty well boiled and was soft.  Spinach quantity was good, may be I would have wanted a bit more.
Few other items that were there included –
Mushroom Stronganoff – Dish with good amount of gravy and mushroom.
Kathirikkai Koshto
Spicy brinjol prepataion
This dish was like the way we prepare stuffed brinjol at home.  Tasted super yummy with the paranthas.  Reminded me of home food 😉
Cabbage Thoran
Cabbe cooked with grated coconut
Apart from all this they had a good collection of raita, pickles, Indian papads.


Class Cheese Fondue
This is the stand out dish that was served apart from the Appam.  Coz this is a special dish of the Europe. It is basically a dish where they have crumpled bread that is fried and then there is this cheese.  You need to dip the bread in the cheese and take it.  The taste is quite good and also the cheese would be quite hot as well 😉
They also serve veggies like carrot, fruits like pineapple and apple as it goes along well.








I guess it is one of the integral part of the brunch buffet and I could not resist but try out quite a few of the cocktails.  Some of the drinks that I tried included –
Sparkling White Wine


Margarita (Vodka based)


Mojito with Watermelon


Lemon Margarita


Dirty Martini






I guess all of the drinks were quite good.  Favorite among them was surely the normal Lemon Margarita.
This is another section where you will just get lost coz they have so many varieties here.  I think I will just describe a bit about them.
Jamoon – Sweet and soft as always 😉
Uma Ali –  I am not muc sure about it.  But since it was in desert section wanted to try it and found it to be awesome.







Ice-cream (make your own)
They have these nice cones, similar to the ones you get in McD or say in Swensens.  You can take any of the basic icecreams like Vanilla & Strawberry.  Add lot of nuts and chocolate sauce and jelly into it.  The cone-ice-cream is simply superb to try it out.
There are loads and loads of varieties of cakes that were there to pick up.  I remember, that we were looking to pick up 1 or 2 but then ended up taking atleast 10-12 cakes with different kind of creams and presentation.  Ended up eating only ½ of it as it was too much to eat.


Coffee Time
This is something quite special @Moven-Pick coz they have this wall that has loads and loads of coffee cups. So, if you want to take coffee, you need to walk to the wall, pick a cup and then tell them the coffee to be brought.  They would then bring the coffee the same mug.
It is quite a unique concept that Moven Pick seems to have 😉





Overall my experience at this place was excellent.  I enjoyed every bit of time spent there and the taste of the food was simply awesome.  I am hoping to visit again and again, try out the Italian restaurant and also the Sports Bar sometime.
My rating was for this place would be 4.5 and that is without any doubt.
Great place where you can spend a relaxed Sunday with family and have good food 😉











I almost forgot to mentioned that they do have a live band on a Sunday.  They pay some really good English mushy #s to keep the crowd entertained 😉
Ratings in other department would be as follows –
Food – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Food for 2 would cost easily from Rs.3500-4500.