Atmosfire – Idea of Barbeque Party by Barbeque Nation

A very catchy name given to a place that has this unique tag written as DIAL-A-BBQ-PARTY.   It might surprise many who look at it because you would usually think of having a BBQ at one of the restaurant, if not some house parties.  The whole concept behind this place is just that and some of the thing that offer :
–       Host a part at their facility which has plenty of open space to breathe, get some fresh air along with the smell and tasting of BBQ.

–       The other offering would be that you can tell them to come over to your home and prepare the BBQ right in front of your eyes.  They would then send the chef also along with the equipment’s and ingredients to make the BBQ.

Its located now 2 different places in Bangalore ie., Electronic City & Indiranagar.


Well, I think I have sprayed the beans on various offering given by this place, its time to share a lot more info so that you can understand the place more closely.
The place I visited is situated in the heart of Electronic City.  So, basically if you are coming from the Silk Board junction on the Hosur road, you need to take the first exit to the Electronic City Phase-1.  Then head toward Wipro Gate-4/5 if I am not wrong.  You would then find this famous apartment by name ‘Ajmera Infinity’.  This place is right opposite to it.

Atmosfire as a Barbeque Party Idea by Barbeque Nation.  This might surprise many because you might of thought of this an independent entity.  But then its great to know that the fine-dining place has thought coming with an idea to reach out to people and may be help in setting up party for a group of 25-150 people.


First Look
The ‘Atmosfire’ is situated on the top floor.  The first thing you notice when you enter is that it is quite spacious.  And most importantly there is natural breeze flowing around.  Well, you guess it right, it does not have A/C.  Instead its open and they let the natural air cool the surrounding.  In Bangalore since the temperatures usually don’t soar that much, its still fine to have it located on the top floor.


Another aspect is that you would see live grill where chefs would be cooking for you.  So, if you are going out for meal with a group of more than 25 people, this is the most ideal place.


Infact, they have 2 sections and host 2 parties at a given point of time.  Overall you sure do get a wow feeling soon after you enter this place.
Well, the specialization is for sure the BBQs.  And they have a whole range of BBQs to eat and also along with that they also serve you the main course which is quite common even in the BBQ Nation.  Let me start by sharing my thoughts on the various food items that were served at this place.



Garlic Bread Exotica
I think that’s the name that I give for this dish which was well done.  It had good amount of veggies on top of the garlic bread.  They also had some plain garlic bread also for those who would not want to try to the one with the toppings.


Veg Shashlik
This was a great dish where in various veggies were stacked up one behind the other and they also had the paneer right amidst the other veggies.  The presentation was simply superb and the dish was well done and I enjoyed eating every bit of it .


Dahi Ki Kebab
Another great dish where in they use ‘Dahi’ in making.  The item might look hard from outside but its quite soft and you can enjoy the flavor along with ‘Mint Chutney’ and put some lemon juice on the kebab to enjoy it even further.



Texas BBQ Cheese
A yummy high calorie item that will just blow your mind of with the taste.  I must say a very well made dish.  And if you are with friends things like these will get over in no time.  Since the taste is good, usually the temptation is to get atleast 3-4 plates of the same item.


Bharmi Punjabi Aloo
I am not a great fan of ‘Aloo’ but then I thought that the ‘Aloo’ was well done.  For sure it was evenly boiled and grilled making it a very good item to taste with the chutney.  And yes, I must say this dish also had some stuffing of veggies inside the cut piece of aloo, making it taste even better.


Lahori Veg Soya Chunks (Mock Meat)
Wow ! Is the first word that comes to my mind.  This is a dish that looks so much non-veggie but then the taste is simply spectacular.  For a moment you would get confused and may want the person serving to clarify the ingredients.  But this is a dish purely made with soya.  A must try item whenever you visit the Atmosfire with your gang.
And rightly they call it as the ‘Mock Meat’.


Veg Satey (Mock Meat)
Again, it is a ‘Mock Meat’ which will blow your mind off and make you feel like you are on a different world.  May be a world where you can tease non-veg eaters with the great looking dish.


This was I think a garlic bread topped with some cheese + cream + mint chutney.  The bread was basically not the garlic one, it was more like a biscuit.  But then it was simply superb.  I asked the waiter to get me 1 plate more to really feel contented that I ate good portion of dish that I liked.
BBQ Assorted Fruits (Pineapple + Pear + Guava + Apple)
A good item with right type of fruits being mixed on a  stick.  Well, the dish was well made and then to add along they also had cut pine-apple pieces.  It is a dish that can easily fill your stomach but a must try.  For sure easily enjoyable with friends and family.


Dips Used
The Dips are surely the most essential part of the BBQ which help in adding the required flavor according to you taste.  Some of the ‘Dips’ used are mentioned below.  Among these for sure the BBQ Sauce is the most spicy one and if you wanted a nice dip, Mayo is always there.   Overall there were 4 dips served.
Zulu Coriander
Garlic Mayo
Mustard sauce
BBQ Sauce


Salads & Breads
The package also includes variety of salads and bread.  Some of the salads and breads served are mentioned below.
Garden Green Salad
Bamiya ben tama tam salad
Tomato Balsamic Bruschetta
Garlic Bread
Lepiska Bread



Main Course
I guess its hard to describe the content of the meal.  The next one is the main course which is still available for those who would have tried take little of BBQ and also looking for something contemporary.  The main course included many many items which is again a big meal in itself.
Paneer Lavang Latika
Shakahari Boti
Dal Tadka with Plain Rice
One of my favorite item among the items mentioned above was the ‘Paneer Lavang Latika’.  Actually I became a fan of the dish.  And while eating I do remember the laugh we had about the name as it’s the same in the character ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.
The dish along with roti/naan was spectacular. It can also be taken along with rice.



There was very little space in stomach but then they can’t just let go without serving some sweets and cake as the desert.   The items served as desert are all mentioned below.
Fresh Fruit Gateau
Vanilla Ice Cream
A special mention of ‘Fresh Fruit Gateau’, an yummy yummy item which got over in no time.  because it had fresh fruits all around which sometimes make people just grab it all and the cream was also simply awesome.


I guess a BBQ food would not be complete unless we do get a good set of drinks to let the food gulp inside or may be sometimes when you are waiting for the next dish to be served, you want to keep your throat hydrated with juice.  They have plenty of juice varities as well.





Cucumber Cooler
Shirley Temple
Cranberry Fusion

Fresh Lime Soda/Water
Cucumber cooler was quite interesting and kept me refreshed.  But the stand out was the ‘Cranberry Fusion’ drink.
Overall I think I have shared loads of info on the place, food, drinks, deserts and many other things.  It was a pleasurable experience with fellow foodie-bloggers (Vidya, Rumana & Debolina) who enjoy good food.  Big thanks to Juthika – PR agent who is handling the ‘Atmosfire’ account, for having invited me to the event 🙂





Final Thoughts
We had a great photo session after the meal and then got to meet the chef and the entire crew.  It was a great experience because it seemed like all were working as one family to be able to keep the customers very happy.
And I must say they were used the famed ‘Webber’ grill for making their BBQ.
My overall rating for the place would be 4.0-4.5.  Ratings in other departments are-
Food – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Service – 4.5/5
Final look at the pricing will surprise anyone complete.  It way cheaper then what you might have thought.
      The Non-Veg Food package-
      Meat Treats starts at INR 450 + taxes 
      The Veg Food Package
      Veg with an Edge  starts at INR 350 + Taxes

I would recommend one and all to use the Atmosfire to host BBQ parties or say let them come over to your place and host on