GLOCAL New Menu Launch


GLOCAL is one of the restaurant that came up in Bangalore and brought in some wonderfully curated dishes which have Global as well as Local touch.  That seems to have been the ideal behind naming the casual dining pub – GLObal + loCAL.  The variations are not limited to food but also beverages.  They seem to make the best of cocktails in Bangalore.  It has been more than a year and the place has established itself as one of the preferred place to hangout.

Need for Change
The mantra going forward for all the eateries is probably going to be for changing the existing menu once in a while.  I think people end up getting used to the food they eat at an outlet.  Everytime there is a desire to try out something new.  If few restaurant or pubs don’t take a cue from this then they no more be preferred spot.

Few words on the wonderfully setup ambiance.  The first thing you note soon after enter Glocal is that its quite spacious and we also get to see the huge bar counter.

Comfortable seating arrangements and tables are spread apart quite well.  There are long tables, that can seat around 5-6 people.

The striking thing you about the interiors is the bar-counter that have huge variety of drinks up for display.  There are also plenty of glass hanging by the wooden structure.

I also want to mention about the availability of Valet Parking which is quite necessary in the busy road, as finding parking would have been rather tough.

The food at the pub is quite good and is served uniquely.  Cutlery’s are kept on the table and they have some unique designs in the back of them.

Starters – There plenty of items that have been introduced.  They were plenty of options for Vegetarians which include – Tokri chat, Barbeque Veg Grill, Grilled Tofu with Sriracha Sauce and Veg sliders.

Tokri chat was quite good with good masala inside and the wrapping to make it tokri was perfectly fried to make it crispy.  The seva and pomegranate sure did add the variety in the flavour.  BBQ Veg Grill was again quite wonderful with plenty of veggies that were BBQ well & served with buns.  Veg Sliders were also really wonderful as they had a very tasty patty.

There were plenty of new items in the non-veg section as well.  Some of items with their unique names were –  Cheese & Chicken Bombs, Dynamite Prawns, Meat Ultimo Pizza and Beef Chilli.

Main Course – Like the starters, even there are variety of new items introduced in the main course for Vegetarians like – Mumbai Vada Pava, Exotic Veg Tawa Palao, Kadai Mushroom on Potato Rosti and Soya Keema Pav.

All of the items in the Veg were really good but my favourites among these for sure was the Kadai Mushroom and Soya Keema Pav.  The spices in them was quite good and I felt like eating more of it.

Non-Veg lovers had a equal number of new dishes introduced which were loved by my friends.  Again the names were quite fancy – Rice Conjee Risotto with Soya Grilled Fish, Coorg Pandi Curry Bunny Chow Kachapuri, Shrimp Biryani and  Mutton Kheema Lasagne.

Glocal has introduced a Sunday brunch and the last 2 Non-veg items are included in the brunch as well.

Desserts – This is one of my favourite course of the meal.  And Glocal has brought the Red Velvet Cheese cake into their menu which was simply mind-blowing.  The presentation was so mouth-watering that it was hard to resist.

Drinks – Glocal has been known to have of the best cocktails which are also served very differently.  Each of these also have unique names as well- Black Magic, Glocal Long Island Ice Tea, Mirage, Thailand & Fruits from Tropic.

Overall Experience
It was a great afternoon spend tasting some of the best dishes that are being introduced as part of new menu.  The idea was to taste all the new dishes but the starters were so tasty that we ended filling ourselves up with them.  But then we managed to try the main courses, deserts along with the wonderful cocktails.  Service of the staff and the Manager, Mr.Mohit Singh was really good and they us comfortable.  I rate my current experience at 4.5/5.

Rating in other departments.

Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.25/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5

Food for 2 at this place will come up to anywhere between INR 1200-1800 depending on the amount of food and drinks ordered.

Pictures taken with my fellow Blogger/Foodie friends.