Mayngo Festival at The Square – Novotel


The Square – Novotel at Bellandur, located in the heart of Bangalore IT belt happens to one of the busiest in the area.  There are no less than 300-400 IT companies in the vicinity employing people from different regions of country.  Individually, every person wants to try food belonging to different cuisines.  The executive team of Chefs at Novotel, headed by Executive Chef Jaideep Kanungoe, constantly strive to serve variety of food.  The team of bartenders also strive to create unique cocktails & mocktails to surprise the guests.  Many of the varieties brought are also inspired by seasons and festivities.

Mayngo Festival

Its summer time and we can see Mangoes everywhere in the city.  For Mango lovers & foodies, it’s the time to devour some of the wonderful Mango based dishes, drinks & desserts.

The Square at Novotel came up with the Mayngo festival all through the month of May to celebrate the Mango season.  I recently visited the restaurant to try their Sunday brunch and relished the variety on offer.  Chef had curated varieties of Mango based dishes (Aam Pulusery, Mango Sadam, Mango Salsa, Mango on Pizza, Mango based desserts), Cocktails (Mangorita) and Mocktails (Aam Panna).

Sunday Brunch


  • Restaurant (The Square) is located to the right side of the Novotel reception area.  The restaurant has a large dining section that can accommodate nearly 100-120 guests.
  • There are different live counters inside the restaurant for Chats, Japanese Food, Parathas, Kebabs, Pizza, Indian Food, Chinese, Salads and Desserts.
  • Every section has been spread out very well to allow guests to easily pick up the items and walk up to their seats.
  • Live performance by singer and guitarist entertain the guests with good songs & music.
  • The restaurant staff are constantly looking to help the guests by either getting some of the drinks, cutleries, plates or food items from live-counters.


The food available ‘The Square’ has been clearly divided into multiple counters.  Guests can choose to go to specific counter to grab a bite of the favorite dish.

Chat Counters – The setup resembles a chat-stall on the streets with a chat-wala who makes the item.  The chats available in this section include – Pani Puri, Masala Puri, Shev Puri, Dahi Puri and more.

Sushi Counter – There multiple Veg & Non-Veg Sushis with different stuffing in them.

Thai Curry Counter – This section has fresh veggies and different varieties of curries.  On request, Chef makes the corresponding Thai Red/Green curry and serve it at the seat.

Paratha Wali Gali – Chef at the counter makes the choice of paratha on a huge tawa and serve it fresh to the guests.

Grills – There are plenty of Veg and Non-Veg grill options to choose.  Among the Veg options, some of the grills present include Thai curry with marinated tofu, Kairi Paneer, Garlic Balsamic Mushroom, Kairi Gobi.

There are plenty of Non-Veg grills options based on Chicken, Mutton and seafood.

Appam & Paniyaram – Live counter in which Chef makes the traditional breakfast popular in Kerala & Tamil Nadu respectively.  The snack items are served with Veg Stew/Kadala Curry and Chutney respectively.

Risotto & Pasta Counter – Chef make different kinds of pasta with Cheese/Pesto/Salsa sauces.  I got a special Mushroom Risotto made which tasty pretty good.

Guests can also request for fresh Pizza (veg & non-veg).  I asked for fully loaded Veg pizza that came with loads of Veg toppings and cheese.

There are more counters where one can get Salad and Seafood.

Dessert Section – There nearly 20-30 desserts for guests to choose some.  Some of my desserts that were present including – Mango & Lemon Pannacotta, Mango Mint Cheese Dome, Mango & Coconut Sago (Gluten Free), Mango Frangipane Tart and many more.

It was hard to pick up the favourite among desserts, its best to share the same with friends.


There were plenty of Mango based cocktails and mocktails introduced as part of the Mayngo Festival.  Each of them had unique names that were hard to recollect.  A few that I could recollect including Mangorita (Mango & Vodka based cocktail) and Aam Panna (Raw mango, cumin, black salt & mint based mocktail).

Apart from the buffet, Novotel also many items available as part of the Al Carte menu.  Among the drinks, they have few options like – Alphonso & Mixed berry smoothie & Aam panna.  There are few items listed under Appetizers, Mains & Desserts as well.

Novotel also has a small bakery in front of the reception for guests who did like to pick couple of items for quick-bite.

Overall Experience

It was a great fun visiting the Novotel – The Square for Sunday brunch and enjoy the food & drinks part of Mayngo festival.  I loved the variety and taste of the food & various mango-based cocktails.  The best item part of the brunch was undoubtedly the dessert section which had lots of variety.  The lunch session was also entertaining with live performance by singer & guitarist.  I am looking forward for many more visit to the Novotel in future.

My rating for the current dining experience would be 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments would be as follows
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at the restaurant will come up to anywhere between INR 2500-3000.

Novotel Bengaluru Techpark, Opposite RMZ Ecospace Business Park, Marthahalli – Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, Kariyammana Agrahara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

080667 05000