Best Bengali Food served in Bangalore


A food festival is a time to celebrate the special dishes part of a cuisine and entire region.  Bengali Food Festival at ‘The Creek‘ Restaurant in The Den Hotel, Whitefield had many unique aspects that made it stand out.   To start-off, the dishes were curated by inhouse Chef in association with one of the local home-chef specializing in the cuisine.  It’s a bold move by a restaurant to bring in Home Chef Sarmistha, expert in Bengali Cuisine who specializes in almost all Benglia dishes.  There were any other things like ambiance, attires, welcome drink, presentation that was interesting.


The restaurant that generally looks quite neat and elegant, gets transformed into Bengali colors for dinner.  A special collection of photographs from various part so Bengal are stuck to the wall at the entrance.  One can see plenty of monuments, iconic personalities, artists, actors and more.  Every picture has a unique store about Bengal.

Staff working in the restaurant had couple of changes in their attires.  To welcome the guests, we had a man and lady, dressed in the traditional attires.  The man wore a white dhoti & kurta whereas the lady wore the traditional white & red-bordered saree famous in Bengal.

Serving staff wore the attires of two famous football clubs in Bengal – East Bengal & Mohan Bagan.

The ingredients used in the cooking Bengal dishes were on display and it looked good.  Dishes served as part of the Food Festival had a special name-card with special design to help distinguish.


The main intent of the food festival is to let the guests enjoy the best of dishes from Bengali Cuisine.  With the help of inhouse Chef Mukund, they created some tasty dishes.

Vegetarian Dishes

Veg Beguni, Veg Chop, Bengali Singara, Luchis, Cholar Dal, Sada Bhat, Ghee & Kachalanka, Alu Jhinge Posto, Sarshe Barir Jhal, Alu potol Chingri, Alu Bharta

The Alu Bharta was one of my favorite dishes as it looks so good like a south Indian sweet but its isn’t.  It’s a simple preparation with boiled Potato, Jeera, Sliced Onions mixed with Mustard Oil.  The preparation seems to be easy, but one needs to be an expert to get the combination right.

I also loved the Luchis served with Cholar Dal and Veg Beguni.  It was good to see the variety of dishes for veg in Bengali cuisine as we all think the region is only for sea-food lovers.

Non-Vegetarian Dishes

Fish Fry, Topse Macher Fry, Hanser Dimer, Fatafati, Charkol /BBQ, Chicken Kathi Kabab, Mutton, Kathi Kabab, Khiri Kabab, Rarbanger Khaoya Daoya

Bengali are famous for seafood and there were plenty of varieties.  It would have been nice to taste the dishes but being a vegetarian, I savoured them with my eyes & nose.  The dishes looked amazing and the aroma of spices was just amazing .  My Bengali friend who came along for dinner enjoyed the taste of the dishes.

Live Chat Counters

We all know that Kolkata is also famous for street food.  There was a special live counter for chaats where one can get Chowmin, Fuchka, JhalMuri.


Misti Doi, Ras bhora, Rosogolla, Malpua & Malai Chumcum

Its hard to pick a favorite but I loved the Ras Bhora a lot compared to others.  It was a unique sweet that was fried kova and dipped in sugar syrup.  The dessert dish was very sweet but very tasty.  Other desserts were also good, but they are commonly consumed.

Final Thoughts

It was a good experience trying variety of dishes part of Bengali Cuisine.  Kudos the efforts of the management for executing the idea well to bring Bengal Alive at ‘The Creek’.  It was great interacting with Home Chef and learn in depth about many of the Bengali Cuisines.  Anyone experience food in this food festival will fall in love with Bengali food.  I can say without a doubt that this was one of the Best Bengali Food Festival in Bangalore.  This sets the bar very high for every other restaurant across the city.

Details of food festival

Price – INR 1599++
Dates – 16-27-Jul’19
Restaurant – The Creek
Dinner only

More Information

The Creek Restaurant
The Den
Address: 3 & 4, ITPL Main Rd, KIADB Export Promotion Industrial Area, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066
Phone: 08071 117 222