New Cocktails at WXYZ Bar in Aloft CBP, Bangalore


By The Pouva, unique cocktails festival at the popular business hotel, Aloft Cessna Business Park, Bangalore.  Innovation is the new mantra in the Hospitality industry, there are changes both in food & drinks menu.  This change has come about due to share across the globe and people intention to experiment.  Many times, few new items get introduced into regular menu to be changed soon.  We must appreciate the efforts put by the Mixologist & Chefs to bring something new to table every time.

Cocktails in Pouva

ALOFT has come up with brilliant idea of serving some newly curated cocktails in a special bottle.  These bottles remind me of some of the ‘desi-daru’ (country liquor) available across different place in the country.

Every cocktail has been curated by Mixologist Raju along with his team of bartender’s part of the WXYZ pub inside Aloft CBP.   After repeatedly trials, they have come up with some amazing cocktails with different alcohols infused in them.  The team has also collaborated with in-house Chefs and paired the cocktails with different Indian snacks.

  • Aamras (White rum) – Jhaalmuri
  • Gulabo (Gin) – Kodbale
  • Keralatree (Vodka) – Murku
  • Masala Rum (Dark Rum) – Masala Papad
  • Zinger Whisky (Bourbon) – Assorted Nuts
  • Kashmiri Kava (Whisky) – Masala Moong Dal

Every cocktail had a unique flavor that made it stand-out.

Top Picks

If I were to pick my favourite there would be two, one being ‘Keralatree’ and the other ‘Zinger Whisky’.

‘Keralatree’ cocktail has Vodka infused with coconut giving it a unique refreshing feel and one can feel refreshed.  The drink is also served with the traditional murukku that was very tasty.

Bourbon whisky flavoured cocktail had a unique taste coming from the presence of Whisky.  The drink was slightly strong, but it went along well with assorted nuts like Almond, Cashew & more.

The other cocktails were also interesting as they had unique ingredients inside them like Mango, Rooh Afza, Masala soda & Kashmiri Tea.

If I were to avoid having cocktails, I would be very happy to try the mocktail with the amazing fingers snacks.

Final Thoughts

The special cocktails promotion is one during the entire month of July 2019 at ALOFT.  I am sure that many guests will like them WXYZ team to include them to be part of regular bar menu.  Loved the idea of pairing the Indian Snacks along with cocktails.

More Details

WXYZ Bar – Aloft Bengaluru Cessna Business Park

Cessna Business Park, Sarjapur-Marathahalli Outer Ring Road,
Kadubeesanahalli, Bellandur Post, Bellandur, Bangalore

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