Popular Essentials – For Your Daily Needs


Popular Essentials is one of the latest company that packages some of the essential daily need items.  The brand s part of the Popular Traders that’s based out of Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore.  I came to know about the brand during my recent discussion with friends.  They suggested that the product has one of the trust factors that ensures “Higher Nutrition and Enhanced Taste”.  I decided to go ahead ordering some of my daily essential products.  Let me share my experience on the same.

Ordering Process

The products part of the brand can be ordered conveniently at the click of button.  I ordered from Amazon, India’s best online order portal that’s making a foray into delivering daily-essentials to customers.

Daily Essentails

Some of the popular home-essentials products that I ordered included.

  • Popular Essentials Regular Kabuli Channa
  • Popular Essentials Regular Green Moong Split
  • Regular Red Lobia – Popular Essentials
  • Popular Essentials Regular Ground Nut


The products were delivered in thick plastic covered which were tightly sealed.  I specially loved the packaging of “Ground Nut” which came in vacuum-sealed pack.


I placed an order for the above-mentioned products and received the delivery within 2-days.  This shows that the brand has enough stock which enables speedy delivery of the product at doorsteps.

Items Prepared

With the products received, we ended up making 3 different items at home.

  • Green Moong Split Curry
  • Red Lobia Curry
  • Corn Mixture

I will be sharing the recipes for the dishes in some of my upcoming blogs.


The daily essential products from Popular Essentials seem to be fresh and very well packaged.  With the online order facility, households can plan to order the daily essentials in advance.  My family liked the packaging and the cleanliness of the products.  Instead of picking up daily essential products from local vendor that are inconsistent, it’s safe to order Popular Essentials product online.