Sorbet Tasting Session – Alba Restaurant in JW Mariott, Bangalore

JW Mariott is one of the premium hotel properties in the heart of Bangalore.  Its got luxurious accommodation facility along with plenty of restaurants.  Each of the restaurants specializes on different cuisines.


Bangalore Baking Company (BBC) within JWM is known for the pastries, breads,  specially made cakes to suite any occasion.  The breads apparently are basked inhouse and the cakes are to die for coz they look so yummy without even looked consuming them. Doesn’t mean that you would want to keep yourself away from tasting them.
Alba is a the Italian restaurant serving some authentic Italian food.  Chef Antonello is from Italy and for sure he known a lot about Italin way of cooking.
JW Kitchen is another restaurant in the ground level that served multi-cuisine food and for sure it is the center of attraction as you enter the JWM property.
We (select bloggers) were invited for a special ‘Sorbet menu’.  This was being done @BBC but then they clubbed the same with the food from Alba as Italian food for dinner was also undergoing some changes.  So, it was a great experience of trying out some awesome Italian food with some Sorbet’s.
Let me share more experiences as I go along writing more.
JW Mariott is located on the Malya Road next to the UB City. If you are coming from the St.Marks Road, you need to take right turn after Truffle restaurant.  And then as you pass the UB City, JWM will be situated to the right.
Inside JWM, the BBC is located to the first right after the reception.  But yes, before you go there you get enough chance to admire the interiors of JWM itself.
First Look
JWM property is simply amazing in terms of ambiance. Special care seems to have been taken care to put each and every piece of the item to give the Royal look.
As you enter the property and pass the reception, you would find the ‘JW Kitchen’ straight ahead serving food on various cuisines.
About BBC
Just after reception, you would see the BBC to the right.  As enter inside BBC, you would see loads of breads being put on display.  Each and every piece of it tempts you so much.  And then you will see a section above, where instead of using Chandeliers, they have use simple light but then it has this ‘paper pieces’ being stuck.  It gives a very nice look  and quite unique.  On enquiring the manager told me that it was similar to the common places, where orders are taken on piece of paper and put up on the wall for the chef to make it.  But they made it look very cool being on top surrounding the light.









There is  a special section where designer-cake are kept for display.  These cakes are of different sizes and shapes.  Some of the designs include – Shoes, Bags and they were looking so real.







Apart from this the BBC also has a wall that has many holes, and each of them there are few wall-decorations in place.  It again gives a great look to the place itself.






About Alba
BBC has its own appeal to customers.  But the restaurant in the 1stfloor which is special Italian Restaurant is even better.  They had a great section with different types of lighting, very comfortable seating, center are where the food is prepared similar to open-kitchen.  There is this spectacular chandelier which is super awesome.





There is a special seating arrange for group of people who want to sit together in a cozy abode.
Then there is also this section that is situated just above the level where the center area is there.  It is a curved path leading to top where again there are many more well designed chairs.  It gives an awesome appeal to the place.






The entire design of JWM and its restaurants have been done with extreme care and precision in mind.


Next the time is to talk about the food that was served.
Sorbet from BBC
The food served including some Italian food and the Sorbet as desert.  But then my focus currently would be the Sorbet and then will share my thoughts on the Italian food.


The various Sorbet available for offer includes –
–       Mango Sorbet
–       Pineapple & Black Pepper Sorbet
–       Berry Sorbet
–       Lemon & Ginger Sorbet
–       Pomegranate & Paprika Sorbet
Let me share my view on the individual Sorbet’s served.
Lemon & Ginger Sorbet
This was the first of the Sorbet that I tried.  The taste of the Sorbet was pretty good and there were no grains at all.  The entire desert was super awesome.


For many of you who are not much aware of it, it is similar ot the ‘Golas’ that you get outside.  But in this imagine the crushed ice and the flavoring done evenly across is the differentiator.
The lemon might be a bit over-powering but then overall taste with the ‘Ginger’ came out to be super awesome.  It was served in a very nice glass.
Mango Sorbet
Hands down this was easily the best of the day which had the taste of ‘Alfonso’ mango coming in quite well.  The item was tempting that the moment you take 1st bit you won’t stop until the entire dish is over in no time.


I loved taking every bite of it.  Infact, you would think that it is more like a cold dish which may not be consumed quickly.  But then when you love something, you can just gulp in think later.
Berry Sorbet
I initially thought of Mango being the better one but then the moment I got Berry Sorbet, I was totally mind-blown.  The taste was simply superb.  I am not how to describe it coz the taste of berry was super awesome.  The presentation of the dish also was spectacular.



I could not resist taking just one, I ended up taking 2 of it.  And both the times I enjoyed it and I liked the color and evenless of the taste.
Pineapple & Black Pepper Sorbet
This was another interesting desert, which was pretty decent.  I would not call it as really great coz I felt that the pineapple had the sour effect.  I think sweet pineapple pieces can be put.  But otherwise the flavor of pineapple was very much in the Sorbet.


Well, this was the round of food that was from the BBC that we was presented to us.  It was a pleasure enjoying the delicacy at a premium hotel like JWM.
This was the desert section, which this time around I pre-empted but then there is more to share in terms of the other dishes served.
Food @Alba
The Alba being Italian restaurant was undergoing some change in terms of their menu.  And they wanted to introduce us to the later menu in the offering for the dinner.  It was fixed dinner menu which was available for customer to pick.


Some of the dishes that were included in the dinner included –



Amuse Bouche
Samplers of Caciotta, Stracchino, Grana Padano
These were the special cheese varieties that were there for us to pick up.  It was served in a nice looking plate with multiple pieces of them.
All the cheeses were super awesome.  When you eat them for sure you should forget about the calorie count coz for sure it would be on the higher side.



AntPasti / Starter
This was the soup that was available.  There was options for veg and non-veg.  And you could choose either 1 of them.
Burrata (V)
Fresh Mozzarella Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil, Onions, Olive Oil
This was one of the best looking dishes.  In this the cheese has been kind of melted to some extent and then there is this Tomato piece placed right below with some touch of onions & piece of basil.  And then the olive oil, the entire dish is super tempting.  Very high in calories coz of the cheese and an awesome dish to enjoy at a classy place like Alba.



Coscette Di Pollo Alla Aceto Balsmico (NV)
Grilled Chicken, Lemon, Rosemary, Balsmic, Caponnata
This was the non-veg soup which my fellow foodies told was pretty good.


Zuppa / Soup
This is the soup section where in you can get to choose from the available options.  Only 1 of the available soup can be picked up.
Minestrone Alla Contadina (V)
Locally Sourced Vegetables, Tomato, Basil Soup
A very well made soup where in the Tomato flavor was coming in so well.  I loved eating every sip of it.  And also the veggies were superb.
There was a garlic bread piece served along with the soup which was also well done.  Overall the soup was quite enjoyable.


After consuming the ‘Soup’, they served the ‘Sorbet’ (Lemon & Ginger).  This is usually given before we get into the main course so that you can clear you palate in mouth.  So, you can enjoy the next dish very well.
Primi / Main Course
There were like 3 options available which I guess had 2 non-veg and 1 veg.  The veg item  though limited in option was spectacular.
Melanzane Alla Parmigiana (V)
Grilled Eggplant, Tomato, Mozzarella
Eggland happens to be my favorite veggie and when they serve it the manner it was done you would start loving it more.  The tomato sausage around the Grilled Eggplant & Mozzarella was superb.  The taste good but the only thing I felt was that the spices were a bit lesser.  I guess that the Italian way of cooking which is different from Indian.


You can add some seasoning and chilly flakes to get some flavor.
Dolci / Desert
This section contained the list of all the Sorbet’s.
We can get to choose 4 other Sorbet’s except the ‘Lemon & Ginger’.  I have already shared my thoughts on each of the Sorbet’s.
I think some of the times when we eat Italian food you would feel that as you move from one dish to another, Sorbet can clean the mouth palette.  But there is a drink also needed to go along.  JWM folks took my request and got one of the mocktails.
They might look to include that in the menu in future.
Guava Spicy Bloodymary
I guess this was a totally different mocktail that had the guava juice which was very well done.  And then around the glass was this coating of ‘Chilly + Salt’.  This is quite similar to the ‘Bloodymary’ that we get as cocktail.


The chilly + salt went taken with guava juice, was tasting quite yummy.  I think easily it is one of the best mocktails I have had in a long time.
Overall my experience @JWM – Alba for the Sorbet tasting session was simply awesome.  I loved spending every bit of my time there.  And to add to that the chef(s) at his place are quite knowledgeable and people who want to bring in change as per the customer requests.



Chef Antonello actually knows to play the guitar quite well.  And this time around he perform few song with guitar including – Chura Liya Hain Tumne, Pani Da Rang.  Well, it was a great fun with a chef who is so multitalented and Italian.
Some of the other foodies that were there in the event include – Nitin, Nivedith, Naveen, Aarti.  Thanks for Megha & Sandeep from the PR agency for inviting all of us for a great dining and Sorbet tasting experience.



My rating for this place would be 4.5 and would recommend anybody & everybody to try the Sorbet & the special Italian food.  Rating in other departments are as follows –
Food – 4.5/5 (may be more quantity can be served J)
Drinks – 4.5/5
Service – 4.25/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Food for 2 @Alba with the menu would cost close to Rs.2600+ taxes I suppose.
And individually if you go for the ‘Sorbet’, it costs around Rs.175.

It sure is a must visit place with friend and family if you are looking for fine-dining Italian restaurant with some great Sorbet as desert.