Brunch with Super-Dad at JW Marriott Bangalore

JW Marriott is one of the luxury hotels in Bangalore that always does something interesting to make the special day, more special.  This time it was the Father’s Days Celebrations brunch at JW Kitchen which was themed as, ‘Brunch with Super-Dad’.  It was the simplest of the ways to THANK my dad for everything that he has done so far in my life.  The occasion was also a way to bring the family together, have a conversation, eat a wonderful meal, relax, reflect on the wonderful moments from the past and also discuss on the future.IMG_20170618_155322


The entrance of JW Kitchen, they had a wonderful standee that had DAD written in the Superman’s emblem (instead of S), all over it.  There was a very experienced photographer taking the picture which was framed and given back as souvenir.IMG_20170618_134257

There was a special section carved out where we could see one of the person dressed up like a superman and entertaining the kids.  They also had large spread of candies, donuts, cooking and other items to keep the kids to munch & enjoy.IMG_20170618_140344

The desert section had multiple items that reflected the theme – Brunch with Super-Dad.IMG_20170618_155332

JW Kitchen is known to have one of the largest Sunday Brunch spread among the leading restaurants.  I think they made it even bigger for this special occasion, Father’s Day.

Though there is a combination of Veg & Non-veg items available, I will try sticking to sharing info mostly on the Veg Items.

Live Cooking

There were various live counters across the JW Kitchen sitting area– Pasta, Chinese, Chats, Kebabs, Paratha and Chili Dogs.  To be able to get dishes from these counter, we had to walk down to the counter and inform to the Chefs.  They would ask for details on preference of Vegetables, Spice level, Ingredients and then take down the table number.  The food was then served on the tables.

Pasta Counter – Asked for Chef to make Penne based pasta with Tomato sauce and all veggie, which tasted quite good.

Chinese Counter – Stir Fried vegetables with schezwan sauce was quite good.  I specially asked the Chef to make it spicy and he did so accordingly.

Chat Counter – There were plenty of options to choose from.  So, instead of picking up 1-2 items, I asked them to serve 1 portion of all chats – Bhel Puri, Papdi Chat, Dahi padi Chat, Sev Puri & Aloo Chat.  The portion sizes were just enough for all us to taste.IMG_20170618_140311

Tawa CounterVeg Sheekh Kebab and Paneer Tikka were the 2 items that were there in the counter and they were good.

Buffet Spread

I have mentioned in the past about the huge buffet spread at JW Kitchen.  They have separate section of curries, salads, rice varieties and deserts.IMG_20170618_144036

Vegetarian section is separately setup with a lot of South Indian items to choose from.  The curries present included – Paneer, Methi Palak, Bitter-gourd, Aloo Mutter, Daal Makhani and few more.  There was a special tawa where Uttapam was being made live and served.  Among the items from South, they had – Rasam, Sambhar, Curd rice, Paapad/Appalam, Pickles and savouries like – Murruku, Jackfruit Chips, Potato Chip – spicy & non-spicy.  Every item from the Veg counter was tasted good.

Rice section had Veg Pulao, Chicken biryani and plain rice.  There was salan which is usually meant to be taken with Biryanis.  Since it was vegetarian, I tried with Veg Pualo and the taste of Pulao enhanced tremendously.

Desert Section

A special mention needs to be made about the desert section coz it occupied 3 tables in the buffet.IMG_20170618_143807

First table had all the Indian sweets – Jamoon, Kaala Jamoon, Besan Laddu, Chocolate Burfi, Kaju Katli, Moong Daal Halwa and few more.

Second table multiple varieties of pastries and Baklawa. This table also had a separate section where croissants were kept. This table also a small section that had croissants that were kept around powdered sugar, which had Super DAD written which looked very sweet.

Third table had more pastries like – Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry delight and many more.  Many of them had DAD written on them.

There was also a separate counter for ice-creams and fruits.IMG_20170618_143848


There were 2 buffet options including – Alchoholic & Non-Alcoholic.  We took the non-alcoholic and as part of the drinks, we were allowed to pick up fresh fruit juices or mocktails.  We tried Pineapple juice, Mango Juice and Mango+Cranberry based mocktail.  Among these only the Pineapple juice was freshly prepared.IMG_20170618_142456

Overall Experience

It was a splendid afternoon spent at one of the best restaurant JW Kitchen, part of the luxury hotels in Bangalore JW Marriott.  The hospitality of the staff at the JW Kitchen was very good and the staff always attended to us quickly.  There was great variety in the live counters and food served as part of buffet spread was good.  The idea of having a special standee for taking picture and giving the photo-frame was thoughtful.  My parents who accompanied along with me, very much enjoyed the experience.IMG_20170618_154531

Hopefully there would be many more such occasions to celebrate at JW Kitchen going forward.

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  1. What a perfect way and place to pamper your dad on the occasion of Faher’s day! It was really very considerate of JW Kitchen to plan such a lavish spread. And the best part was the standees for photo op with SuperMan logo with Dad written on it was such a novel idea, you can capture the moment and keep it as a special memory! Excellent 👍🏻

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