Biere Club at Lavelle Road turns 6 – Introduces New Beer & Food Menu


Biere Club recently turned 6th and it was time to introduce some new beers and dishes into their menu.  This pub is known to be the oldest Brew Pub in Bangalore and most of the people in the city find this to be the best hang-out place.  But for every place it is quite essential to re-invent itself, bring something new and let people enjoy it.  The team working behind the scenes at Biere Club have done a great job in bring in the changes.

New Beers & Mocktail

This pub has undoubtedly been my favourite hangout place with my friends.  My favourites things at the place have been the Stout & Lager beers and the Veg Starter Platter.

Mango Beer

We know summer being the season of Mangoes, the brew-master have come up with the special seasonal Mango Beer.  The taste of the beer was quite good coz it’s a bit sweet & light.  I enjoyed drinking every sip of it and never felt that it to be strong.  I enjoyed the beer with some moderately spicy starters.

Ragi Beer

There plenty of discussions around Millets and its health benefits.  Keeping the healthy factors in mind, Biere Club have introduced Ragi beer.  The taste of the beer is a little like the IPA – Indian Pale Ale but it isn’t that bitter.  Infact, I could feel the Ragi flavour in every sip I consumed.

Strawberry Virgin Mojito

They have also introduced a new mocktail into the menu.  It has been glassed quite well and tasted also quite well.  This for sure is going to become one of the favourite among the ladies other than Sangria.


This is another area which probably needs constant changes in any restaurant or pub because people like trying different food.  They get used to the existing dishes and wish for variety.  If we can segregate the food into 4 course, there are new items introduced in each one of the them.

1st Course

There are 2 new Veg dishes introduced including – Whole Steamed Mini Corn Cobs (V) and Artichoke, Spinach Sundried Tomato and Caper (V)

My favourite among the two was the Artichoke Spinach Sundried Tomato and Caper, which was quite tasty as the  ingredients present in them did gel well to bring out a wonderful taste.

There is also a new non-veg dish that has been introduced – Slow Cooked Korean Style Sticky Pork Ribs (NV) which I heard was good.

2nd Course

This is a section where they have introduced some Mediterranean and Indian dishes like – Mezze Platter (V) and Green Pea Tikki (V)

I loved the Mezze Platter, as it has a combination of various items like Spinach Rolls, Cous Cous, Falafel, Fattoush, Hummus, Chips, Beetroot Dip and few more items.  The taste of every item in the platter was quite good.  Green peas tikki was also pretty good but it show how it had the unilateral taste due to presence of limited ingredients.  It was also a bit on the spicier side and the presentation was not very appealing.

There are 3 new non-veg items introduced – Whole Roasted Hacked up Chicken with Gravy (NV), 1lb of Roasted Tenderloin Fillet with Horseradish Gravy (NV) and Grilled Jumbo Shell on Prawns, Hot Garlic Butter (NV) .

3rd Course

This is a section where they have played with the Indian starters.  For Vegetarians, there was Paneer Tikka and Mushroom & Pea strew.    

The taste of the Paneer Tikka was quite good, paneer was quite soft & the spices on top of the Paneer was in good quantity.

There are 2 new dishes for non-vegetaraisn including – Kashmiri Lamb Stew and Chicken Tikka Masala.  I heard from my friends the food was good.


4th Section

The desert section is generally loved by all.  And for the anniversary they introduced a new desert, that had Chocolate Orange Pudding, Wafer Thin Apple Tart & Baked Blueberry Cheese cake.

Presentation was eye-catchy and the taste was wonderful.  I just could not stop myself after eating the first bite, ending up finishing it completely.

Overall Experience

It was a great afternoon spent at the Biere Club, tasting the new healthy beer options and food.  Love both the new beer variants with different flavours – Mango & Ragi.  The food items introduced were also quite tasty and were plated quite well.  Appreciate the thoughtfully of Biere café to bring in changes at the right time.  Hoping that the keep up to changes and bring in new flavours of beer and also new food items into their menu.  I rate my current experience at 4.0/5.