Special Buffet Spread at JW Kitchen


JW Marriott was one of the most happening places in Bangalore last week when they hosted 40 Executive Chefs across various Marriott’s across India.  All of them were there in Bangalore as part of the 3-day workshop being conducted under the leadership of Senior Director Culinary APAC, Toine Heksel and Director of Culinary APAC, Raheel Ahmed.IMG_20170609_133305

In my previous writeup, I did share info regarding the Day-1:Black Box Challenge that the Chefs participated in.  This is a post on the Day-3:Special Buffet Lunch on Friday (9-Jun’17) where in some of the Chefs show-cased some of their signature dishes.

Special Buffet Lunch

JW Kitchen itself has one of the most elaborate buffet spread that seems to endless.  They utilized the space that is available just beside the JW Kitchen that has natural ventilation.

Chefs just needed that little space and right equipment(s) to work their magic and bring out the best dishes.  This surely makes food lovers like us enjoy our meals and relish the variety.  There were different counter serving different types of food including – Italian, Barbeque, Seafood, Rajbir Ki Chaat, Kerala Appam Station and Paratha and Kebab.


This had especially home-made pasta that were also named quite appropriately – Verde Linguini Lamb Ragout, Tagliatelle Rosso Marianara and Pollo Tortellini Sage Butter.

There some various types of bread – Focaccia, Garlic and also some garlic bread with topping of Mushroom / Pesto sauce / Cheese / Cheese + Cherry tomatoes.

I tried the Veg version of Tagliatelle with white sauce and it was quite good.


There were plenty of options for Veg and Non-Veg.

For Vegetarians, there were various combination – Pineapple Cheese & Black Olives, Bell Pepper Paneer & Onions, Corn.

There were also Paneer pieces with mint sauces that could be grilled.  I tried one portion of all of the Veg offering and they taste amazing with the BBQ sauce.

Rajbir Ki Chaat

This for sure is one of the favourite for most of the Indian.  We all love the combination of spices, sweetness & tanginess in them.  They had Masala Puri, Dahi Puri, Sev Puri and Pani Puri served like on the street-side.  All the chats tasted good, especially the Pani Puri that had wonderful Mint & Tamarind infused Pani.

Kerala Appam Station

They had 2 different type of Appams – Regular and Egg based.

The regular was quite good that they had an awesome tasting Veg Stew.  But for the Egg-based Appam, they had different curries based on Egg, Lamb, Prawn & Arbi.

JW Kitchen Buffet Spread

I thought of sharing a quick insight into the food from the buffet spread at JW Kitchen that is served on a daily basis.  Let me share some info on the various sections.

Swagatham is the place from where we get the welcome drink.

Sundal is the place there is traditional Moong Dal and Kaala Channa.

Biryani section has 4 varieties including 1 Vegetarian.

Quiche section that has number of quiches with different toppings on them.

Salad section with multiple dressing options.

Exclusive Vegetarian section where we can get the best of South Indian dishes including – Rasam, Sambar, Podi, Chutney, Papad, Appalam, Veggies, Ghee, Pickles and my personal favourite, curd rice.  It also has plenty of North Indian Veg curries as well.

Desert section is quite large and there are plenty of options to choose from.  You can actually have a buffet with only deserts.  Separate ice-cream with different flavours is also present.

Overall Experience

It was one of the best lunch I have had in a 5-star hotel since long time.  The special dishes made by Chefs were awesome.  Loved the way they segregated food into various sections.  I specially loved the home-made pasta, Grilled Paneer and Appams.  I hope they do including some of the dishes from these into the normal buffet.

Finally, it was a great opportunity to interact with some of the renowned Chefs and enjoy the dishes made by them.  Thanks for JW Marriott for providing the opportunity and hoping to be part of many more such events by JW Marriott in future.