Cook off with Chef Michael Swamy at Fairfield by Marriott


Fairfield by Marriott at Rajajinagar is one of properties that comes under Classic Select property for smart travelers.  Recently, the Fairfield hosted a cook-off event in association with Master Chef Michael Swamy and the in-house Executive Chef Aniket Das at Fairfield, Rajajinagar.  As part of the event, the In-House Chefs curated special dishes in association with Masterchef Michael Swamy.  They were mainly trying to promote the brand philosophy of healthy living with great food.

Event Details

The event saw both Chef Michael and Chef Aniket trace back to their childhood days and bring back flavours from Malvian region.  Two dishes were prepared including – Moong Sprout Ussal, Chinchoni Curry and Ragi Upma.

The best part of the event was that we could see the Chef being engaged and getting their hand dirty, by making the dishes.  And also, they were very open to sharing any tips & trick with food lover and bloggers who attended the event.


We seem to have forgotten many of the traditional dishes that were being consumed during breakfast and snack time, that were quite healthy.  In search of more flavours, these dishes have been forgotten.  To be able to remind people, the best thing to do would be to prepare the same and let people relish the taste.  The dishes will automatically become popular.

Moon Sprout Ussal

This was a dish prepared by Chef Aniket who told that it brought back his childhood memories, as it is one of the healthiest item that can be taken along with bun.  It is quite popular in the Maharashtra.  The dish has some amount of crunchiness and flavour due to the presence of spices.  Chef called the special spices which are usually passed down generation, by mothers to the next generation.

The dish came out to be good and the taste was awesome with the bun.  To be able to cater to multiple guests, Fairfield Management did a smart thing by making multiple plates of the same dish so everyone could enjoy.

Chinchoni Curry

A special fish based dish that was prepared by Michael Swamy.  He showed his special touch during the preparation and I must say the dish was visually quite appealing.  Though I could not taste the dish, but I got a feeling that it would have been very tasty.

Ragi Upma

The dish is quite popular among the localities as we are aware of Ragi flavours.  Instead of the traditional Maida based vermicelli, we get the Ragi based vermicelli which is the base of the preparation.  The preparation style is similar to traditional vermicelli but the taste is different to the traditional vermicelli.  It tastes best when taken hot along with mint and tomato chutneys.  Everyone got a taste of the upma and in general everyone loved it.

Hi-Tea and Evening Snacks

The event started at 4pm and nearly ended by 6pm.  So, Fairfield management decided to serve an array of evening snacks a part of Hi-Tea.  Item presented included – Paav Bhaji, Button Idli, Aloo Bonda, Chips, Fruits, Pastries along with filter coffee, tea or Mango milkshakes.  The taste of the every items was good and I enjoyed it.

Overall Experience

It was a great opportunity to see the celebrity Chef Michael Swamy at work and showcasing his culinary skills along with Chef Aniket.  The preparation of the dishes was smooth that I start to wonder why I did not try preparing the dish at home.  Event also enlightened me on some of the forgotten dishes from India that are easy to prepare and also quite healthy. 

Special thanks to General Manager of Fairfield, Rajajnagar/Fairfield, ORR/Courtyard, ORR – Mr. Gaurav Singh for setting up a great event.  Hopefully we will have many more such events and learn from the Chefs.