Bloggers Meet @White Smoke BBQ – Fairfield by Marriott

An evening with fellow blogger is always good.  That too when the big restaurant identify us to be most critical to send a message to the general public about their setup.  My visit to ‘White Smoke BBQ @Fairfield’  was one such visit on 1st Feb’15.
The name of this restaurant is quite unique, intact that was the first query that was running my mind.  I am sure anyone who reads would feel the same.  Well, I guess there sure is a trend to have unique name for places to make it stand out from the rest.  Being part of Marriott and focussing on BBQ on a pool-side, the only word that comes to your mind should be, wow 🙂
In terms of its location, its in Rajajinagar-Bangalore.  I know it might sound a bit too far for someone like me @Bellandur but then I guess if you really want to eat some good food, you can travel.  And for sure I don’t mind driving all the way from Bellandur, across Koramangala, UB City, Kaban Park, Race course road, Majestic railway station and finally into the Marriott situated right next to the Total Mall.
Well, I hope I have given clear indication in terms of the directions and you can’t miss this place by any chance.
First Looks
Now, to tell more about the ambiance.  Fairfield by Marriott is an great looking hotel.  Infact, its USP is that its situated quite close to the Malleswaram, Majestic area that is quite densely populated.  I have been to the Kava restaurant and the Art Gallery @Fairfield.  But, then I had not been to the top floor of the hotel. Well, I was in for a total surprise coz the 7th floor has got an excellent pool and awesome view.  And then there is this nice table setup for folks to come and have food.  The place looked picture perfect. It would best suite any private party or say a nice candle light dinner or even a friends get together with couple of drinks.  Well, Fairfield folks thought of something better, ie., to have a BBQ restaurant there.
To tell a bit about what chef had to say before writing about the food.  I think the concept is quite unique and they tried to make something special.  As you cross the swimming pool I see this board that had various items written on wooden plank and they called it out as – PROTEINS, RUBS, SAUCES & ACCOMPANIMENTS.
PROTEINS – Various varieties of the BBQ(s) in veg and non-veg were listed there.  The choice were in plenty for the non-veg and pretty decent for the veg as well 🙂
RUBS – Had the mention of the herbs, chilli, fennel and other items mentioned.  They are some nice Indianised names as ‘Malai Hariyali’.




SAUCES – Garlic, Mushroom, Grape & Fennel seed compote, Red Pepper coulis and other sauces were mentioned that would be served with BBQ.
Accompaniments – Were the ones that would be served along with BBQ like – Broccoli, Potato Wedges, Fattoush Salad, Asparagus, Bread fruit and other items.
Then with curiosity I asked quite a few queries to the chef and he politely respond back to me.  He explained about the way they get organised veggies, greens.  Also told about the way they actually check with the vendor for the quality on a monthly/quarterly basis to check if the quality is consistent. I know that it can be expected of a good restaurant but I think its about doing it regularly and not just talking about it.
I guess there has been so much build up to the restaurant, now its time to write about the food.  Let me start writing about the individual items that I ate there 🙂




Nachos – This is a pretty unique item to be served for a BBQ dinner.  But anyways, I have seen places where its pretty ordinary.  Here, the Nachos seemed to taste quite good.  I don’t remember seeing salsa sauce here but yes there was this nice tomato based chutney, or say that is what I should be calling it.  It was pretty good.  Infact, if you are not watchful it can easily fill your stomach 🙂


Broccoli Soup
The soup was really awesome, quite thick and had quite a few of the Indian flavours and of course loads of veggies like – Mushroom, Broccoli, Carrot.  Initially, I had a bit of concern with the soup but then the chef immediately understood what I was looking for in the soup and he corrected.  I have had some bad experiences at some places where they don’t accept.  But here the chef was quite polite, understood what I wanted and got me a nice awesome soup 🙂


Garlic Bread
This was something unique coz the bread was actually served on a small basket that was kept on this toy cycles. The likes of which you might find at some antique places or handicraft places.  I remember seeing it in Chandrigarh @Rock Garden, they were available for sale.  Its quite unique coz people want to see something different always.  I enjoyed the same with some butter and tomato based sausage.  Again, the 1st 3 items sometimes just make you feel contented.  Well, there sure was more to come.
Parmesan Ragi Savory mousse
This was a uniquely made dish, I would say it was a completely top-chef material.  A very nicely made dish with nice topping of chocolate and some green-leaf(s) and well kept on the plate.  It was quite unique in taste but I sure did enjoy the taste of it.



Fattoush Salad
Ahah, this was one really unique salad which I think is quite popular in the arab world.  It had a unique cheese, lettuce, onions, mint, tomato, olive oil.  And when it came to the table, got this wow feeling as it looked awesome.  I was not happy with the cheese, but then chef did say that the kind of cheese served is salty.  But overall the dish apart from the cheese was superb.  Since it was unique it made it more interesting to consume.


Main Course
Jacket Potatoes  Steam Broccoli
Undoubtedly the best main course that I had for the day.  Infact, it was loved by many of the fellow foodies with me.  This was an item we all had atleast 3-4 or say 5 pieces of it coz it was yummy.  It was served with Broccoli, mint chutney, onions and lemon.  With lemon the taste was all the more interesting.  And it was well served on the plate as well.




Berry Pannacotta with Fresh Red berries
I guess I used the work ‘undoubtedly’ before for the main course.  But, I must say the desert was out of the world.  I just loved taking every bit of it.  I guess the chef is an expert in making dessert that just makes your mouth water.  Infact, the taste was so lasting that I felt like taking 1 more but then I contained myself.  And it was also well presented.


Something to Drink
I wrote so much about the food that I missed out telling about the drinks that were served.  Let me tell a bit about the drinks that were served.
White Wine
I totally missed out on asking the brand of wine that was served.  I think it was some french wine and I sure did enjoy it with the food.
Again a drink that well done with right quantity of vodka and lemon, well presented in the glass.  There are places where you would not get the alcohol content to be good and also many time the ice-cold just fill the glass.  Here I enjoyed the drink and would recommend that to be taken 🙂
I guess I have written lengths and breadths about the dishes that were served.  Apart from all that, the ambiance makes your feel wonderful.  The hospitality of the manager and the openness of chef for taking comments is quite endearing.  During my conversation with Chef, he did mention that the menu would change on a daily basis.  So, I guess I will need to visit this place couple of more times to enjoy all the delicacies written on the board.  One item that I really missed was the Paneer, I hope I get to eat it the next time I got there.
Closing Thoughts
Overall, I think I had a great time being there at ‘White Smoke BBQ’.  Enjoyed being with some good friend and foodies.  My rating for this place would be 4.5 and would say its a must visit if you are in the Rajajinagar area, as there sure isn’t anything on the likes of BBQ in this area.  And I guess even if something contemporary comes up, it won’t match the ambiance for this place sitting next to the pool side.





My other ratings for this place are as follows –
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5


I am hoping my next visit to this place comes soon or say pretty soon 🙂