Meeting the Foodies – Rocky & Mayur

I am glad to have been part of an event where there which was supposed to be visited by the Top foodies in India who had a great and most popular Street Food show running on TV – Highway on my Plate (HOMP).  Exactly, the stars are – Rocky & Mayur.





Well, firstly a big thanks to my friend who invited me to the event happening @Coringa Restaurant on the Airport Road, Bangalore.  I was extremely delighted to be picked up and be part of the elite group of foodies.  Mostly folks part of Bangalore Foodies Club and HOMP (Highway on my plate – Bangalore edition) were part of the event.  Being there in the event meant a chance to see, talk and interact personally with them.






The wait was for 1/2hr-1hr and then they were right there with us.  And guess what they were so good to all of us.  I mean firstly they both are so down to earth and approachable.  There were loads of selfie session with them and then they some free time to go and pick something that they wanted to try eating.






Also they came to individual table, sat with us and discuss on their experiences and took many points from us as well.  Its nice to see that people reaching such big celebrity status are so down to earth.
I was heard a comment from Rocky where in he told that he was looking to reduce weight.  I guess all the foodies have the same problem coz we enjoy good food and then it helps in gaining weight.
Intense Discussion Time






The event, also had a video review of the restaurant by R & M and they had their complete crew there.  Infact, some of the table with foodies were lucky to be also interviewed by R & M as they were discussing about the food.  And finally at the end of it, they let all of us come there and say few words to the camera.  The lines were –
‘Khana toh itna pada hain, Kyonki India bahut bada hain’
Fun Times
















Well, I got to hand it they were done of the most easy going celebrities I have come across.  Infact, they never minded people putting hands on their shoulders, telling them about food, reviews, visits to various places, show, etc etc.
I am hoping that at the end of this day, there were be few more who will know Rocky & Mayur.  And I wish their shows a great success 🙂