Coringa Restaurant at Yelanka, Bangalore

This review is a lead to the previous blog on the visit of ‘Rocky & Mayur’ for the foodies meet up.  Now, it was not just about meeting the celebrities.  It was also about having some good food @Coringa.  
My review of the restaurant follows.
This is a ‘Andhra Style’ restaurant situated on the Airport Road. I ended up visiting this place as part of foodies-meetup that was happening. Well, I guess if not for that it would have been rarely that I would have thought of coming to this place. I guess distance has a big reason for that. Let me share my further thoughts on the restaurant itself.
It comes nearly 5-6kms after the Hebbal Flyover. And it come after crossing 2 flyovers, specifically it comes to the left. There is a decent enough board for folks to identify the place but then its not easily coz there is a rail line crossing that can distract you. Infact, I have heard people travelling 5kms ahead before realising that the place was way back.







First Looks
The restaurant is situated on the roof-top. Lift goes until 3rd floor I think and then you need to take a walk to the 4th floor.  In terms of the first look, you realise that it is a open air restaurant, there isn’t any A/C here. And there is a thatched roof in the shape of inverted v. Seats are pretty decent, not that I would think that it is picture perfect and exquisite.
Food wise, let me share my opinion on various food items that I had.
Initially they brought these 3 chutneys – 1 was tomato chutney, 1 was mint chutney and another 1 was looking more like ‘brinjal bhartha’, but then I think its more of chutney that bhartha. But the last chutney had a combination of tomato, onion and other ingredients. Along with them onion and lemon were also served in a separate bowl.





Mirapakaya Bajji / Chilly Bajji
Chilly Bajji was served. The unique think about the item was that the chillies were all cut into 2 and there was some stuffing inside it. That item tasted awesome with all the 3 chutneys.  


Bitter-Gourd based Starter
Bitter-Gourd based starter had some stuffing around the bitter gourd which was very interesting and there no hint of bitterness there. I guess there was coconut that was put around the bitter gourd.


Arbi Pakodi
This was a cutely done starter where in the arbi was cut into this nice looking shape and deep fried. It was pretty decent.
I am writing about this as the next item to served were the drinks.
Tomato Rasam
Was a decent rasam that seemed to served at the start of serving. And also if you wanted, they always had it with them.
I would say that it was a pretty well done buttermilk that tasted quite consistent.
Lemon Juice with Pudina
I guess this was one oft he best drinks that was served as it had good amount of sweetness and with the pudding, taste was coming along good.
I guess they had coke-cans, if someone is looking for a direct soda, this is a good option.
Tandori Roti
I think it was pretty well done but then just that it started to become cold. There should have been freshers roti(s) served.
Pretty well done yellow dal at the place.
Arati Davya Koora
Banana stem steamed and cooked in milk seasoning. This is a dry item where in they take the stem of the banana tree which is white in color. This is a dry-dish and can go along with the roti.


Bangaladumpa & Tamata Koora
Potato and Tomato cooked with thick gravy. This was simple typical Aloo + Tomato sabji. Just that I thought it could have been better. Dint make me get a wow feeling after eating it.
Veg Biryani
This was a dish that had plain rice or say more like the jeera rice and then when you dig into it some masala is seen. But I think the quality of the biryani was not that good, as it seemed to be lacking in the masala department.


This is very good/necessary item that can be taken along with biryani. It was actually on the waterly side with cut veggies like tomato, cucumber.
There were 2 items that were served and I think both are authentic to Andhra dish.
Poota Rekulu
A very special preparation local to the coastal Region of AP. Made of layered sheets of rice and sugar, served with sweetened grated coconut. This was one awesome desert to taste, mouth watering.


Mamidi Tandra
Thin sheets of sun dried mango jelly layered with sugar, served with thickened milk. Another famous dish from AP.  
The deserts were good to have. I enjoyed each them thoroughly. Surely wanted to take another one but resisted the temptation of that.
Overall my experience at this place was pretty decent. I am not sure if I very thoroughly enjoyed coz the sabji and roti dint come along that well. I had few issues with less masala for biryani. My rating for this place would be 3.5. Hopefully the next time I go, if I find that some of the things are corrected the rating can go up.
My other ratings are as follows –
Food – 3.5/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 3.75
Service – 3.75
I am still waiting to visit this place of the 2nd time to get a real flavour of few items.