Wild Wild West | Annual Cake Mixing | JW Marriott


Cake Mixing is one activity that was popular in Vineyard across Europe in celebrations of their harvest.  This event involves mixing of dry-fruits with alcohols and grape-stomping.  The base produced is used for making the traditional Christmas cake.  Over the years, the Hoteliers have brought into their fold.  The activity in hotel initially involved only Chefs, now they also involve the inhouse guests.  This year, plenty of the hotels across Bangalore have done the Cake Mixing event.  But the best among all was the one at JW Marriott that had a unique theme along dress-code.

Wild Wild West Theme

JW Marriott is one of the most popular hotels in Bangalore that’s located in Bangalore CBD area.  The team need to do something different every time to stay unique as people around the city look up to JW Marriott.  This year (2019), the theme was ‘WILD WILD WEST’.

The invitation was sent across 1-2 week back that had a special mention of Dress Code as ‘Cowboy/Cowgirl’.  This made a lot of people to dig deep into their wardrobes or even buy something to make them look like one.

Most of the guests, tried to wear their best outfit apt for the theme.  It was fun to see people wearing the Cowboy/girl hats, Jeans Jackets, Jeans Pants, Half Jackets, Scarf, Long boots & what not.  Everyone was there to have fun and made sure they come at their best.

Apart from the guests, the entire setup around cake mixing area was transformed.  At the entrance, one could see a special welcome board welcoming everyone to the WILD WEST.  There was special setup to let people click pics in the selfie-booths.

There was also this traditional horse cart where we could see a person dressed up like a cowboy having a mock gun in his hand.

One section also had the cut-outs of Cactus and sign boards of most-wanted board with bounty price mentioned on it.

Area around the cake-mixing has plenty of decors that resembled the Wild West.

Cake Mixing Activity

To start off the activity, we had the bunch of Chefs walking up from one side of the Hotel.  They walked along with the bowls filled with dry fruits.  And the best part was the they were guarded by people around them.  This look like a scene from the movies.  There was back-ground music of Wild West that made it even more interesting and fun.

Once all the dry fruits were poured into the area set for cake mixing, we saw the Chefs disperse.  Guests were given alcohol containers to pour them on the dry fruits and start the mixing.

The activity was started by the General Manager – Reuben Kataria, followed by Nikita Das (Marketing).  This was followed by the guests pitching in and doing their bit to mix the dry-fruits & alcohol.  The team of Chefs headed by Chef Daniel Koshy was very much present to help the guests.

To bring the fun element, they also had some mock-guns, pistols and other props kept at one of the places.  Everyone loved clicking pics and had a great time.  The only element probably that was missing was the horses but rest everything else was in place.

Cocktails & Brunch

An amazing afternoon was made more interesting with the beautifully curated Sunday brunch at JW Kitchen.  The place has always been known to serve some tasty food.  But apart from the contemporary dishes, plenty of live counters. Guests could ask for their favorite Pasta, Grilled Vegetables, Noodles, Traditional Indian Chaat (Channa Batura, Papdi) & more.

We also had a special Mixologist who made some of the amazing cocktails.  I tried one of the Gin based cocktail and an Expresso Martini.  I loved the taste of the Martini very much.

Final Thoughts

The Cake Mixing event at JW Marriott was a resounding success and everyone loved being part of the event.  It was nice to see the setup that made everyone feel that they were in some remote Wild West Region.  Kudos to the GM & Marcom team for coming up with the idea and executing the same.  This has surely setup the benchmark for Cake Mixing event.  I am waiting to see which another Hotel in Bangalore will match or better this event.  Looking forward to trying then Christmas cake.