Shekhawati Food Festival | Sattvam | Redefining Sattvic Cuisine


Shekhawati, located in North Rajasthan comprises of districts Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Churu and a part of Nagaur & Jaipur. The place is known for some amazing food that comes from their Royal kitchen. Sattvam, one of the most popular Sattvic Restaurant is hosting a special Shekhawati Food Festival. Chef Aditya and his team have curated a special menu with a selection of dishes from the region. I was specially invited to try the dishes served as part of the Food Festival.


The place has an amazing ambiance that’s inspired the Jaganath Puri temple.  One can see multiple painting on the wall that looks amazing.

Soothing music plays in the background that’s perfect while having a nice meal.

Every table is set up well with Napkins & Cutlery. All napkins have the beautiful logo of Sattvam and the names that are nicely embroidered on the cloth.

Sattvam serves buffet food that’s set up at one end of the restaurant. One can find live counters for chats, pizzas, desserts & more.  There are nearly 40-50 dishes part of the buffet that is evenly spread across.


The buffet at Sattvam is elaborate as I mentioned earlier.  But imagine identifying specific dishes from the Shekhawat region and having a Food Festival & serving it a buffet.  It’s a very commendable effort by Chef Aditya.

Amuse Bouche

Boondi Choorma

This dish is full loaded with multiple ingredients that are slightly sweet, spicy & tangy.  It’s the perfect dish to be taken at the start of the meal.


Bel Ka Sharbat, Chandan Ka Sharbat

Both the drinks are unique as they contain some unique ingredients in them.  I especially loved the Sandalwood flavored Sharbat, which does not give a Sandal smell when brought closer.  But soon after I took a sip, I could feel the aroma of Sandal and it felt very good.


Kacchhe kele ki tikki, Chawal ka dhokla, Mirchi Bada, Kalmi Bada

All the dishes were amazing, but I especially loved the Mirchi Bada. It was a very tasty starter as it had good stuffing and a fresh green chilly piece. The chilly was unlike the one that’s used locally in the ‘Chilly-Bajji’ as it was extremely spicy.

The Kacche kele ki tikki had the flavor of raw banana was coming very well along with the other spices added into it.

Kalmi Bada was another dish that contains lentils and served like a burfi making it irresistible.

Matthi ki chaat

This dish has traditional Rajasthani ‘Matthi’ as the base and is topped with multiple ingredients including curds & & garnished well.  One needs to eat with hand to truly relish the dish.

Premade Dal Baati with aloo bharta

The Baati in this dish is soft & perfectly cooked, it goes along well with the aloo bartha.  The taste was so yum that I literally closed my eyes while eating the dish.

Premade Bhujiya ri kadhi kachori

We all love the idea of eating Kachori at our local chat places.  But what we can get at Sattvam, added with the presentation & richness of ingredients, is hard to find anywhere in the city.

Moong Dal Ka Dahi Bada

This probably one of the best curd-vada that I have eaten in a long time.  The vada was perfectly soaked in curds, topped with light spices and garnished very well.  It’s a dish that one should not miss having at Sattvam.

Main Course

Dahi Gatta, Sangri, Missi Roti, Baajre ki khichdi with Imlana & Raabdi, Papad Mangodi Pulao, Kheere Ka Raita, Kanji K Pakodi

There are multiple dishes that are also part of the main course making it completely an over-whelming experience.  But all along one can notice that the meal does not feel heavy on the stomach as its Saattvic.

The start of the main course can be with the Kanji Ki Pakodi that acts a stomach cleanser.  One can have this before eating some of the tasty dishes.

I had the Missi Roti that was perfectly made along with h Dahi Gatta & Kher Sangri.  Among the dishes, I loved the Kher Sangri that’s made from special greens available only in Rajasthan.

Baajre Ki Khichdi is also a must-try at the Sattvam as it got this unique flavor of Baajra.  And it comes topped with ghee that makes it yummy treat while eating.

The final dish before heading for the desserts that I had was ‘Paapad Mangodi Pulao’.  A dish that comes with crisp bites along with the soft papad mixed with rice.  The taste was superlative, and I would want to visit Sattvam just to eat this dish again.


Taal Makhane ki Kheer, Meethi Mawa Kachori, Rabdi Malpua, Paan Kulfi

The final leg of the meal that can never be missed at Sattvam.  There are desserts that will make anyone feel like they are on Cloud-9 after consuming every bite.

Meethi Mawa Kachori and Taal Makhane Ki Kheer are very new to be in terms of sweet.  But they were both so tasty that I could not stop after eating the first bit.

If I were to pick up a favorite it would be the Paan Kulfi that was so amazing that I could not stop myself but ended up eating two portions of the dessert.

Final Thoughts

This was one of the best food tasting sessions I have had in a while.  It reminds of the last food tasting session at Sattvam Whitefield when I was experiencing Sattvic food with friends.  This experience was so amazing that it brought more joy on my face and happiness to my tummy.  Chef Aditya has worked tirelessly to select the best ingredients and prepared some amazing dishes.  The food festival is on only until 17-Nov’19 but I am sure it will make a come back soon.  I will urge anyone in love with good food to try it out.

Details of food festival

Location – Sattvam, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Lunch & Dinner
Sadashivnagar & JP nagar 860 AI
Whitefield 760 AI (Introductory)