New Restaurant Operating Model | Post Lockdown | Sattvam Sadashivnagar


The world has gone through tremendous changes in the recent times due to the global pandemic due to Covid-19. Every market across the city, nation, and worldwide was shut due to lockdown. This included all the restaurant and entertainment industries that rely completely on customers.

After 2-3 months, things are slightly opening and things are starting to change. But the business is very low because of the doubts in the mind with regards to safety & hygiene. To make customers feel better, everyone has started to use sanitizers, masks & trying to keep things clean.

Restaurants have started to make drastic changes in their strategy that will give confidence to customers. I recently visited Sattvam Restaurant at Sadashivnagar that’s opened for the public from 12th June 2020. Let me share my experience sequentially.

Important Safety Steps

The restaurant has made multiple changes form the valet parking, entrance, dining & serving.

Before Entering Restaurant

The valet parking person is seen to be wearing face-mask and gloves. This is the first step to giving confidence to a customer as they know that direct human touch is avoided. It also keeps the person parking the car, safe.

Before entering the lift, there is a person from the restaurant puts few drops of sanitizer to clean the hands.

The person sanitizes the button in the lift, presses the desired button, and walks away. Soon after coming out of the lift, there is another person spraying sanitizer on hands, just before entering the restaurant.

Inside the Restaurant

Every table is seen to be completely covered with a paper with a message indicating that it’s been sanitized.

The serving staff wearing gloves, facemask, and also a transparent face shield. This ensures that the customers feel safer, as one worries about contracting from an unknown person.

Every table inside the restaurant is used only once during the lunch session. Then the complete table is sanitized and made ready for the next booking later in the evening. This ensures that the table & sitting area is clean.

Food Service

The food is delivered by serving staff who have their hands covered in gloves.

Every table has a QR Scanner that a person can scan to know the dish served as part of a buffet. It also allows the customer to know more about the restaurant and avoid touching any physical menu.

Sattvam serves only buffet Sattvic food. In these difficult times, they have stopped keeping food in the counters. Instead, the serving staff brings every item individually to the seat. This avoids unnecessary movement around the restaurant.

There are very few live counters like ice-creams, noodles. But even there one can place the order quickly and food is delivered to the seat.

Indian Bread and Chat items like ‘Puri’ are put into butter cover, served to seat. This ensures that the items are kept clean and avoid any human touch.

Desserts are major attractions in any buffet and occupy a lot of space. Now, all the desserts are brought to seat in a platter. This helps in choosing what’s needed and again avoids moving around.


I love all the new changes in the restaurant for multiple reasons.

  • The ambiance inside has been decked suited for anyone to feel safer visiting restaurants.
  • Allows smaller portions of required items to be delivered, reduces food wastage & saves cost.
  • The food served to the seat is always hot as it comes straight from the kitchen.
  • Customers visiting a restaurant will feel a lot safer.

Sattvic Food

Sattvam Restaurant is one of the best places for Sattvic food that’s healthy and good for the body. The items served as part of the sit-in buffet.

Soup – Corn Soup

Starters – Paneer Tikka, Raw Banana Bajji, Veg Kebab, Raw banana kebab

Chats – Dahi Balla, Dhokla, Vada Pav

Main Course – Palak Corn subzi (gravy), Dal Makhani, Kadai Paneer, Mix Veg subzi, Indian bread (Naan, Roti)

Desserts – Cake Varieties (Red Velvet, Strawberry, Pineapple), Moong Dal Halwa, Cold-Stone Ice-cream (Chocolate Oreo, Strawberry), Rasmalai & many more.

The dishes prepared were spot on and I enjoyed the flavor of every dish.

Final Thoughts

Sattvam was my first dine-in experience post lockdown and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I must give full marks to cleanliness and hygiene maintained inside and outside the restaurant. I am sure every restaurant will make similar changes in their setup & handling, to ensure customer safety. The food prepared was very good and healthy, just like in the past. I urge all my friends to let go of the fear, visit the restaurant, and enjoy the amazing Sattvic food.

More Information

Sattvam Restaurant
35, Opposite Shell Petrol Bunk,
Sankey Rd, Sadashiva Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560080

080 2360 8000