Raahi |Neo Kitchen & Bar | Now in Bangalore


Raahi – Neo Kitchen & Bar, is the new place that is set to open in the CBD area of Bangalore.  The place is setup on the 3rd floor and has come in place of an older restaurant named Rocksalt.  But this restaurant is an upgrade to the earlier restaurant and has many more fascinating elements.  A new team of Chef has been compiled to come up with the new Neo Modern dining restaurant.  The place will surely make Bangalore want to visit and try the unique offering.


The place has been setup very well with nice chandlers and has nice lighting. Seating arrangement have been done well to allow easy movement of guests. The place has a covered section that has A/C. Beautiful long bar counter for guests to sit across the counter and enjoy the drink instead of having to take a seat. The entrance also a nice space around with plants that makes it perfect place to take photos.

Food & Beverages

The team of Chefs have put their heads together to create some interesting dishes that are modification of the existing/known dishes. Let me name some of the dishes that I tried during the special preview of the food last evening.

Kombucha, Textures of Mushroom, Rasam with Goli Bajji, Butter Garlic idli with Roasted Cashewnuts, Paniyaram, Seasonal Green Patta Chaat, Mushroom Kulcha, Yak Cheese Datchi & Tingme Gurung Bread, Saag with Missi Roti

Every dish mentioned above was just amazing and it sure was hard to pick a favorite. But loved the way the Kombucha was served in small bottle to ensure one’s stomach is clean and ready for digestion before eating food. The Goli Bajji served with Rasam is also unique as it’s a dish popular in darshini but it was served very differently. Loved the Mushroom starter that had 5 different types of mushrooms and the Panniyaram that was slit into 2 and had 2 different types of chutneys. The button idli(s) had the nice flavor coming from the chutney-powder and the rich ghee added around it.

The highlight among the dishes served was the Kadai Paneer in which the Chef brings the ingredients and prepares the dish live in front of the guests. Many of the items are are brought prepared but then the mixing of spices, gravy, flavouring agent, garnishing is done in front of the guests.


Chocolux, Coconut, Multiple layer cake

The star attraction for the evening was the dessert named Coconut that’s served inside a coconut shell. It was one of the tastiest desserts I have eaten, and it was extremely soft & had consistent flavours. Chocolux look like another common dish but it had a layer of chocolate icing and dry fruit around it that enhanced the look. Both the desserts I mentioned are a must try at Raahi.


There are plenty of unique cocktails created by the team of Mixologists at Raahi. They are divided into 2 section that are called – Five Element Experimental Cocktail & Raahi Contemporary.

The first section has drink like Jiva, Sheel & Shvash. Among the drinks, the Sheel is the most unique drink as it has Bombay Sapphire‘ that’s a brand of Gin that was sold by Diageo to Bacardi in 90s.

The next section has Hills Glory and The Botanist. I could not try them, but the presentation of the drinks looked good.


Bee’s Knees, Final Course & Even-steven

These drinks are equally tasty and very well done. They do pack a punch and give a good company along with the food.

Final Thoughts

It was a great evening at RAAHI, trying some of the amazing dishes. Its was hard top pick a favourite but there are many that I loved that’s been listed in the above sections.  They have some lovely cocktails that can go along with good food.

RAAHI is part of “Transcend Restaurants Pvt Ltd”, that owns the franchise for Farzi cafe at Hyderabad and run Kochi Brasserie.  The company is well established, and this means that the brand will grow more over the period.

Its exciting times for Bangaloreans as unique restaurant coming up that serve unique dishes inspired from different cuisines.