Glenfiddich Experiment | Innovative Spirit with Culinary Twist


A special evening in which Glenfiddich showcased some of the unique amalgamated cocktails with famous 12YO Whisky as its base. The spirits were combined with innovative twist that lets one get the flavour of Glenfiddich along with the spices/bitter. The event happened at the amazing place called Riwaaz, The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore.

Angad Singh Gandhi – Brand Ambassador for Glenfiddich was present to give us more insight about the cocktails and reason for experimenting.  Angad was telling about the intent of the brand to reach more people, belonging to varied age ground.  They want the Whisky to be consumed and loved by young and old.  Instead of considering, Cosmopolitan or Mojito, they want people explore other flavor options with Glenfiddich Whisky.

Experimental Cocktails

These are first set of cocktails that has multiple ingredients added along with the Glenfiddich 12YO. Other ingredients to try to play a major role in enhancing the cocktail drinking experiments.  But a great effort has been done to let Whisky drinker to get flavour of favourite Whisky.

High Ballin – Effervescent soda and bright citrus notes of Oleo Saccrum add a twist to the timeless Glenfiddich 12YO

Fiddich Fashioned – Decadent chocolate meets sophisticated coffee. A whole new spin to the classic Old Fashioned with Glenfiddich 12YO

Lime with the Spey – Glenfiddich 12YO’s Speyside characters are further enhanced by mellow Champak flower and sharp time

Among the above set of cocktails, I loved the Lime with Spey & Fiddich Fashioned the most.

Experimental Cocktails with Spices

These are special cocktails that has limited additives like spices added into it.  The drinks are far more potent, and one can get to enjoy the Whisky a lot more.

Sweet Obsession – The spiciness of Malabar Clove, the aroma of Coriander from Karnataka and 6 other unique hand-picked spices create the perfect background for the surprising aromatic elevation of the Kashmiri Peach. Welcome to a whole new perspective on Glenfiddich 12YO.

Dufftown Confluence – The alchemy of Kerala Black Pepper, Cinnamon from Western Ghats and Bitter Orange from Nagpur adds a whole new dimension to the Glenfiddich 12YO experience. Get ready to be entranced into perfection.

Bittersweet Symphony – Fragrant Mysore Jasmine delicately balances the spicy Malabar clove and the mysterious bitter Quinine. Together they uplift the sublime Glenfiddich 12YO to even great heights.

There were amazing cocktails in the above-mentioned list.  But I personally loved the Dufftown Confluence as the spices & whisky blended well to create a good experience.

Final Thoughts

This was one of the wonderful evenings that had select group of Socialites and Influencers that were present.  I personally relished all the cocktails that I tried and found some of my favourites.  It’s great to see an established Whisky brand trying to experiment and reach out to more people.  The experiment with spices along with Whisky has definitely spiced it up in the cocktails market.  Special thanks to Angad Singh Gandhi for sharing his insight about the cocktails.  I am looking forward to trying Glenfiddich based cocktails in future.

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