Glenfiddich – The Desert Mixology Tour

Glenfiddich, one of the largest Single Malt Whisky maker has come up with unique idea to promoting Whisky based cocktails. The brand recently launched some of the finest cocktails with their 12, 15, 18 & 21 year old Single Malts. Now, to take it to the next level, they are trying to educate the bartenders by making cocktails using Glenfiddich Whisky. Recently, the brand hosted a meet at Bootlegger (Indiranagar) to showcase some of the cocktails.


The brand wants to change the image of Glenfiddich, from being considered fit for old-timers to the modern day youth. They chose Bootlegger which happens to be one of the popular hang-out place for youngsters. Growing population, love the idea of taking cocktails which lets someone enjoy the drink over a elongated period of time.

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Main attraction for the evening were the skilled bartender who flew down directly from Dubai. Each of them were experts in making some wonderful cocktails. They made some great cocktails that had various other additives like – Lime, Orange, Sula wine & many other items. Some of the unique namea they gave for the cocktails – Swing & High Balls.IMG_20180505_221016

Also spoke to Richard (representative from Glenfiddich) who was telling about the approach of Collaborating & Experimenting.

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Overall Experience

It was a great evening spent tasting some of the wonderful Glenfiddich based cocktails. I enjoyed having 1-1 conversation with the experts and bartenders. I loved both the cocktails and its hard top something as the top favourite. Kudos to the brand for coming up with some wonderful thoughts. I will definitely looking forwrad to trying more SIngle Malt based cocktails across the city.

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  1. This must have been a great experience. I didn’t know there was so much detailing goes into creating a new cocktail.

  2. Innovative cocktails sounds interesting and also their unique names.

  3. i didn’t know there was a bootlegger in Bangalore ! OMG ! this seems like a great experience. wish i knew abt it earlier 🙁

  4. i’m so sure you had a great time there!! For sure i held that impression about glenfiddich that they are simply for old timers but the cocktails looks very lucrative!

  5. The cocktail image is so fascinating and it sound super cool

  6. I do love my whisky and whisky based cocktails. Glad to see a brand like Glenfiddich trying to draw in the younger generation via whisky cocktails.

  7. I don’t drink, but I enjoy how the bar tenders makes those cocktails

  8. Cocktail looks amazing and refreshing. Would love to try sometime soon .

  9. Sounds like a fabulous event Nameesh and of course the idea of choosing a place with more youth. I love the sound of these cocktails.

  10. Thats something new from Glendfiddich. Its great that they are thinking about the younger crowds now. The cocktails are cool

  11. Seems like you had great experience with the refreshing cocktails, impressed by these new intro’s from Glendfiddich

  12. Amazing and informative post. This is so refreshing and cool for the youth. Great thought and detailed info.

  13. wow the cocktails look so refreshing and quite summery. Glendfiddich is surely on a roll with this mixology tour

  14. This is such an informative kind of a post. Wasn’t aware of so many things .

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