Double Deck – Casual Dining with Bar on Brigade Road


We all love the idea of hanging out with friends at some of the coolest places in the city.  There are plenty of options in the city, but I think we still want more to come up offering something unique compared to others.  The differentiators could be the ambiance with some different seating arrangement, a better view of the city skyline, great paintings on the walls, unique skill show-cased by bartender, how airy it is or may be a place that gives a great view of the busy city traffic.  Well, the Double Decker Casual Dining & Bar at Brigade has all of what I mentioned and much more.  I recently visited the place and was amazed.  So, I thought of writing up this blog and sharing my experience.


The place has something unique that not none of the places in Bangalore have.  Let me try to share some of the things I observed.

  • First thing one would notice are the Jhoolas/swings that we see in kid’s park.  Well all love to sit on it but then those are meant mostly for kids.  Then we also look at many elders getting on the swing with the ropes tied to some branches in villages.  At Double Decker, they have tried to do something similar. Here they have ropes are tied up to an iron beam and wooden planks are used as seats.  It looks wonderful and preferred place to sit for youngsters.
  • Another striking thing that one can observe is a painting showcasing evolution of man.  Its not the one we see in the Biology books, where we can see ape transforming to becoming a man.  In this case, they showcase an ape transforming to a person who initially holds “Hukka” on his shoulder.  And then next few steps lead to a person in corporate world looking into the watch and in a hurry.
  • The wall has some wonderful paintings of drums, branch of tree, sculpture of monkey and also a guitar that’s been pinned up.
  • I specially need to mention about the view from inside the restorbar.  One side of the restorbar has been left open to let the fresh air come inside.  We can see the Bangalore skyline surrounded by buildings and busy Bangalore traffic on the Brigade Road.
  • A small stair-case leads to another sweet section above that has nearly 10-15 seats.  Guests sitting on this section get the best view of the city and the traffic below.


This casual dining restaurant has plenty of options in food & drink for the guests.  I will share info about couple of dishes that I tried.


Paneer Khurchen Bruschetta

Diced cottage cheesed cooked with onions, tomatoes and aromatic Indian spices served on homemade brioche bread.  The starter tasted very good as the combination of soft paneer along with Indian spices and garnished with coriander was magical.  Breads also had mint-chutney smeared on it which enhanced the flavours.  Loved the way it was presented on a wooden plate.

Khakhra Dabeli Nachos

Mat bean and wheat flour cracker, cheesy dabeli Spiced mashed potatoes served with pica de gallo, pomegranate and peanuts.  The person serving come to table with the deconstructed dish, explains about the ingredients and mixes in front of us.

Once ready, the person tells us to go ahead eating and asks for feedback.  This concept has not been tried at any place in Bangalore.  I loved the flavours coming from the spices and the ingredients that have were added.  The dish has less spicy, making it perfect starter to be had with beer or cocktails.

Crispy Vegetable

Long potato, carrot, beans tempura fried and tossed with garlic, onion and curry leaf.  The starter had some Peri-Peri powder on top of the fried crispy vegetable that enhanced the flavour.  All the crispy vegetables seem to be evenly cooked with very less oil as there were no traces on the plate.  I felt that it could have been made crispier but always a better alternative to French fries.

Though I have mentioned about the Vegetarian starters, there are many options for non-vegetarians.

Burgers & Sandwiches

Crispy Chapati Sandwich

Crispy whole wheat Chapati layered with onion, cheese, potato, cucumber and tomato, mint Chutney.  This sandwich gets the crunchiness from the onions present between layers of chapati.  Few other ingredients added between the layers like cheese, black olives enhanced the flavours.  Mint mayo and ketchup are also served, for those who want it a little more creamy and/or get tangy tomato flavour.  Soon after I took the first bit, I could not resist myself and ended up taking 3 portions quickly.


Chocolate Mousse

This dessert came with 2 layers of cake topped with chocolate sauce and crumbled white chocolate pieces.  Chocolate sauces was added on the plate to enhance the presentation.  I loved the double layered cake, creaminess and the chocolate sauce.  But felt that it could have been a little sweeter.


Virgin Cucumber Cooler

A perfect drink to beat the summer heat as it had cucumber and lemon present in it. The drink was presented well, and every sip gave a refreshing feeling.

One of bartender randomly put up a show where he juggled with 2 bottles that had its mouth on fire.  It’s a great skill that very few are able to master, and I must appreciate the efforts of this bartender.

Overall Experience

It was a great afternoon that eventually truned into a great evening.  I spend nearly 4-5 hours inside the place and never realized the passage of time.  Some of the dishes I tried and also specially recommend would be Crispy Chapati Sandwich, Khakhra Dabeli Nachos & Paneer Khurchen Bruschetta.  I made some suggestions on enhancing the food to staff & management, they took the comments gracefully & told that they would work on it.  Looking forward to visiting this place many more times in future.  My current rating would be 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at the place will come to anywhere between INR 1000-1200.


120, 4th Floor, Lancer Building, Brigade Road, Bangalore