The Permit Room – Chill Out Dining Experience @ MG Road, Bangalore

This is a unique Casual Dining restaurant in the MG Road area that has some unique dishes which infuses the flavours across India very well.  What is served in the restaurant is surely not the contemporary dishes, but they have varied it and are serving to customers.  I have heard many of my friends talk about it and read a detail review in the Time of India paper.  So, finally decided go there on a day when it was almost time.  Then decided go on a Friday when the place is open right up until 1am.  I guess that’s the case for Saturday as well.  Let me share more of my experience of visit the place.


The striking things about the place is that it is quite casual and very welcoming.  Entrance is a bit narrow and you come across the front desk, who are there to guide the guests regarding availability of seats and other details.  You will need to fill details in a tablet if there are no seats.  You will then immediately be getting the waiting # on your mobile phone.
Soon after you enter, there is a bar counter to the left side and a circular dining section. 
The pillars have various newspaper articles as the wall-papers.  And there are also plenty of paintings across the place. 


Wonderful poster adorns the casual dining and bar restaurant.  There is a special wall that has plenty of things related to India like – Children of India, Snacks of India, Animal Chart, People of India, Means of Transport, Yogasan Chart, Bad Habits.  That is a unique wall which is good for taking selfies.  And these are the posters or say collection that we used to buy during our growing days and stick it as part of Assignment/Project in schools.
There is also poster contains various facts and fun things like – Yenne (what it refers to in Kannada), Raja Vembala, Po Mone Dinesha, Cutting, Kumba, Maja Maga, Palm Wine, Thalai Vedi and many others.


Seating is nice, infact when I went with family we got a nice seater for 4 people and we sat quite comfortably.  The only problem I feel is that it looks a little cramped for space.  There is also a section on the 1st floor which I haven’t been able to see.
One section outside is also there where smokers can spend time and get some fresh air.
There is valet parking facility which is very necessary coz it is located on a busy McGrath Road and Hosmat Road junction which is extremely traffic.


I did start to tell a little bit of the location.  Let me be a little precise coz when I tried to use the map on Zomato it showed me the ‘Police Station’ that is there to the right side on the same road.  That was shocking.  And then when I drove along, I found Permit Room to the left side.  I am not sure if someone has marked it wrongly.
To be able to give direction from the Residency Road.  Let’s say you driving across Residency Road, heading to MG Road.  You cross the Brigade Road junction and head to the junction where there is a court complex to the left and there is Bangalore Central to the right side.  Take right there and drive along for nearly 200-300 mts.  You will get a junction where you can see the Garuda Mall to the right side. Permit Room is to the left side. It isn’t quite bright as you might think it to be. Now, that you got the direction, it shouldn’t be a problem.  One thing to note is that the Valet parking folks would be standing just 20-30 mts before the junction where there is signal so keep the left side when you are on the road.


The most important reason why you should visit the place is also the food which is quite unique.  If you see through the menu there are many dishes that have very Indian names to them.  There is variation to our well-known dishes.  I was in the mood to try some unique dishes and drinks at this place. 


‘Au Gratin’ of Usili baked on ‘Baghaare Baingan’
Smokey baked eggplant mash topped with lentils & gratinated with cheese
A totally unique start that has boiled eggplant and cheese is added on top of it. The flavour comes from the special Chettinad gravy/chutney that is given.  The taste is simply awesome and I am sure you will just love it coz the flavour has so much of tamarind added in it.  It is simply yummy.


Cheesy Potato Pondy Fries
This is basically the French Fries that is served along 3 different sides including – Cheese dip, Mayo dip and special South Indian Masala Powder.  The French fries tastes the best when you dip it in Cheese and take a dash of masala powder and then add one more layer of cheese/Mayo.  The dish is simply awesome.  The # of French fries given is also quite good.  You can take it and keep munching it over a long conversation.


Sweets / South Indian Flaky Pastry “Chiroti’ Sandwich
With Saffron Basundi, Mango Milk and Vanilla Ice cream
This is one of the dishes that is served during traditional South Indian wedding as part of sweet.  It is nice to see the way they have de-constructed it and reconstructed it by adding multiple new items.  The flavour of Mango adds so much taste to the dish.

And for sure the saffron is wonderful in the dish.  There is a scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream which goes all so well with the Basundi and Chiroti.  I am sure who curated the menu but surely the person has done a great job.

People go here to have good food but also had some good drinks.  The place for sure has plenty of options for people to choose from.  There are couple of drinks that I tried.


Chill Pill Maddi / Cocktail
Vodka, Fresh cucumber, Pineapple juice, Peach syrup, Coriander for garnish
A special cocktail that has cucumber and probably some Vodka in it.  It has tanginess and some salt around the glass. 

The taste is quite good and you feel quite refreshed taking it.  The glass in which is it served is also quite unique.


Guava Mary / Mocktail
A mix of Guava juice with Tabasco Sauce and something more, the taste was good. 

It tasted more like a Bloody Mary cocktail made of Guava made without alcohol.


Overall Experience
I think it was a wonderful experience of visit this place. I somehow felt a lot more relaxed.  The person who took the order gave us some wonderful suggestions and it shows the confidence of the staff in their own dishes/drinks.  The only concern I have seen is that in terms of the staff sometimes getting busy and you may not be able get the msg across.  And, the waiting period can become boring sometimes when there are too many guests.  But once you get inside, I am sure you will have a great time as the music is wonderful.  My current rating for this place is 4.0/5. 
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 folks considering you would be trying all the items I mentioned above, would cost anywhere between INR1200-1500.