Freska – Delightful Dining Experience @New BEL Road, Bangalore

There are some areas in Bangalore which has transformed itself from being a residential area to a street filled with restaurants.  And among these there is a competition among each restaurant.  Some try varying the taste of the food being served while keep the cuisine like others, whereas few others come up with restaurant that service food of different cuisine and some may be trying to mix it all up.  Well, my recent drive across NEW BEL Road gave me a shocker, coz there are plenty of restaurant in the lane.  And some being a silent area, its buzzing with people and restaurants.  One such restaurant which seem to have made a mark for itself in this area is the FRESKA.  It’s a Casual dining restaurant serving Continental, Mexican and Italian food.  I had a good experience visiting the place recently.


A very nicely setup place which looks simple and neat.  It does not look sophisticated with elaborate designs.  But yes, whatever has been done is good.  The seating looks good and the pictures (framed) on the walls looks nice.
The most important aspect I feel is the space the restaurant has been setup in.  Let’s a lot of guests come in and settle in some nice seat.
The cushions on the chairs can be changed but then it’s not a major thing.  Even the tables, have glass tops, maybe they can think of replacing it with wood going forwards.
Some of the sections are facing towards the interiors and there are a few alongside the main road which I feel would be the most sort after.
There is plenty of parking space in front of the restaurant.  Otherwise as well, there is plenty of space coz it a double lane road with relatively lesser traffic.


If you are heading from the Outer Ring Road and heading towards MS Ramiah college, you need to take left turn which is right opposite to MS Ramiah College entrance.  Then you need to keep driving for nearly 1/2km and the FRESKA appears to the left side.  There is an Iyengar Bakery just before the FRESKA.
The most important aspect of the restaurant is the food. I was a little hungry so I wanted to try multiple items but then not so much so that I gets wasted.  Ordered for items that can be consumed.


SoupMexican Soup Veg is what I ordered. And I must say that the taste was simply awesome.  It was a little spicy a bit tangy.  It was made up by the presence of carrot.  The taste came out to be good.  Ideally if it consumed a little warm, it tastes better.


Starter / Bruschetta – This was a well-done dish which had the garlic bread, tomato pieces and cheese on top.  The taste was good and I enjoyed the flavour.


Main Course / Lasagne – I feel that this is a dish is loved by many. All of us want to see the layers on top, layers below and the overall appeal of the dish.  It came along with 3 garlic breads.  The taste of the Lasagne was simply superb.  I tried to add a little salt and pepper which enhanced the flavour even further.  The garlic bread given along with Lasagne tasted good.  It tasted so good that I asked them for another piece of the same.
The bread that was given got over coz it is best to take bread while eating something so creamy/cheesy.


Deserts / Cheese Cake – A desert which I did not have in my mind. But then when I asked the hotel staff for deserts, they suggested me to take it.  I think it was a wise choice coz the taste was simply awesome.  The presentation looks neat and clean.  The biscuit/cookie below the cheese cake also tasted awesome.


Drinks – The restaurant sure has plenty of options.  But as I was going through the menu, I found something unique that read as Cold Coffee/Tea Milk shake

It’s basically a cold-coffee/tea infused with flavours.  I thought it was quite unique coz we all know of the Cold Tea with flavours from Infinitea but then they have it along with milk.  That was quite unique. For the cold-coffee option, they just did not have Vanilla, they had other options like Pomegranate, Kiwi, Orange which was quite unique.


We tried Chocolate Cold Tea Milkshake and Vanilla Cold Coffee Milkshake.  Well the 2ndone is known most of us as Frappe but the 1st one was quite unique.  The way it was served was also unique as it came in a big glass more like a beer glass filled with froth. 

The taste was quite good and I very much enjoyed the same.

Overall Experience
I had a great timing visiting this place.  Infact, I saw this place for the first time and it did not appeal to me.  I had it in my bookmark, but I was so glad that I made a visit to this place.  The food and drink options are quite good in the restaurant.  Apart from this the staff is also quite courteous and very friendly.  There is also a XBOX machine which has the Football Game loaded in it.  If you are interested, you can spend time playing in front of the console.  Overall a good place to dine in and for sure I recommend it to one & all.  MY rating for this place is 4.0/5. I am so much tempted to take it higher, may be if I find it nice going forward as well, the rating can go up.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5


Food for 2 at this restaurant considering you take the items that I mentioned would come anywhere between INR 1000-1250.