BISO – CITRUS Cunningham Road @Bangalore

There are times when you are desperately looking out for Indian food late in the evening and you don’t seem to find the right place to dine in.  Well, this is exactly happened on an evening when I was out with my family.  I was out to look at lightings as part of festivities and by the time I looked in few places, it was late and nearly around 11ish.  At this point of time, there are not many places open to serving you North Indian food.  Even if they do, you will need to visit a star hotel.  My search finally ended at BISO that is part of CITRUS hotel.  I call them and found that the restaurant is open 24hrs.  I was delighted and headed to have dinner at the place.  Let me share my experience.


A beautiful restaurant which isn’t too exquisite but yes, it is right up there when it comes to up.  CITRUS hotel that houses the BISO has a great entrance on the Cunningham Road.  As you enter inside, there is a coffee shop and then leads us to the BISO in the front. 
The setup inside looks clean with sitting section at the ground level inside the comforts of A/C or outside where you get natural breeze and a small section in the 1st level, which can be reached by steps.
The section outside is neat coz it has a green artificial grass cover which is good.  Only concern is that it has a smoking section.  So, if a family comes there they will need to sit with the smoke.  
I think they should stop smoking in that section have a separate zone so family can sit and enjoy the cool breeze in the evening.
Cutleries are well setup and the seats are also good space and quite comfortable. 
Time to share some info on the restaurant food.


It is located right at the heart of Cunningham Road.  If you start from the Queens Road, Raj Bhavan Road junction, head towards the Cunningham Road.  Cross the Justdial office to the left and right.  As you drive along you will find ‘Rahams Biryani’ to the left side.  And further ahead is the CITRUS CUNNINGHAM to the left side.  
BISO Restaurant on the ground level.  Another popular hangout place called SKYLITis present in the top floor of the hotel.


The main reason I came here was to have some of the North Indian food.  Let me share my experience on the various items I had.


Soup – Wanted to take a Vegetable soup and took the Cream of Mushroom soup.  Well done soup and nicely presented.  They gave some complimentary bread. 

I thought that the soup was a little bit salty and the bread was a little hard.  But the flavours were very much coming very well.


Starters – Tried the ‘Tandoori Phool’ in which the cauliflower was well cooked and soft.  Fine pieces of onions were given and the starter was pretty much enjoyable.  The cauliflowers had 2 different masalas and I enjoyed the flavours of both.  I added some lemon juice to get some tanginess.
They give complimentary papad and mint chutney.  Mint chutney I thought was pretty spice, I think they should reduce it a little.


Main Course – As we were hungry and wanted to try something Paneer based.  Took the Palak Paneerwhich was super tasty.  I enjoyed the flavours of the Palak which was coming out very well.  There was creaminess in the dish and it went along with the breads that I ordered.


Bread – Ordered Onion Kulcha which was pretty tasty as it had right amount of Onion stuffing in it.  There were finely chopped chillies which added more taste.  Also, ordered Cheese Kulcha and I must say that it tasted yummy with the main course dish that we ordered.  I recommend that people should try it.


Rice Item – Took the ‘Moong Daal Kichdi’ which I thought was very well done.  Enjoyed the flavours of moong and there were also some veggies added in it. 

It was served with some salads and plain curds.


Drinks – Ordered Fresh Lime Soda Sweet & Salt and Ice Tea (Lemon).  We had to add some sweetness to lemon soda as it was relatively salty.  But after added the taste was good.  Ice-tea was good but then very soon the flavours of the tea went off.  It is good in a sense coz it was not too strong.


Overall Experience
I think it was a great experience having food in a restaurant which was relatively quiet and ambiance was superb.  There were only 5-6 tables that were occupied and the service was good. The staff was pretty prompt to cater our needs.  The food was pretty taste and we had a wholesome meal.  I rate this place at 4.0/5 and recommend it to be visit especially in the evening.  And you should take the seat outside.
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5


Food for 2 at this place considering you take the items that I mentioned above would come up anywhere between INR 1400-1800.