Bottle & Glass – Pub and Casual Dining @Indiranagar, Bangalore


Bottle & Glass is one of the latest pub added into the Indranagar area.  It is very much necessary to bring in something unique to be able to attract crowd to the place.  Even after you do that you need to bring in a lot more innovation in the food and the drinks being served.  There should be something additional apart from the drinks that people seek, it could be a large space, high-rise seats or say a dance floor or it could also be some good music.  But the most important factor I feel is that they need to create an atmosphere where in people feel like coming and checking in so that other come to know.  Well, Bottle & Glass has tried to address a lot of it.  And I had a good experience when I visited the place.  Let me share the same.


A bar and casual dining place should not concentrate only on the interiors, it is also necessary to concentrate right from the outside.  Well, I am trying to reference to the entrance and the lead up to the entrance. What I noticed unique about this place is that the person who designed it, kept all of it in the mind and did something unique.
There are unique metal shape of cranks, wheels, shovels, springs, chain, pulleys and many other things.  Basically for anyone coming to the complex, will just need to follow these metallic shapes on the wall that guides you directly to the bar.



The door is also quite unique which has the metallic finish outside.  All of this and the points mentioned above gives the place a very rustic, yet a very modern look which I thought is really cool.

Interiors are quite good as it is quite spacious. 


There is no A/C and they rely on the beautiful Bangalore weather to act like a ventilation.  There are special layers of honey-comb finish on the roof which is again unique.  More of the metallic shapes can be seen on the bar counter.


As you walk along inside there a section they have a roof with plenty of wooden sticks place in a manner to create a criss-cross mixture.  There are light above it which gives a unique feel.
There is a table that is setup right alongside the main road where people can sit and watch the vehicular movement below.  Plenty of sitting space is also present inside that lets you enjoy food & drinks.
Something special about the interiors is a hanging that is made of iron that has small gaps where they have put bottles in upside down manner.  It sure does look quite unique.


Apart from all of this, one thing I really loved is the dance-area where people can just go and dance.  DJ is there to play some unique numbers.  Infact, I tried to play some of the my favourites stored in my mobile, the DJ was quite accommodative on that as well.
There are many more aspect of the place which I will keep on sharing.
If you are on the Indranagar 100ft road heading from Domlur Flyover heading to KFC signal in Indranagar.  Keep driving until you cross the Sony Signal.  And then as you keep coming along keep watch out to the left side.  There is a South Indies restaurant location on the 1st level and then there is some other pub in the 3rd level.  Bottle & Glass board is clearly visible and it is located on the 2ndlevel.  If you have any confusion, check with people and may be you can also check with me.
The most important factor apart from the ambiance & location, is the food & drinks.  Coz this is what will let the guests stay on in the bar for long time.  If the food is good then people will end up ordering items one after other.  I tried a few items while I was there at the place, let me share my experience on the same.

Some of the Vegetarian Starters that I tried including – Spice Mushroom Spring Roll, Mucho Nachos, Baby Corn Szechwan Sauce and Lajawab Paneer Tikka.  Each of the starters were pretty good and well made.  The taste gives an idea of the effort that goes into curating the right dishes to make it appealing. 




I specially loved the Mucho Nachos which is the Crispy Mexican Chips mixed with vegetables and Cheese.  The taste was quite good and it went along very well with the drinks.  Another dish I liked was the Lajawab Paneer Tikka which had delectable minced cottage cheese skewer flavoured with Indian spices.  It tasted quite good with the mint-chutney.


I heard some good things about the Non-Veg starters also that my fellow foodie friends tried.



This for sure has become one of the items that is available at a Bar or even a Pub.  It’s a great item to be taken as part of main-course along with drinks. 

They have plenty of varieties in the Veg and Non-Veg.  I tried the Mushroom, Pepper & Olives Pizza and Vegetarian.  Easily the Mushroom based Pizza was quite good as the topping made it more tasty.  But apart from the topping, the base seems to have been done quite well.  Cheese put on the pizza also made it taste it quite good.  It was not just another ordinary Pizza but a good one.



Tried only the Thai Green Curry with Steamed Rice which was pretty decent at this place. 

May be the gravy of green-curry could have been a little more thicker.  But it sure did taste pretty good.


Tried the Chocolate Mousse Shooter which was simply amazing.


The most important item that will make guests come again and again is the drinks.  And for sure they have plenty of options for heavy drinkers and teetotallers.


Best of the beer options available includes Heogaarden and Kingfisher Ultra.  Some of the other cocktails that I tried including – Cosmopolitan, Mint Julip, Whisky Sour, Manhattan, Maitai, Tequila Sunrise and Margarita.  Among my favourites are the Whisky Sour, MaiTaiand Mojito.  There might be few changes needed in few drinks in terms of reducing sweetness which I am sure will get fine-tuned quickly.

They also have many Shots options and among these tried the Flaming Ferrari which was decent.

And yes, it’s not just about cocktails, they also have decent mocktail options.
Overall Experience
It was a good experience visiting a place in Indranagar which has something unique to offer to the guests in terms of the ambiance and the food.  Especially loved the way they had the shapes made from metal.  Also like the way they have spread out the seating so there is plenty of space for people and of course the dance-floor.  I am sure going forward this will become one of the destinations for people to go.  The only thing I would want to see in future is hosting of events to keep the guests engaged.  And, create something unique for people to repeatedly come back.
My current rating for this place is 4.0/5. 
Rating in other departments is as follows.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5

Food & Drinks for 2 people this place would come up to INR 1000-1500.



With fellow foodies – Naveen, Hari, Harsha, Sujay, Vinay, Aravind, Navneeth, Prarthna, Sanskara, Renukesh, Priyanka, Kanika, Manju.